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Equalization not working

Multiplus inverter/charger 24/3000/70. I need to equalize Rolls 5000 24 V batteries. Multiplus says the batteries are floating. I start the generator manually, set the run time for 6 hours. From our CCGX I start the equalization process. The Multiplus shows that it is in the equalization process because the bulk and absorption LEDS are flashing alternately. The image shows the process starting at about 10.20. At about 12.45 the battery volts reaches absorption volts but instead of battery volts continuing to rise to about 30-31, eq volts, the charger switches to about 26.20, float volts. Specific gravity is still about 1.190.

Not sure what's going on. How can I get the eq to perform correctly?


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can't equalize with 100 /20 controller

My batteries are now 6 months old and I figured I'd try to equalize them.

But no joy. AGM batteries, 24v.

Voltage stays at 28.6v no matter what. If it spikes a little higher when a load comes off, it immediately corrects and brings it back to 28.6v. Plenty of power available from source, was running at about 60% most of the time.

My settings are:

absorb: 28.8v, float 27.6v, equalization 32.4v. equalization current percentage 8% and then I tried 20%. Same result.

It was on the default victron AGM settings, changed it to user default with the same settings as above.

Not sure what else to try.

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Equalisation Using Advanced Setting for Multi/Quattro in CCGX

Now that we can remotely trigger an equalisation charge with the CCGX (Start Equalisation button to the Multi/Quattro menu. See Device List -> Multi or Quattro -> Advanced)

Can anyone confirm what the settings are for this equalisation? Does it prompt you to set a voltage, current, charging time etc. and does it / can it also autostart the generator for this purpose? If not I assume it does the 1 or 2 hour equalisation at absorption voltage. My concern with testing this would be if it used the settings for tubular plate traction batteries as indicated in VE Configure. Hence why I'm hoping for an account from someone who has tested it!

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Equalization Charge parameters way too low

I recently installed a 12v/3000 Multiplus. I love the features and I am able to remotely monitor and control from the Cerbo GX I installed. Testing the equalization function today and subsequent searching here I see by pressing the equalization charge from the GX Touch that the current into the battery is limited in equalization to 20% of the max (120 ^ .20 - 24 amps DC. I have a 1000 amp hour battery bank of tubular traction batteries. 24 amps will never push the voltage up high enough to reach equalization voltage. Am I missing anything here with the equalization charge functionality of the unit?

My thought on a workaround is to simply change the charging parameters when I want to do an equalization charge. Setting the absorption voltage at 16v and the absorption time at a fixed 4 hours.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or input.

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Equalisation voltage not reached

Hi. I have 2 parallel multi-pluses (firmware 159) charging a 48v battery. When I manually put them into equalisation mode using the panel on the master unit, the correct LEDs flash for equalisation. My Venus device confirms equalise mode, which it stays in for 1 hour as expected. But... during this time, the voltage reaches only 57.5v, less than my usual absorption voltage of 58.4v. Any ideas? My understanding is that the equalisation voltage is set, and should be 62v in my case. Thank you.

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Battery equalisation

I am looking for help with battery equalisation. The house battery set up in my motorhome is 4 x 6v 550AH AGM batteries wired in series to provide 24v. I would like to install a battery equalisation system. Most of the information I have read talks about 2 x 12v batteries in series. Can anyone help with information regarding how many equalisers I need and how to connect them.

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MPPT 100/20 Expert Equalization mode

I have a MPPT 100/20 SmartSolar controller. I am trying to get the equalization mode to last longer than 1 hour.

I have enabled expert mode, set the time to 8 hours and start an equalization but it gives me a note about 1 hour and only goes that long.

How do I get it to last for the time I specify? My battery manual calls for an 8 hour conditioning, not a 1 hour one.


