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VRM Portal / temperature sensornot updated

When I look at Cerbo GX via VRM, the last measured temperature is displayed and remains the same (even after a few update cycles, every 15 minutes) while the sensor has been removed from the Cerbo an hour ago..... In the Cerbo it says "disconnected" which is correct but why isn't the info updated in VRM?

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No real time data of PV charger on VRM portal

Hi all!

Since yesterday I can't get realtime data on VRM portal of my PV production. It was working well since yesterday.

All data is showed in real time (grid consuption, grid charges, batery status), but not PV charger.

This only happens on the console page as show on this image:


In the main page, the real data is showing correctly:


And is showing also correctly on remote console:


What can I do to see real data on VRM portal again?

I reset the system, but has no effect on this.

Thanks in advance.

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VRM reporting Low Battery when Battery is reported as 26.7v

I have just noticed that VRM is giving me a Low Battery in my VE.Bus Warnings and Alarms as per the attached.


The MultiPlus is configured as per this


The system is constructed from 4 x 12.8v / 200Ah in a 2P2S configuration. At no time did the value get below 25V.

I cant find what triggered this, any suggestion on where to look or do I have a bug?

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VRM display old data with Cerbo

Yesterday all data in my VRM portal was perfectly fine. Log in today and see data from yesterday and no updated information. Message says old data.

Setup is 2 x 150/70 MPPT charge controllers connected to Cerbo with touch screen.

Visual inspection from touch screen shows no errors on devices. Connected to one of the MPPT's via blue tooth, correct voltage and daily information was displayed. Noted it was on version 1.50 and updated successfully to v1.54.

Is this a Cerbo version thing? VRM portal outage? or other? any help greatly appreciated.

Location Sydney, Australia, date 22nd February 2021.

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Please help- state unknown and not connected - Mppt and sometime the Smartshunt on the VRM, VictronConnect and remote console.
  • Hi. Just now my blue solar mppt and smartshunt disappeared from the VRM, victron connect and remote console.

Is there any know recent issues?

Many thanks



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Different voltage between VRM and battery

I have connected the power of a Venus GX on a service battery and also a multiplus. Now I see on the VRM Website (monitor) a voltage of 9.6 Volt but my service battery has 12.5 Volt. Why is there a difference between the VRM monitor and the real voltage of the service battery?

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VRM Dashboard Historical section missing generator data

My VRM portal History data page does not display generator input energy (kWh) although the Summary graphic displays instantaneous generator power (W). Does this have anything to do with the confuguration of my CCGX Colour Control or is it a feature that needs to be added to the next VRM portal update?

The only way I can find to out how much generator energy has been supplied to the battery is to download the period kWh file.

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VRM data looking odd for system overview.

im trying to work out the VMR numbers shown for yesterday and they look a bit odd




I seem to have 2 diffrent values for "From Grid"

The first seems to say 42kWh but the second shows only 33kWh

Any ideas why?

the first one seems odd compared to the others which look accutate



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Temperature Sensor just popped up on VRM Portal - Thanks

Thanks Guys, I just noticed my Temperature sensor pop up on VRM Portal.


and on my RPi as well.


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ACOut2 Relay Status on VRM Portal (Workaround) - Updated

Edit: I changed the Digital Input Type from Door Sensor to Burglar Alarm. Some inputs send updates to VRM Portal on every poll and some send it on an event. With the Burglar Alarm type I can see the exact times my inverter switches ACOut2. Everything else in this guideline stays exactly the same. Note, the images have not been updated and still show the Door Sensor input type - used for reference only.

While I am also waiting on Victron to find time to add the ACOut2 Relay Status to VRM portal and the Modbus Registers I thought I'd use a workaround to get what I need.

The following is a workaround to get a Quattro ACOut2 Relay status on VRM portal and also to check it via Modbus/TCP. Below is what it will look like.


What you need:

1. GX device with Digital Inputs. Refer to the following link to compare different models.


2. Two to Six core Mains rated data cable depending on how many inputs you want to use, that you can legally use inside a distribution cabinet. I used some spare CBus Pink data cable that has an isolation voltage of 4KV. It has 4 cores but only used two for Digital Input 1 and Ground.

3. A suitable connector, to plug into your GX device's Digital Input port. I'm using a Venus GX and it requires a RJ12 connector. Refer to your GX device manual to see what is required.

4. A Mains rated DIN relay like a Hager EN146 Humfree relay.


Venus GX Setup

1. In your GX setup, go to Menu -> Settings -> I/O -> Digital Inputs and Enable Digital Input 1 and select Burglar Alarm.

2. Go back to the the Main Menu and you should see the Digital Input now visible on the GX screen. Go into the Digital Input 1 menu and select Setup. Make sure you Disable the Alarm notification and select Invert otherwise the state will show Alarm when in fact it's disconnected or unplugged.

3. Go one step back in the Menu and select Device. In this menu you can rename the input to EG. 'ACOut2 Relay'.

VRM Setup

At this point the new Digital Input should be visible on VRM Portal under Devices.


To setup VRM Portal to show the status you need to go to Advanced and then select the Widgets icon in the top right hand corner. Scroll down to the new Digital Input and select the two options as per below.


You now have VRM Portal reporting on the Digital Input 1 you enabled.

Wiring Setup

1. To wire everything together you need to install the Relay coil between ACOut2 and Neutral after your ACOut2 breaker. The relay will engage when ACOut2 is active and disconnect when you are in EG. Inverting Mode or any other mode that disconnects your main ACOut2 Relay.

2. Wire the NO/COM contacts of the new relay back to the GX device's Digital Input 1 using the mains rated data cable and you are ready to roll.

