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How to set inverter and charger current with mk2 bus

Hello, i want to set the Victron Multiplus 24/1600/50 inverter or charger current with the mk3 usb interface. i read the VE.MK2 protocoll but it is not clear for me how to do.

i tryed to create a 'S' command, but it do not work.

if i switch the inverter with the switch on the inverter to inverter mode it starts to invert full power.

i do not know why?

i tryed the command

07 FF 53 02 03 05 01 01 9B -> answer is OK

but nothing happens.



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Does Victron support the EEBus signal from my washing machine?

I recently bought a new washing machine and the user manual indicated the possibility of a remote start using an energy manager that supports the EEBus protocol.

If you google the name of the protocol, you will also find information from a competitor of Victron Energy who already supports EEBus. But neither in this forum nor with Google could I find any information related to Victron Energy and EEBus. So I wonder if I'm actually the first to be interested in it. Or are there already any plans to support the EEBus protocol in Victron Energy products?


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