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Sulfation or stratification (flooded start battery?
I used classic cheap flooded starter batteries in solar light cyclic application (95 ah maintenance free but not vrla). 
I noticed this phenomenon: every month or 2 months of light daily cyclic use (DOD 15% and subsequent full recharge), the real capacity tends to decrease quite, Let's say 10% after 1 month and 20-30% after few months, even if it gives a false Open circuit voltage of 13.1 v. 
However, an equalization charge at 15.0 v for 1-2 hours, and consequent bubbling of the electrolyte, restores the correct full capacity for the next 1-2 months. The strange thing is that the equalization only works if I previously discharge the battery with at least 30-40% dod. While it is less effective with dods below 20%. 
What is the cause of this periodic behavior? 
I thought of slight sulfation or stratification of the electrolyte. But none of these things should happen, as the batteries are charged every day and they move and shaking with the motorhome. The problem happened at the same way with 3 batteries from 3 different brands and it seems to happen only to me. The charging and discharging parameters have always been the same: average dod 15% and complete daily recharge with absorption of 14.4v 1-2 hours and temperature compensation -18mV / C and floating 13.8v. I am afraid that the periodic equalizations will dry the electrolyte that cannot be refilled because they are free from maintenance, even if they are classic flooded. 
Using agm deep cycle batteries this phenomenon has never happened to me and the capacity remains constant over time for the years of use.

What is the cause?
Why does equalization work so much better with previous heavy discharge?

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Equalisation of Lead Acid with an ESS, problem

We have installed a grid connected ESS system earlier this summer for a customer using his lead acid flooded batteries that need a monthly Equalisation.

The customer has been unable to perform an equalisation via the CCGX advanced menu for the Quattro.

I have been to site and managed to get equalisation to start, but it only runs for a few seconds then drops out to float.

The setup is a 10kVA Quattro with an SMA 4kW PV inverter set to off grid.

The batteries are staring to deteriorate now with low battery warnings popping up regularly.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 20A 100V - setup questions

Hi All,

I am relatively new to campervan setups, and I do not have a background in 12v electrics.

I have had a Victron Smart Solar 20A 100V MPPT installed in my campervan together with a new leisure battery, which I am really pleased with on first inspection.

There are a number of options in the Victron Connect app to allow configuration of the Smart Solar 20A 100V MPPT, here are the settings I am talking about.


It looks like most of the settings (Charge Voltages etc.) are set by either selecting a Battery Preset (see options below), or by selecting "expert mode" and specifying your own numbers for the Charge Voltages. The "factory default" seems to be the Gel Victron Deep Discharge option.

The other Battery Preset options available are:



It says in the manual to ensure the settings match your specific leisure battery, and this is where I am struggling - I cannot seem to locate the information needed. The leisure battery installed is a 12V 110AH Xtreme AGM Leisure Battery (XR1750) NCC Class A.

So, my question are:

  1. Are the Factory Default settings ok for my specific battery? Or should I change them?
  2. If I need to change them, then:
    1. Should I pick another pre-set, if so which one?
    2. Or, should I use expert mode and set the Charge Voltages manually? And if I do, what numbers should I use?

A final (less important question) also

  1. What does the "equalisation stuff" do, and do I need to worry about it?

Thanks everyone!

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10Ah AGM equalization MPPT75/15

Hey everyone

For a small off grid project (IR movement sensor and a connected 10W led light) I bought a 120W PV Panel and the MPPT 75/15 Controller. Those are connected with a 4Ah WET Lead Acid or a 10Ah AGM Battery.

Seems overkill I assume :-) But the thing is, the place for the PV panel is far from optimal. Direct sunlight for only 3 hours max.

I did some Tests today and I observe things I do not fully understand.

The Battery (yt12b-bs) I took from my motocycle was not charged since October 2020 and was quite low (11.78V). The Battery says normal charging at 1A, fast charging at 5A. I therefore kept the basic settings of 5A on the controller and started the process.

After a short time the controller switched from Bulk to Absorbtion later to float. After I disconnected the battery and gave it some time I could watch the voltage drop way below 12.7V.

