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VRM Portal on iphone missing battery status


VRM Portal on iphone missing battery status... "Bluk, Float. etc.."


fenix asked
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EM24 Ethernet für Anzeige PV-Produktion?

Hallo zusammen,

kann ich einen EM24 Ethernet nutzen, um die PV-Produktion einer bestehenden AC-gekoppelten Einspeise- und Eigenverbrauchsanlage im VRM zu visualisieren?

Ich habe 3 (einphasige) Wechselrichter, die jeweils auf eine "Hausphase" einspeisen. Kann ich da einen EM24 nutzen, oder muss ich jeden Wechselrichter einzeln messen?

Meine Victron-Anlage im ESS-Modus:

- Multiplus II

- MPPT Smart Solar

- EM24 Ethernet als Gridmeter

- Cerbo GX

- SmartShunt

- Lifepo4 Batterie

Vielen Dank


chrriiss18 asked
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VRM missing load - all inverter loss?

I have a DC solar setup with lithium batteries and a multiplus 3000/24. Everything is working well, but when looking at VRM, part of the load is missing. That is, the numbers do not add up. My AC load is primarily resistive, with a gas absorption fridge utilizing heating elements, the wiring is proper or oversized, and the load is low enough that wiring loss is negligible. Inverter efficiency, power factor of other small loads, and charging losses might make up the difference, but it would be really nice if the VRM portal numbers came closer to adding up. It would also be nice if the Multiplus could report power factor of the AC load. These things aside, though, am I missing something on why the load numbers are so far off? 100w on a 600w load seems significant. Thanks for any insight.



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VRM Portal update taking a long time after being disconnected for 7 months

I just (finally) ran an ethernet cable to the power shed and connected the CCGX to the internet. I have managed to go into the firmware updates via the web interface and updated to 2.72 which means the CCGX has internet access. I went into the VRM portal settings, changed the update frequency to 5 minutes and have connected it to my VRM Portal account.

Last update is 7 months ago. It's been a few hours now and it's got no idea what's going on.




These two screenshots taken within a few seconds of eachother.

entaran asked
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VRM Battery history [ BMV-712 Smart] widget - "Time since last full charge" with wrong value

the Value is not correct. Should be 96 hours - seems a bug

Firmware: v4.07


achim-redenius asked

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Bug in VRM portal - Showing Solar PV production at night?


I have this weird outlier in the middle of the night which is obviously wrong since i have no sun and then direct use of that in the middle of the night.


Is there a way to remove this and fix this bug from not happening again ?

peternielsen asked
sectorsolar answered ·

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Not connecting

Hi there, trying to connect to my Colour Controler GX on my computer, I think I have follwed all instructions so far, set up a VRM account, logged into it & have an ethernet cable plugged from the back of the Colour Controller GX into my computer, but on the dashboard it is only showing the data of when the sparky set it up 2 months ago.I am trying to attach an image of the page but that seems not to be working either!

lucylite asked
Kevin Windrem answered ·

1 Answer

VRM dashboard showing “discharging” whilst in scheduled charge



my VRM dashboard is showing “discharging”, at the bottom Inverter section when in actual fact the battery is being charged under schedule. it does this and I noticed it a few days ago. see image

is this correct? should it not say “inverting” instead?


bonie-wanda asked

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VRM display and firmware updates


In checking one of my customers remote site on VRM, I noticed the dashboard is only showing blocks of information as if there is no inverter connected. Two way communication is on. Remote console is showing the inverter is on and working, it is showing in the device list. Venus running 2.66, Multiplus 48/5000 firmware version 430. I also have no firmware update option anywhere in VRM, in the device list or as a menu option and no VE Configure option in device list either as I do on other sites I am monitoring. Any help here would be appreciated





I noticed VRM displaying local time as UTC and not what Venus is set to which is Pacific +11, so I rebooted the Venus and the dashboard is now displaying correctly and giving VE Remote Configure and Firmware Update options in the device list.

Sorry, should have tried this first before posting

charlie-d asked
Paul B answered ·

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How many times can you request a password change from portal and how frequently?

How many times can you request a password change from portal and how frequently?

My e mail system had a problem, ISP blocked incoming mails so i had to request registration information a few times. Now e mail system is fixed, So i try to request password change to verify email address, so now it seems the vrm.victronenergy.com site does not send out mail any more.

Can some body help me with this?

mr-g asked

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Altenator Power Generation on VenusOS and VRM

Hi there.

