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Missing Mppt Error Code #1 in documentation

When I open the VRM I get the following error:


When I click on the Link I get to that page:


As you will notice Error #1 does not exist...

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Recommended Fuse Size Missing from MultiPlus 500VA - 1600VA Manual

I've just been reading the Wiring Unlimited document and in section 4.1 it states:


Though this does not appear to be in the Rev 06 MultiPlus 500VA - 1600VA Manual:


I've scoured the document for "recommended", "fuse size" etc and cannot find any references for this for any of the models

Is there a reason why these are excluded from the manual here as I'm missing or misunderstanding something?

Specifically I'm looking for the 12/500/20 recommended fuse size if someone knows that in the meantime.


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Where to find a list of grid codes for MutliPlus-II?

I cannot find a list of the supported grid codes for the MultiPlus-II series. Any hint where to find this documentation?

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THD (Total Harmonics Distortion) vs Power reserve

This is my first post on this forum and I'm new to the world of inverters. The application is for my highend home audio system that I want to feed off the grid with an inverter and an LFP battery pack. One of the very best audio equipment co., Living Voice (UK), uses this same approach with Victron Phoenix inverters. .

My question is relative to the THD the inverter output bears relative to the power reserve it has with the connected load. The load of an audio system is made of a baseline plus constant peaks varying in time (fraction of a seconds) and amplitude (up to 4+ times the baseline load), to follow the dynamic of the music. For example with a baseline load of 400 watts will the THD figure be lower with a 2000 watts inverter or a 3000 watts or even more inverter?

Victron inverters use a 20 KHz PWM full FET bridge followed by a step-up power transformer to produce the output waveform of 115/230 volts. Is this configuration considered as a low frequency inverter or a high frequency inverter. Is this specific configuration the reason Victron uses the expression Hybrid HF technology?

Victron doesn't say much on THD other than saying that it is <3%. Does this figure apply at max. load or low level load?

Thank you.

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skylla IP65 DC fault current

I am looking for a reference for the available DC fault current and duration for the Skylla IP65. It isn't stated in the datasheet or installation manual. Possibly it is stated in another document? Note: fault current from the battteries is easily calculated and is a different aspect

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Documentation: NS Protection Logs

Does anyone know of a Victron resource that describes and explains the various terminology in the Victron Inverter NS Protection Logs?

I am looking for clear definitions on:
1. RoCoF
2. Phase Angle Deviation

Nicholas Herbst asked

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Typo in BMS 12/200 Documentation

To whom it might concern,

The BMS 12/200 manual incorrectly says on the schematics drawing that "Up to five 12,8V LFP batteries can be connected in parallel" whereas the spec table in the same document and the datasheet says 10.


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Trivial: Multi vs MultiPlus in "VEBus firmware numbers.txt"

In VEBus firmware numbers.txt, is there any reason the 500VA is called a "Multi" but the 800VA and up are called "MultiPlus"?

2660 Multi 12/500/20-16
2661 MultiPlus 12/800/35-16
2662 MultiPlus 12/1200/50-16
2663 MultiPlus 12/1600/70-16
2665 Multi 24/500/10-16
2666 MultiPlus 24/800/16-16
2667 MultiPlus 24/1200/25-16
2668 MultiPlus 24/1600/40-16
2670 Multi 48/500/6-16
2671 MultiPlus 48/800/8-16
2672 MultiPlus 48/1200/13-16
2673 MultiPlus 48/1600/20-16

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MultiPlus-II GX 5000Va manual needed.

Hi, can’t seem to find the online manual for MultiPlus-II GX 5000Va. Victron Energy site only has the 3000Va download. Please help.

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Inconsistent frequency shifting documentation - correct Fronius defaults?


When setting up an AC coupled system with a Fronius PV inverter, the instructions state that the default Victron configuration is the correct one. However, I have found conflicting defaults and self contradicting documentation, so would like to clear the air on this and get a definitive answer on the correct settings.

On the Victron website there is a guide for setting up a Fronius inverter: . This mentions that it is not necessary to change the defaults, and shows a screenshot of the settings and also a table:


However, as can be seen above, the setting for 50Hz are inconsistent between the picture and the table, with different start frequencies.

When configuring the system, I have tried both the ESS assistant and the PV Inverter assistant, and noticed they both have different defaults:



So when we are told that the defaults are fine, and there are different defaults depending on the assistant, and the documentation contradicts itself, it can be a bit confusing.

For what its worth, I believe the defaults in the PV Inverter assistant are correct (51Hz start) based on my discussions with Fronius, but I just want to check this with Victron and draw attention to it so that the assistant defaults and documentation can be updated.

Thank you,


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Discrepancies in Technical Specifications

The more one starts to dig around in Victron documentation, the more discrepancies pop up.

I'd strongly suggest to establish something like a central knowledge base a.k.a. "semantic vault" - similar to wikidata and to generate from there. One (of many) examples:

states a Quattro 48/10000 does weigh 45kg

speaks of 51kg. That's not what OCD'lers like me want to read. Moreover, said datasheet sugests that the Zero-Power of an 10kVA Quattro is the same like that of an 8kVA Quattro ... which looks unbelievable/also like an error.

I'm stumbling across this sort of errors all the time, and I do give feedback sometimes, but quite frankly: It's too much.

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MultiPlus-II GX cable hole centres

Has anybody got the dimensions (mm) indicated in the image?

Thanks in advance.


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