I played with the settings and first of all set a max current of 1A. Now it spent way more time in Bulk state, eventually changed to Absorbtion and later to Float.

Once again disconnecting the Battery I still saw it fall back lower than 12.7V.

I read a bit about the equalisation mode and thought I'd give it a try. The settings on the controller are still at default (16.2V EQ Voltage) I put everything together and watched the controller.

I'm confused as the Voltage sent to the Battery never reached 16.2V It was stuck at the Absorbtion Voltage of 14.4V I then set the Absorption Voltage to 14.6V and saw the Voltage rise to exactly 14.6V (low amperage of 100mA in Eq mode)

My first question is: Am I wrong expecting to see a equalization Voltage to reach the configured 16.2V? Did I get the Idea wrong?

Secondly: The Voltage on Battery was constantly falling until it hit 12.35V where it stays right now.
Do you think this block is still usable? Oder might it be over with this one?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards

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SmartSolar Equalisation Longer Than 1 Hour

I have set up a SmartSolar 150/35 on a new 48V bank of batteries. I connected the app and updated the firmware on the charge controller to the latest firmware.

I have used the Victron Connect app and bluetooth to setup the controller. Overall a very nice experience to use the software (very easy). Everything seems to be working well.

My battery provider recommended I equalise my bank at a fixed voltage for 12 hours, so I thought I'd use the solar to do two equalization runs of 6 hours over 2 sunny days. I set the equalization duration in the app to 6 hours (note in screenshot it says 4 because I was playing with settings) and then click the 'START NOW' button.

No matter what I do, when I click 'START NOW', the screen always tells me the duration is limited to 1 hour. It doesn't matter what I've set the 'Equalization duration' field to.

Is there any way to set up a manual equalisation to 6 hours as I require?




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Manual Equalization not working on offgrid AC coupled system

I have a Multiplus 24/500 an MPPT 150/70 and a fronius 3.0 on the ac out.

I operate mainly offgrid. When I try to start a manual Equalization through the CCGX menu of the Multiplus, the process does not start if there is no AC input present. The MPPT takes care of the float of the battery and the AC Loads and the FRONIUS remains with 0W production. If I enable the AC input, everything works fine. The equalization starts and fronius kicks in. In fact after a while the equalization goes on properly and the fronius even feeds in to the grid.

The picture below is that state after I have asked the Equalization to start up.

So the question is : Will i ever be able to start a manual equalization without the AC input beeing present?


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Skylla IP44 equalization voltage wont go above 14.6V

I have a Skylla IP44 12/60(3) running two banks of AGM Super Cycle batteries. The battery banks are not holding a charge (voltage drops prematurely under load) and I've been advised by my Victron distributor to try equalizing the banks. The equalization voltage is set to 15.9V, but when I put the charger in manual equalization mode it won't put out any more than 14.6V. Charger state is showing as "Equalize" on my CCGX.

What am I doing wrong?

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What is the right equalizer mode for Trojan SOLAR SPRE 06 255 battery?

I recently bought 8 SOLAR SPRE 06 255 batteries and formed a battery bank with a voltage of 48V. To charge this battery bank I use a solar charger from Victron. My question refers to the equalization charge that must be made periodically to these battery.
In the technical data sheet of the batteries I found only the voltage at which the charger is set when equalizing.
The charger has two ways to equalize:
1-with a current of 100% of the current used in the bulk phase, meaning 30 amps for this type of battery until the battery voltage reaches 64.8v, wait about two hours with a constant voltage of 64.8V, then finish equalization and pass in the float phase.
2-with a low value current, percentage of C20(229 amps), percentage that I don't know and please tell me about his value. Continue applying this current until the equalization voltage is reached, meaning 64.8V, after which the equalization ends and goes into the float phase.
Please tell me which is the correct option, and if this is option 2, what is the value of the percentage of C20 to be applied to the battery bank.

Best regards

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