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Venus GX Suddenly Unreachable on Local Network

After working for about 3 months, today my Venus GX was suddenly unavailable. It was still reporting to VRM. I couldn't reach the Venus from any computer or phone on my local network using the venus.local shortcut. All of them complained about "Server not found". Trying to access the Venus directly by its IP address, *most* of the time I couldn't connect to it but one out of ten tries I'd get a box drawn on the screen that said "Remote Console" and nothing else. Using the Victron Connect app on my iPhone, I could connect to the Venus via bluetooth and then access the remote console successfully from the app. I could also successfully access the remote console via the VRM website. I rebooted the Venus and nothing changed. I updated the Venus' firmware, updated setuphelper, and updated guimods and then rebooted the Venus at the same time I rebooted the router and my laptop and phone. After that, I can access the Venus reliably from the local network using its IP address but the venus.local shortcut still doesn't work. Other devices that allow the .local shortcuts still work properly (can get to my NAS via nas.local, etc). Only the Venus is having trouble.

Any idea why the whole thing broke to begin with and why I can't access it by venus.local now?

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Cerbo GX (2.84) loses LAN connection on Wifi and Cable

Good morning,

Cerbo GX on remote location loses LAN and backup Wifi connection. Cerbo keeps working. No LAN mean also no WAN so no VRM. No errors in the display or in the log files. Have to pull the power to reconnect the LAN (An ordinary reboot doesn't fix the problem). Works for a few hours than loses LAN connection again. What can I do to diagnose the problem? Go back to older firmware or problem with hardware?

Anybody any idea? Tips are welcome ;).


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Cerbo GX announces two IP-Adresses

I connected my Cerbo GX to my LAN. In the LAN is a DSL-Router, which also has a DHCP-server. When the Cerbo GX boots, it shows up in the network list with two IP-addresses: one private class B IP-addres (192.168.xx.yy) which is assigned by the DHCP server in my router, and a second link local address (169.254.xx.yy) with a randomly generated MAC-address (at least it seems so ...).

I wonder what the link-local address is good for / is used for and, if it is not needed as the Cerbo is fully accessible through the Class B IPv4 (asigned by the DHCP-Server), how can I turn that off?

WLAN and Bluetooth are turned off, BTW ...

Firmware is 2.85

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Netwerkproblem seit dem Upgrade auf 2.84


mein Multiplus 2 GX lief seit 1 1/2 Jahre einwandfrei, letzte Woche dann das "Empfohlene" Upgrade der Firmware von v2.80 auf v2.84. Seither mindestens einmal pro Tag kompletter Ausfall der LAN Schnittstelle am Multiplus (Keine Leds Blinken mehr am entsprechenden Router-Anschlußport. Einzige Möglichkeit, die Schnittsteller wieder zum "Laufen" zu bringen: Reboot des Multiplus......dann läuft wieder alles einwandfrei........bis zum nächsten Ausfall........

Da ansonsten absolut nichts geändert wurde, muss es irgendwie zwangsläufig am Update liegen.....

Ich hab nun mal auf die v2.6 zurückgesetzt, (Auf die v2.8 kann ich leider nicht zurück) man abwarten was jetzt die nächsten Tage passiert.........

gibt es eine Möglichkeit, irgendwie wieder von der v2.84 auf die v 2.8 zurück zu kommen ?



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After blackout I cannot connect to cerbo UI on local lan IP

I had a (grid) blackout this morning, and as a result, my internet router had issues. After rebuilding my local network I have issues connecting to the local LAN IP of my Cerbo.

I can access the Cerbo via VRM- including the Remote Console. However, if I try to access the Cerbo UI via its Local LAN IP - (assigned by DHCP) - I get refused to connect error.

Tried the local link IP as well - no go.

I know it's connected to the internet and working, as it's accessible via VRM.. But I'm puzzled as to why I can't get to it locally?

I can ping it - No probs.

Any ideas as to why the WebUI may not be working? (im running the 2.80~5 I think)

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Local area network Cerbo access

Is it possible to access the Cerbo GX using the Victron Connect mobile app (or computer) using ethernet or WiFi (not Bluetooth or VRM)? My installation will be beyond BT's reach and when we lose mains power our internet (cable) goes out so I won't have access to VRM. I would like to monitor the system from my home which is 100's of feet away but still reachable from my local area network.

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CCGX and Router


we have installed a CCGX on a off-grid site with a router Dlink DWR921. The two devices are connected with ethernet cable.

The router works with DHCP and CCGX is configured to obtain an automatic IP.

We can see that the router give an IP on the network and recognize the CCGX , the CCGX try to obtain this adress but doesn't achieve and stay unlogged.

We have tried to give a static IP but the CCGX doesn't accept it.

Do you have any idea to resolve this issue?

Sorry for my English!


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Venus GX does not accept static IP gateway


My Venus GX seemingly cannot accept a gateway when using a static (manual) IP address. I can enter the gateway, but it reverts to when I click Return.

No problem entering Gateway...


...but it's not saved correctly.


