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Feature request: SmartSolar equalization duration

Would it be possible to change the equalisation settings in VictronConnect for SmartSolars to allow manual starting eq to last the programmed eq duration (when more than one hour)?

I have a few systems using Outback Northstar batteries, for which the manufacturer recommends they be equalized once a year for four hours. SmartSolar's auto eq only permits frequencies up to 250 days, so auto is out. But manual eq only allows one hour duration.

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Equalizing may have to happen more often, it depends on how the batteries are cycling.

Note the manual says least..... Meaning the minimum. There would be no harm doing it twice a year.

You can set four hours in expert mode.

I do know going too long between equalizing charges is also dangerous as if it sheds the sulphation in a sheet, the plates internally can be shorted. Battery is then dead.

Maybe read a bit more about taking care of lead based batteries by looking up energy unlimited published by victron.

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Actually, Outback Northstar's manual doesn't say at least. Here's what it says:

"To maintain optimal battery health, an equalization charge should be performed every 12 months. Equalize at 14.4 Vdc for 4 hours."

And I have emailed and spoken on the phone with Outback tech support on two occasions regarding their NSB Blue+ AGM batteries, and was told both times to not ever equalize more than once per year unless specifically told to by one of their representatives during a troubleshooting situation. As a professional installer who's responsible for many customers' systems and their warranties, I have to choose to always follow manufacturers instructions. So, I agree with @Ramahsolarguy: it would be best if we had the option to either program SmartSolars to auto eq every 365 days, or -preferably- to manually start eq and have it run the preprogrammed duration.

In the meantime, those of us with NSB Blue batteries will need to just run the eq for four 1-hour periods in a row... and not use those particular batteries in future installations! ;)

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Equalising an AGM battery? weird? I have never heard of doing that. A flooded cell yes. But gel and agm - no!
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