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Constantly logged off from VRM Portal

Last week i've got logged off from VRM portal 3 or 4 times. Stay logged in checkbox does not help. This is very annoying especially when my android app is logged off.

Never had such an issue before. Is there any way to fix it ?

anjey-lobas asked
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VRM app phone widget - missing widgets

As shown today in the Zoom Webinar there should be more than 4 widgets availlabel in the APP for iOS and Android - I only can choose in 4 different.
I would be interested in using the EV-Charging-Widget you showed this morning in the webinar.

Checking for updates on the VRM-App wasn't successful.

ktmlauni asked
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WIDGET BUG REPORT Solar on widget misreporting PV info

I have ET112 on grid and and a second one on PV through a CERBO GX. It's all working fine except the "quick glance" data on widgets and dashboard of VRM is not getting updated correctly.

Zero actual solar pv shows 2715 watts all the time, and when the sun hits the panels, the widget seems to be adding 2715 to the total.

Note that I'm still awaiting batteries so the inverter has yet to be powered on and set up, it's just CERBO monitoring the AC loads and PV on the roof till the batteries show up.

Is this a bug?

Screenshots below

Widget on screen


Click open VRM app on Android, get the same errors


Open the dashboard and it first shows wrongly then self-corrects to the actual data. Widget remains in error


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Widget not displaying data (ios)

Have loaded 2 widget options for solar/battery/charger etc, appears on screen, but no data displays. The app itself running and logged in. iPhone 12 mini, IOS 16.3.1. Screenshot:


peterjenks asked

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New home screen Widgets feature for VRM app on your phone

Hello Victron Community,

There is a new feature to make it easier to keep an eye on your Victron system,

Phone Widgets!

These allow you to show the vital power system information right on your phone Home Screen without even needing to open the VRM app.

How to get started;

Step 1: goto your app store, and update the VRM app if it hasn't already

Step 2: open the VRM app, make sure you're logged in.

Step 3: go to the phones widgets screen, in iOS this is by swiping to the left-most screen.

Step 4: scroll to the bottom and press the edit button you see there

Step 5: click the plus button on top left

Step 6: select the VRM widget

Step 7: select one of the many types of different size and layout (try them all)

Step 8: press the + Add widget button on the bottom

Step 9: press done; (even though the widget says to select an installation wait till the next step)

Step 10: tap and hold the widget until the "edit widget" option becomes available

Step 11: choose an installation by tapping only once on the installation selection, and then choose your installation from the list that appears


Step by Step Video;



Example screenshots;




Further documentation is being prepared, so please feel free to ask any questions here.

We'd also love to hear any feedback, be it positive, problems and suggestions for improvements.

As an idea - a possible next step is that we are looking to also add widgets to VictronConnect, which work via Bluetooth.


Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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VRM Phone App Widget -- "This widget is not available right now"

The new VRM phone widgets are a great development overall. My only issue is that the widget data is replaced with "This widget is not available right now" at least several times a day. Today I even had the status widget able to update and show data while the Tanks and Environment widget was showing the not available message.

I spend a lot of time in places with little or no connectivity and I thought that was the cause until now. I've been in a small city the past few days where both my phone and my Cerbo GX have excellent service.

I'm on an up-to-date Android Pixel 6 phone. I don't see other people mentioning this. Is there a trick I need to know about?

Neil Swinton asked

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Android App: How to change default program/action for Share button?

I tapped Share in the History section, but wasn't sure which program to pick, as I didn't know what sort of file it would generate. I picked a notepad application, but I accidentally double-tapped, which set that to be the "always use" choice. Now the Victron app always tries to use the notepad app, and I can't change it. (The notepad app simply freezes when this happens; I guess it can't handle the file that Victron's generating)

I didn't see anything in the app's options to change the default program.
I've done Clear Cache + Clear Data for the Victron app, and also completely uninstalled and reinstalled it, but this program/file default association persisted.