I can the Venux GX at the Static IP via LAN directly and indirectly (through a switch). I can also access other remote nodes via a VPN service, but not the Venux GX. Thus while it could be a VPN problem, my first suspicion is the Venux GX gateway.


I'm relatively new with IP networking, so please let me know if I'm missing another possible solution.



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Quelle IP dynamique envoie mes données à VRM?


Je suis à Lyon, loin de mon installation photo-voltaïque, gérée par Victron et qui envoie les données à VRM via CCGX et un modem router 4G. Ce modem a une adresse dynamique que je veux gérer par No-Ip pour accéder au commandes de CCGX depuis Lyon. Y a-t-il un moyen de récupérer sur VRM mon ip dynamique 4G?

A défaut, j'attendrai la fonte des neiges...



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Cerbo GX Wifi access point connectivity issues

Hi all,

I installed an off grid system in my home last April which has been running fine with no issues.

Set-up: Cerbo GX (firmware 2.60 - no touch screen), Smartsolar MPPT150/60, MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100, 4x pylontech US2000

No AC input from grid or generator.

Mostly it is connected to the house wifi with no issues - in fact I didn't need to touch it until December.

During the middle part of December and up to the present I have been shutting down the Multiplus over night to conserve the batteries due to overcast days and/or thick frozen snow on the panels reducing production.

The problem: Connecting to the wifi access point after several hours. More precisely if I use the reset button on the Cerbo I can connect using an iphone or ipad, but after some time (variable between 2 and 12 hours) it seems impossible to reconnect without recourse to the reset button. I get a message that connection is impossible, or the password is incorrect etc.

I've tried using the "forget network" on the iphone and trying to reconnect, a la Blue tooth etc, but no joy. The only solution seems to be to physically reset on the Cerbo. This is somewhat inconvenient as access to the Cerbo is difficult.

I've also tried connecting with a Linux laptop with the same symptoms.

Question: Is there something I am missing in the network setups - I haven't changed any settings form the defaults. Networking is a bit of a dark art to me! Any ideas????

Thanks in advance


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Cerbo Networking issue with USB->Victron Direct Cable

Hello All,

My Cerbo is in up and running and I am learning how to use it. I have one problem that I think is really odd.

My very basic learning setup: Cerbo, Solar MPPT, 24v Battery, Load, USB -> victron direct cable. (I have a victron direct->victron direct cable coming this week, but want to test with what I will actually be using)

Problem: The Cerbo will not transmit any data over wifi only when a USB->victron direct cable is plugged in.

Everything is setup and working fine on the cerbo side, I have VRM, I have access to the menus, life is good. Then I plug in my USB cable which goes to the solar MPPT and everything is bad. I instantly lose all VRM connection including local LAN remote console via IP. I still have bluetooth, and it still shows in the networking menu that all networking is connected, it provides an IP address.

I unplug the usb cable and like magic, everything instantly works. Plug back into another usb outlet, bam no worky. Unplug. Work.

Some more info:

SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 - Frimware V1.50 / Bluetooth Interface V1.11

Cerbo GX - Firmware v2.57

Everything is new out of box. Voltages are good. SmartSolar has been working for a couple of months as I waited for the Cerbo.


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Laptop can see color conveter but not Quattro inverter

I recently completed the new installation of a Quattro 15000 + color control. Connecting a laptop to the Color Control i can detect the Color control but not the Inverter. upon running VEConfigure, i have no option to auto detect port.

Color controller does detect inverter.

alec asked
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CCGX automatic ethernet configuracion out of lan values

Hi, I'm trying to integrate my CCGX into my LAN and when setting it up with dhcp server IP value it's always being setup with data out of my lan, which belongs to 192.168.x.x network.

As a result my ccgx is accesible from outside but it's not from inside. Setting it with manual values doesn't fix the problem as then the unit is not accesible:


Any clue about the reason this is happening? Why is it being filled with 82.213.210.x network parameters?

Both and belongs to my ISP provider, so it has to be any relation to this. But CCGX is directly connected to my private router by cable...


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Color Control GX Lost Fronius Primo Communication

Dear Victron Team

We installed 2 years ago a Color Control Console to a Fronius Primo.

All the System was working correctly, we could see the Fronius into the Console and Chargin the batteries were solar was available. Recently what we just found out is that the Fronius is working correctly, producing power etc but the Color Control is chargin the batteries from the Grid ignoring the Fronius.

The Fronius just disappeared of the screen and we can´t find it again (we alreayd reboot both devices de CCGX and the Inverter, scanned etc.. ) and nothing.

I was thinking on chaning the TCP Port to look up (now is the default 080) or maybe the LAN has changes IP adresses and I should look for another port?

Any way to check IP adress into the Fronius and scan from the CCGX and find it? What could had happened?

Is there any chance you guys can help me out?


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Port forwarding


I am an It Manager. I need to do a port forwarding for a Victron but I have some trouble. Customer ask me to forward port 80/81 TCP but it seems not enough. I see the home page but it answer "NOT CONNECT".
For network reason I can not forward external port on 80 and 81 but I need to do a NAT-T to 22001 and 22002 TCP external port.
Maybe we need also another port ?


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