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Victron API

Hello people,

I noticed that Victron updated the API documentation web site. The weird thing is that they removed the ArttibutesCode list from the documentation and I could not be able to find it anywhere. Does anyone have the previous API documentation file? If so, Could you please shared it?

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The table is indeed gone in the new version. It was getting outdated quickly with new attributes being constantly added. Also, not all data attributes are relevant and available for all installations.

There is an endpoint which returns all the data attributes available for a site that you can use programmatically. That will not get outdated and will only return attributes and values relevant for your devices.

I hope this helps you moving forward with using the API!

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Hi Alex, thanks for your answer. I followed the endpoint but I can not find the attributes I found a Diagnostics request instead.

Perhaps you can help me with this, I have been successfully getting data from the API for MPPT's (attributes PVV, PVI, ScW, PVP), however, with MPPT's 450/100 or 450/200 I am struggling because attributes PVV, PVI had not been recorded in the JSON I think it is because these are new version with actually more MPPTs inside Do you know any clue to get those for 450 MPPT's?

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I also try to get the attribute codes through a diagnostic request but MPPT codes did not appear there. Does anyone help me with that?

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I tried that Diagnostics request, and most of the response values look similar to this:

      "idSite": 221218,
      "timestamp": 1673537606,
      "Device": "VE.Bus System",
      "instance": 276,
      "idDataAttribute": 325,
      "description": "Inverter To AcOut",
      "formatWithUnit": "%.2F kWh",
      "dbusServiceType": "vebus",
      "dbusPath": "/Energy/InverterToAcOut",
      "code": "t9",
      "bitmask": 0,
      "formattedValue": "1.04 kWh",
      "rawValue": "1.04",
      "id": 96

Now I'm trying to use those Attribute values in the Graph series request (trying to get historical data for battery percentage, solar yield etc., and not the alarms, just historical values). So far 325 seems to work for attributeCodes[], but none of the other values for attributeIds[] provide anything useful. Anybody understand what I'm doing wrong here? What's the logic of understanding attributes codes? Also, I'm trying this because the Data Download request seems to have stopped working (I received 2 emails with attached CSVs, and every one since has not returned anything). Thanks!

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