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Phoenix Smart IP43 and DC-DC charger on same bank

Hi all.

I currently have a Phoenix IP43 Smart charger for 3 battery starting banks on my boat.

One of those banks is the starbord engine start battery, also charged from that engine's alternator when running.

I want to install a 30amp Smart isolated DC-DC charger to charge the house bank from the starboard starter battery when that engine is running.

My question is - when the Phoenix smart charger is running when connected to shore power, will the DC-DC charger also turn on to charge the house bank?

I don't want that to happen as I have a seperate inverter/charger for the house bank when on shore power.

Can I program the DC-DC charger not to run if the Phoenix is, maybe?

I hope that makes sense



orion dc-dcPhoenix Smart Charger ip43
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Depends on how you configure it. Normal operation starts charging when it detects a sufficiently high input voltage. So charging voltage from the phoenix would trigger the Orion.

There's a number of switched options using the LH terminals. Normally they're bridged, which is always on. These can give the control you need. If you use a switched feed from the ignition switch on the starboard engine to the H terminal and remove the bridge wire, you'll be where you want. But it won't stop the Orion if you run the engine while shore power is on.

Which raises the question, does it matter if the Orion is on when shore power charging is on? The house bank and outputs from the chargers are voltage driven. So no harm will be done.

There's a full description of the settings in the pdf manual.

Also download the engine on detection pdf, which is downloadable from the datasheet option.

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Hi Kev - thanks heaps! I never run the engine when the shorepower is connected, so your solution sounds like it might be the go. Cheers!

Re both chargers (inverter and Orion) charing the house bank at once, I was concerned that the voltage reading from the Orion for example, might confuse the inverter/charger (120amp) into thinking the batteries were full? And why have the Orion running off the batteries when the inverter/charger is hooked up to 240 volts. Does that concern seem warranted?

Thanks again - Tony

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Multiple chargers is a very common setup in boats and leisure vehicles. I have it in my van (AC, Solar, Alternator sources) and am installing A/C and solar in my boat.

As long as the battery/charge settings are the same on all devices, no concerns at all.

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