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Linux alternatives for setup

My supplier has sent me links to the Windows-compatible utilities
VictronConnectInstaller.exe and VECSetup_B.exe

Which are no use to me, running Linux Mint 20.

I have tried the Linux VictronConnect-x86_64-v5.52.AppImage, which gets stuck doing nothing. Can anyone help with the Linux alternative to the two above, please?

Am I wrong to expect it to connect through the Internet connection?

Thank you.

perastro asked
danieleday answered ·

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VictronConnect core dump in Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS

VictronConnect doesn't work anymore in Ubuntu Linux and just dumps core just after it has been started. Has anyone similar problems?

tony-g asked
victronconnect answered ·

1 Answer

converting .rvcs file into .vcsf format

Hello all,

can i convert an .rvcs file into .vcsf format?

I managed to download the rvcs config file via VRM to my computer.

I want to change some configuration and upload it again.

The only program I can use is the victron connect app on Linux.

This app just creates the .vcsf format.

Is there any way to convert these formats or another way to edit the .rvcs file manualy on Linux?

chainmaster asked
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configuring Multiplus on Linux

is there a native linux version of VE configure availiable or a kind of command line tool to do so?

do we still have to use the workaround with wine?

im not too happy with installing Wine just for the victron tool.

chainmaster asked
chainmaster answered ·

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VictronConnect linux bug report - temp compensation setting

Changing temperature compensation value in Multiplus-II 24/3000/16-70, BluePower IP67 12/25 and BluePower IP67 12/17 settles as "disabled" what ever is typed into the value field.

Tested with above mentioned equipment.

mrhappy asked

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Migrate settings from CCGX to Cerbo GX


I have to replace a Color Control GX due to it being overloaded (slow, rebooting, high load averages) after expanding my system. Have already purchased a Cerbo GX.

Is there a reasonably easy way to transfer settings from the old device to a new one, or will I have to do this screen by screen? I am hoping that it may be as easy as SSH in / copy a few config files and directories to and from SD card / reboot?



Henk van Rooyen asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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