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Grafana dashboard - Ideas

I have finally got my VICTRON-Grafana dashboard running :-)

The devices in use are:
Venus GX
Quattro 48/8000
2x SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/85 &
BYD Battery & BMS

I am using a Raspberry Pi4 running DietPi, InfluxDB, Telegraph plugin and Grafana Server.

I also installed the following plugins on grafana:

SUN and Moon (data source)


Carpet Plot

It is still work in progress but I am quite happy with outcome so far.
I have created a "Overview" dashboard where basically everything should be "green" - when OK.
So a quick look should tell me that everything is OK.


There are more detailed dashboards for other things like the inverter:


or Battery


or charger - current data & history


I borrowed some ideas from other dashboards and added some of my ideas.

This is just to give you some additional ideas for the layouts


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