When I am charging batteries from the altenator, it shows the power going from the DC system to the batteries. This is shown as a negative number.

What this does on VRM is remove the watt hours from the consumption as opposed to being included as a generation. This means that the daily consumption isn't accurate when I run the engine.

Is it possible that when the DC power is negative, the system tracks the altentator power generation?

lawrence-craig asked

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Reset VRM Portal ID

Hello community!

I purchased a used Cerbo GX and the VRM portal ID has been linked to the previous owners VRM account. I cannot seem to contact the previous owner. Is it possible to have the VRM portal ID removed from the previous VRM account so I can add it to my own installation list in a new installation?

eric-manousakis asked
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comment télécharger les données du portail VRM


j'ai lu que l'on pouvait récupérer l’historique du portail VRM au format XLSx.

auriez vous la Procédure?


tartuffe asked
stephanie answered ·

2 Answers

how to download data from the VRM portal


I read that you can get the history of the VRM portal in XLSx format.

Would you have the Procedure?


tartuffe asked
Teun Lassche (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

Reset button in widget graphs missing

When zooming in on the VRM Portal widget graphs the "Reset zoom" button appears for a fraction of a second and then disappears. This means I can't reset the zoom. It happens with Firefox, Chrome and Opera browsers (haven't tested with Edge). Does anyone know how to reset the zoom on the graphs other than refreshing the browser page?

Frank Sokolic asked
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1 Answer

GX ERROR #48: DVCC with incompatible firmware

Hi, I had this problem in te Cerbo with firmware 2.61 & 2.63. It happened few times every month, but today I upgraded to 2.66 and it’s happening twice every hour.

I checked and all the firmwares are right, according to the DVCC manual, but just in case I’m missing something, system is:

Cerbo GX

Multiplus 12/1600/70 with latest firmware using MK3 cable and Victron connect

MPPT 100/20 using Victron connect app

BMV712 using app

Orion TR not related

2x battery sense not related

IP67 charger not related

Any ideas?


llubi asked
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1 Answer

Can VRM Portal Dashboard show more details?

Is there a way to have, Voltage, Current from the DC Power and PV Charger


fenix asked
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VRM: Inviting user shows "Full control" despite disabling it

When I want to invite a user to see an installation "monitor only" and I explicitly disable "full control", when showing the list of pending invites, there still is "full control".

So I had to revoke the invitations just to be sure. Is that a security or a visualization glitch?

petajoule asked
Teun Lassche (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

VRM email send to the administrator

Hello everyone,

I am trying to set up VRM, when adding my raspberry PI it is sending an email to the administrator, i created a new account for VRM and afterwards i created a new installation. I tried to add my raspberry PI (running Venus) to which i have connected my Multiplus 2 and my smart solar charger.
I am not sure why i am not receiving the email to add my products to the VRM.

I purchased my raspberry PI, Smart solar charger and the Multiplus 2 second hand, i do not know from what dealer the products have been purchased, contacting the previous owner did not result in a solution unfortunately.

Is there anyway to reset the administrator or another way to add my products to VRM?

Thank you and regards

eriksijtsma asked
Paul B edited ·

1 Answer

Who is the administrator on an installation

I have just installed a second solar system at my place in Mozambique, my question is if I am the one to first register it on the VRM portal am I the administrator?

Hannes Swart asked
Alexandra answered ·

1 Answer

VRM Portal Consumption missing percentage numbers

I’have seen in the VRM Portal the following screen, with missing percentage numbers.


The percentage numbers are missing since the day, when the consumption from grid is zero.

Maybe it’s a bug ?



like-pv asked

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how to reduce/split a large GX data log file of 2GB (70MB Ziped) so can be up loaded to VRM portal.

Hi I have a GX data log file of 2GB the I would like to load to VRM.

Ziped it is still 70MB which is above the 64MB limit.
swisssolar mentioned that he split the file. can any body tell me how to do this?

Cheers Jon

jon-lowbank asked

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VRM kaputt?

Ok, it seems to have been only 15 minutes, but no "maintenance" message or similar, so it looks a little bit unplanned.

petajoule asked
Teun Lassche (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

1 Answer

Unable to add multiplus-ll to VRM portal after following all instructions. id not found, error message

we are new to Victron and have tried to add our multiplus gx to the VRM portal. we are using an ethernet connection but to no avail ? Error message: id number not found.

bognorboy asked
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3 Answers

Last 24h stats disappeared from VRM , web and also from the app


24h stats no longer showing since yesterday.

Known issue or?



teloth asked
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