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Incorrect voltage displayed - Blue Smart Charger IP22 24V 16A



Interesting fault...

Output voltage is measuring correctly (with a multimeter) and charges with appropriate current, however the app indicates it's charging at around 18V and 16A (which I know to be false). Latest firmware and app. I've tried cycling power, reinstalling app, reducing output current to 8A, Power supply mode at both amp settings, all of the modes - nothing changes the displayed output voltage from around 18V. Any solutions?


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Voltage Sense Wire Size

I'm on the final hookup of my multiplus 3000 on my boat and have a simple question. The manual calls for a 20awg wire to connect the voltage sense. Will an 18awg work? I'm in Alaska and tinned wire can be hard to find here. I have tinned wire from 4/0 cables to 18awg but nothing finer.

Thanks, Tator

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Smartsolar 150/70 showing incorrect battery voltage after v3.07 firmware update

I have a very strange problem. I have a smartsolar 150/70 that is showing a battery voltage approximately 3v higher after the firmware was updated to v3.07. I have checked the voltage at the terminals on the unit and it is the same as the batteries. It was reading fine on the previous firmware. So, for example, if the battery voltage is 48v, the charger is reading 51v. This is causing it to float and stop charging way too soon. I have swapped the unit with a 150/35 with the latest firmware and the voltage reads fine. It seems to just be the 150/70 unit that has the problem. I would understand if it was reading lower that there could have potentially been a wiring problem or something like that, but it was suddenly reading higher and only with this unit. Has anyone else noticed this problem?

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PV Spannung immer leicht unter Batteriespannung


Ich habe ein 220wp Photovoltaik Leistung auf unserem Camper und eine 280Ah LiFePo4 Batterie. Beide werden über einen Victron 75/10 MPPT verbunden. Die Batterie wird auch über den Landstrom und Lichtanlage bei der Fahrt geladen. Leider hat mein System immer wieder ein Problem, weil die Solaranlage aus unbekannten Gründen die Batterie einfach nicht mehr lädt und die Spannung immer um die 0.1-0.2.V unter der Batterie Spannung "Tänzelt" egal, wie voll die Batterie ist oder wie viel Sonne gerade scheint. Wenn es dann doch funktioniert ist die Spannung bei 30-40V und max 140wp.

Was mache ich hier falsch oder hat der MPPT eine Fehlfunktion?

Vielen Dank für den Support



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Leaving MultiPlus voltage sense connected when battery disconnect switch is OFF.

I'm building a portable-ish system with a MultiPlus 24/3000. The main switch on the MultiPlus will not be easily accessible. I'll have the positive line run from the battery thru a disconnect switch on its way to the MultiPlus. The negative directly from battery to MultiPlus. The disconnect switch will be in the OFF position for weeks at a time.

I'm going to hook up a separate smaller cable to the voltage sense terminals on the MultiPlus. I am planning on hooking the voltage sense cable directly to the battery terminals (not the disconnect switch) but I want to know if it is ok to leave the disconnect off while the voltage sense cable is connected.

Is there a problem with this? Is there a little current flowing on the voltage sense cable even with the disconnect switch OFF? If so, how much?

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Duracell Marine 12 volt settings for MPPT 75/15 solar controller

I have 2 Duracell 12 volt series 27 maintenance-free marine batteries for my 24 volt Floe boat lift. I am using a Victron MPPT 75/15 solar controller with a Newpowa 30W(Watt) Solar Panel High-Efficiency Monocrystalline 24V PV Module

. Could you please direct me to the source source for the bulk charging, absorption, and float settings for this charging system ? Thank you!

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BP-100 & BattleBorn BMS conflicting?

Hi All, We've been having some major issues with a system. All Victron components and BattleBorn 300ah bank. We've got a BP-100 installed as well. The system will be reading 100% (BMV-712) and battery voltages reflect this, but getting low voltage alarms from the components (fridge, heater) and basically it acts as if the system is dead.

I'm wondering if we could possibly have a conflict between the BP-100 and internal BMS of the batteries, or if the BP-100 is just faulty? It seems like something is cutting power to the system even when the batteries are at 100%.


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How to ajust energy feeding to grid to keep grid voltage below 253V?

Is there a way for the system to adjust grid feeding per phase in such a way that the amount of energy fed to the grid be controlled by the grid voltage on each phase?

The more my system feeds the grid the higher the grid voltage gets.

When 253V is reached PV inverter turns off and waits for the grid voltage to drop below 253V. It is enough for one phase to reach 253V for the all phases to turn off.

Can the system redirect power from phase with the highest voltage to the phase with the lowest and this way avoid turning PV inverter off. If transferring power is not enough to avoid grid over-voltage, freqency shifting could be used to lower the PV power.

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are there plans for a higher voltage MPPT?

I am wondering if Victron plans to offer any higher voltage solar charger MPPTs?!

e.g. i would love to see a updated version of the SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/200.

Maybe a similar size unit with same power, but adapted to like a "RS 900/200" with 2x MPPT´s for 2x longer PV strings instead of 4x short PV strings.

