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Cerbo GX distance from Multiplus 2 ?

For wifi coverage reasons, I'd like to locate my Cerbo about 15m away from the Multiplus. Any reason why not?

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Victron Energy VE.Can zu CAN-bus BMS type A connection cable ASS030710018 not long enough

I finally installed the Pylontech 4.8Kw batteries in my system using the Victron Energy VE.Can zu CAN-bus BMS type A connection cable ASS030710018.

Unfortunately 1.8 meters is not enough to cover the distance between the batteries and the CCGX and I don't know what type of extension to use.

Is it appropriate to additionally use a traditional 8 Pin RJ45?

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BMS cable type question

Am putting a Multi II/48 together with Pylontech US5000s. The Victron compatibility doc does not list the 5000s. Do I go type A or B? thanks in advance.

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Sony IJ1004C communication with cerbo GX


I've got a Sony IJ1004C and 2 IJ1001M.

Does the CAN communication work with Cerbo GX?

How is the cable connection setup?

The sony side is subd 9 pin and the cerbo gx RJ45.


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Connecting Multiplus-II, Cerbo GX, Pylontech batteries and a Fronius Primo

While trying to connect everything I realise I made a mistake on the first cable, so I'm trying to make sure I got everything right before returning the wrong cable and buying the right ones.

Cerbo-GX <--> Pylontech US2000C : I need a "VE.Can to CAN-bus BMS type A Cable 1.8m" from "BMS.Can" port to "A/CAN" port right?

Multiplus-II 5000 <--> Cerbo GX : I need a RJ-45 UTP cable right from MP's "VE.Bus" port to Cerbo's "VE.Can" port right ? Is this just a standard Ethernet cable?

Fronius Primo <--> Cerbo GX : I just need both device connected to the same network through their LAN ports? Is it enough if both devices are on the same WiFi network?

Thanks for the help !

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Victron made UTP (RJ45) cables

First I am not asking about DIY cables.

I am asking about the standard LAN RJ45 cable that one can buy in any computer store.

Why the Victron made cable so expensive?

In my country, the 0.3m Victron made (blue) cable cost over $10.

The standard CAT 5E 0.5m cable in computer store costs 60 cents.

What is so different in those "blue" cables.

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