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Multiplus - 24/5000/120 triggering equalization


We are desperately trying to trigger equalization. We wait for charge cycle (diesel genrator) to reach FLOAT, then we try the ‘impossible cheat code’ by flicking the on/off/charger only switch back and forth. If you get anything wrong (what we’re getting wrong, we have no idea), then generator gets turned off, we’ve missed our window, and we have to waiti until the next charge cycle. This process has cost us 6 whole evenings of wasted time. Is there a user friendly, 100% effective alternative?

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Good morning,

I have the same issue, because in the Winter (here in Estonia) it is impossible, to equalized the Batteries with Solar or Wind energy.

My Batteries 24V/5880Ah are tough enough to give me an autonomy over 15 days, together with Solar and Wind energy but I have to run all 15 days a SDMO HX6000 to charge the batteries with all the MultiPlus-II 24/5000/120-50 can give.

Buying another charger is out of question because I can not effort it.

However, I can not access the settings using the Smart Dongle because my Thinkpad T60 has only Windows XP installed and ONE DLL is missing, to get the Victron software running!

It seems, the MultiPlus-II is setup to 28,8V, which is NOT enough for my SOPzS batteries which need 29,6-30,6V.

Setting the absorbtion voltage higher would already solv the problem.

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