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Jan 2023 IOS Widgets Blank

Hi All , have added widgets on IOS - removed the vrm app / reinstalled added my widget and selected my installation again

My widgets remain blank, I have selected keep me logged in - if I select the widget it opens up VRM

Any ideas

-I’m running iOS 16.2 and 16.3 on devices

-NOT using Dark Mode

-Have already deleted and reinstalled VRM with no change

Brian Havenga asked

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EV charging station - Historical Overview on loaded Power per day


EV Charging Station
Currently only 2 widgets are available:

  • EV Charger Summary
  • EV Charge Power (graph)

Currently in Widget EV Charger Summary 'Charging Time' is available.
When will 'Charged Power' become available?

Also you can define a "Energy price per kWh (€)" in the settings of EV charging station, but this not used anywhere.

When will there be a widget available so that you can easily create an overview on 'charged power' and the cost of this (taking the energy price per kWh into account) on daily / weekly / yearly basis?

Thanks in advance for your feedback on this



tim-heirman asked
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VRM home screen widgets not working on iOS


The VRM mobile widgets that were introduced recently do not work on my iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) for some reason. Once I select the installation in the widget settings it goes blank with the placeholder bars as in the attached screenshot, and then after some time has passed it shows a message that's something like "Widget is currently unavailable" with a button to open the app. (I was unable to reproduce this second state just now and don't have any previous screenshots of it). I have previously left it alone for several days (while still opening the VRM app itself regularly) and it never fixes itself.

I've experienced this behavior since the widgets were released, so they have never worked for me on iOS. I have reinstalled the app, but this did not fix the issue.

The widgets do work fine on my Android device, however.


Daniël Roux asked

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VRM Portal on Smartwatch

will there be a smartwatch app to monitor the VRM Portal Systems on the smartwatch ?

Does anyone created such an app, or will victronenergy provice such an app in future ?


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VRM app phone widget - feedback - colours too similar

Great webinar today @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) - many thanks.

I finally got all of the widgets working after deleting and reinstalling VRM. Some feedback:

1) I don't know whether you have any control over the colours of the large VRM widget but the choice of colours makes the graph almost unusable.


2) Can the ESS widget be made smaller? Also, the low SoC would be more helpful if it showed the Active SoC Limit rather than the Minimum SoC.

paulcooper asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

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VRM Portal visualises incorrectly

Hello Victron

I have a small problem with the VRM portal.

My Victron environment. A Rasberry Pi with 2.92 large image and an EM24 LAN. I want to monitor my house and PV yield.

I find the Victron devices really great. Unfortunately, the VRM Portal visualises incorrectly. On the GX console everything is fine. On an iPhone with the VRM app, the total is missing from the dashboard at the AC input. On the Windows PC with Edge Browser, the AC input is displayed as a generator. Something is wrong there.

It would be great if the total is displayed correctly on the dashboard. The values are there. In installations, the current values are displayed correctly. The daily consumption is also correct. I have taken some pictures. Maybe someone from Victron can take a look. I plan to buy a Multiplus in the future.

But the correct display should also be possible without a Multiplus.

Please ask for help.





joeh asked

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Victron VRM Presentation: VRM Push Notifications on iPhone - Not Working

@mvader (Victron Energy) I really enjoyed the presentation yesterday on what the VRM enhancements are and what it can do. So many great new features. I am excited about the push notifications so I went through the steps you outlined in the presentation, but upon downloading the Victron VRM app, it did not ask me about push notifications at all. And in the VRM, I do not see any way to add push notifications to my phone at all. I'm running the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Just downloaded it, went through the steps. Isn't working for me. The new Preferences selection inside the app is not there. There does not seem to be an update available in the App Store.

Please can you clarify if the app has not yet had this feature enabled since the presentation was only yesterday?

I'm also not seeing in the app the ability to add those custom widgets. I'm only seeing the widgets from my Advanced page, but not in the same way as was shown in the presentation.

Thanks for your contribution to the community!

: )



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Please update the VRM app .apk file on https://www.victronenergy.com/support-and-downloads/software

Hello, I want to try the fancy new VRM app, but the version available at https://www.victronenergy.com/support-and-downloads/software is 2.2.1.

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) Could you please add the 2.8.1 to that page, so we can update it without the Play Store?


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