That would make life way easier, if converting or changing from typical on-grid or hybrid systems to Victron.

Is that something Victron thinks about?

Or is this not considered at all?! So will Victron stay at max. 450V or will they go higher in voltage in (short?!) future?

Are here any insiders, that might know?

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Absorption voltage too high



Hello :)

i have a MPPT smart solar 75/15 installed to a 120 AH battery.

Has been functioning good for 1 year.

Today suddenly the Absorption Voltage was too high. It was up to 14.95. for many seconds until i intervened.

In the settings i have 14.7. I even tried lowering it to 14.6. But did not change anything.

How can that happen?

I dont know how high it would have gone if I had not put something on the panel.

I disconnected the MPPT from the battery and connected it again. Then it was Ok and the charger only went up to 14.7.

Did someone have the same problem?



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Victron 3600W Isolation Transformer stepping up voltage???

Hi I wondered if some one could help we are using the victron 3600 to prove our equipment cabinets can work using IT mode. our input voltage into the transformer is 240V and the output is 256V?!?! I was under the impression it was 1:1 ratio so input=output. It is causing our ATS (automatic transfer switch) to persistently switch between A and B feed due o over voltage protection. Can anyone explain why we are having this issue



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Adding PV and MPPT - 12v or 24v and other questions.

I am planning to add solar to my mainship390 powerboat. Starting with 2-200watt Rich Solar panels and a victron mppt controller. These will charge two-8D FLA batteries. I have the following questions:

1) can I use 24v panels (sku RS-M200D) in series (total 90.8v <voc> @ 5.83a <isc>) into a Victron 150/45 mppt controller? That would allow 14 ga wire from the panels to the controller (about 35 ft) with under 1% voltage drop. The reason for the 150 /45 mppt is I could ( I think ) add a third panel (45.4voc/5.83a isc) at some point.

2) what to use as PV disconnect? Close to panels or close to MPPT?

3) I can connect charge controller through fuse/breaker to one leg of battery switch + with a yandina 100a combiner to the second battery + so the batteries will charge with main battery switch off. I this an ok strategy OR do I need to run MPPT output all the way to the batteries?

4) what fuses / breakers on the battery side of MPPT?


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Fonctionnement sur courant 110 volts au Mexique

Fonctionnement sur courant 110 volts au Mexique. Mon fourgon Mercedes hymer est équipé avec une installation VictronConnect en 220 v. Quand je le branche sur le réseau 110 v est ce que cela fonctionne pour charger les batteries si je ne mets pas de convertisseur ? D autre part quand je suis branché sur le secteur est ce que c est le réseau qui charge les batteries ou est ce les panneaux solaires ou les deux. Merci de vos réponses

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MultiPlus Compact Spannungsschwankungen mit Nespressomaschine

Hallo zusammen,

wir haben einen "MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-30" im Inverter-/Ladebetrieb auf einem Schiff. Batterien sind 4 Stk. neue "Fullriver DC 260-12" parallel.

Inverter funktioniert mit "einfachen Lasten" auch bei höherer Ausgangsleistung einwandfrei z.B. Wasserkocher, Hilti Staubsauger, etc.

Der Kunde hat sich eine DeLonghi Nespressomaschine zugelegt (1310 Watt max. laut Anleitung). Wird diese am Inverter betrieben fängt die AC-Spannung plötzlich an zu schwanken. Multimeter zeigt, dass die Spannung schwankt und kurzzeitig auf unter 200V abfällt. Auf weitere Messungen mit einem Oszilloskop haben wir vorerst abgesehen. Mit angeschlossenen Landstrom treten diese Probleme nicht auf.

AES-Einstellungen für den Inverter sind deaktiviert. Für Testzwecke haben wir die Kaffemaschine direkt am Inverter angeschlossen, um Fehler in der Bordinstallation auszuschließen - das gleiche Problem tritt auf.

Auf dem Inverter war die Firmware "2608154" von Werk aus vorinstalliert. Wir haben ein Update auf "2608494" durchgeführt und alle Einstellungen wieder gesetzt - leider hat das Update die Situation "verschlimmbesster". Der Kaffee war zuvor nicht richtig warm, nach dem Update bricht die Kaffeemaschine sogar mittendrin ab.

Wir gehen davon aus, dass die Kaffeemaschine über eine Phasenanschnittsteuerung verfügt und dies die Probleme verursacht. Ein ähnliches Verhalten lässt sich auch mit einem Phasenanschnitt-gesteuertem Heißluftföhn provozieren.

Ist jemand dieses Problem bekannt? Kennt jemand Abhilfe (außer einen 2KW Trenntransformator zwischenschalten) ?

Vielen Dank!

Viele Grüße,

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Aus dem Netz wird der Akku versorgt

Hallo Zusammen,

mir ist aufgefallen, dass aus dem Netz Leistung in den Akku geht... ist das möglich oder ist das nur graphisch unglücklich gelöst.

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