Final thoughts

I know this method is a workaround but at least you can monitor the state of the relay via VRM Portal as well as Modbus/TCP. In my particular case I wanted to know when it engages or not as I suspect a controller failure on my Quattro is not handling ACOut2 Relay as it should (fix in progress...)

To check the status of the relay using Modbus/TCP just connect to the GX IP address and use the Digital Input 1 ID and Register to read the Holding Register value. It should be either 6 or 7 as per the documentation.



I am not an electrician and any work done from the above suggestion is at your own risk and I am not responsible for any damage it might cause. If you feel you need verification or assistance with the above then please contact your Victron installer/reseller/distributor or electrician.

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Cant log onto the VRM portal on my iphone 12

I can not log onto my VRM portal through my iphone 12 mini. I put in my login details and it does nothing. I have un-installed and re-installed the app and changed the password and still nothing.

Kindly advice if it is just me or if this is a general issue?

Thank you.

wayne-1 asked
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Connect two cerbo go together


I got one cerbo go connected to a smart shunt and two mppts.

that’s all good but I also have tree more connected to another one, is there a way to get them to talk to each other? So I only get one panel in VRM?

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VRM: What should hide me exact location do (and how quickly)?

I checked the online VRM documentation but could not find the answers.

Is "Hide my exact location" related to VRM world only or does it make a change to the shared site "Advanced" information screen?

What change should make to the appearance of the location map?

At the moment in the shared site it does not seem to make any difference if my settings are like this:


Here is what I see right now.

Do I need to wait and how long before the appearance of the map changes?

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DC Power Missing on VRM Portal when using External Grid Meter.

Here is an interesting question for the VRM Portal guys. When I set my ESS to use my External CG Grid Meter and have 'Have DC' selected, then the DC Power icon is not displayed. Neither on VRM Portal nor on the Remote Console of my GX.

I understand the Remote Console (GX) space might be a limitation but the VRM Portal has no such limitation. See below:

With CG External Grid meter selected under ESS.



And when I select Inverter/Charger as the Grid Meter in the ESS setting. Here you can see the DC Power being displayed on both.



Why would DC Power not display on the VRM Portal when using an external CG Grid Meter?

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Audit logs of VRM Portal

Is it possible to get an audit log out of the VRM Portal with regards to which users with remote access changed which settings on what dates?

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How to see time left on battery - VRM

Hi all! I've just added my smart shunt to my Venus OS and am looking at the VRM. On the bluetooth app I can see time left on the battery but am unable to find this display on the VRM portal. Does it exist, and if so, where can I find it? TIA!

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VRM Dashboard AC Loads vs Critical Loads Graph?

I am slightly confused by the below capture. Should there not be a little graph displaying Critical Loads as well? Perhaps the AC Loads and Critical Loads graphs are swapped around somewhere in the code.

My System consists of a Quattro and ET112 Grid Meter (selected as active).

If I select the Internal meter then the AC Loads and Critical loads become one and displays correctly as a single box with the correct graph. With the external meter the below is shown.

I've also checked other VRM images on the Net and they are all the same from what I can find.


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How can I reset the VRM registration of my device?

Hi! Our company got a ship a couple of months ago and I want to have remote access to our Victron system. I´ve tried to register our VRM-ID but I get a message from the site that the admin will receive an email. How can I do this? I´ve wrote the old owner but I did´nt get an answer. Thanks a lot in Advance!


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VRM - An email has been sent to the administrator adding new site

Good day,
When trying to add new sites the VRM gives an error and says " an email has been sent to the administrator" I am the site admin, we have over 40 sites on VRM and this the first time with this issue. How do we resolve?

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VRM - All Installations Page - Changing tank values thats is seen

Hi Guys,

I have two tank levels on each installation, but only one is shown on the All installations page.

How do I add 2 tank values that can be seen?


How do I display

Tank 1 then Tank 2

At the moment it has defaulted to the following

Temaduki's Shed

Large tank (1) seen, smaller tank hidden (2)

The Chick Inn

Small tank seen (2), large tank hidden (2)

Any help in customising this screen a little would be appreciated


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24h MPPT data not syncing with VRM - why?

I have a small solar remote off grid setup with a Victron 75/15 MPPT. While sun is limited in winter I have a DC timer hooked up for disabling the load during most of the day. To track battery voltage and solar yield, I have Venus OS on a RPi installed. While the RPi also consumes load, it is not connected permanently (so it is placed after the timer). This is no option. It would drain the battery. Same for 4G router, and some small DC equipement. I noticed that when the setup is ‘on’ I can see stats on VRM but that seems to only show data from within the on-time frame. Via VictronConnect I can also connect to Venus OS and the MPPT and within the MPPT environment I can see all 24h data. Do you know why this is not synchronized with VRM?

Or is there an option to do so? Hope someone can help!

12 volt 20ah Lifepo4 battery - 60w panel - DC timer - VRM - RPi - Venus OS - 4G router

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VRM Online Portal #153 Connection Error

Been offline for 12 days. None of the other articles describe how to fix the issue. An answer that describes how to fix this issue would be helpful, and appreciated.


45matches asked
Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

1 Answer

VRM Refresh (weather / historical data)


Today i noticed that degrees in Weather doesn't change until i reload the page.

Would be fine if weather and historical are updated once an hour.


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Is it worth Registering a Motor Home Solar Installation to VRM?

Hello, i have installed 2*100W solar panel loading a 110Ah lithium battery using an MPPT 75/15. I'm wondering if it would make sense using VRM portal to analyse and watch the installation? Data feeding would only be possible if WLAN connection is up...

Your thoughts?


micserver asked
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Incorrect battery temperature displayed on VRM


Pylontech batteries sitting at 15c degrees on ccgx,however the VRM is indicating -273 c degrees!


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Is it possible to remove the generator widget from VRM dashboard?

I have a Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100.

I don't have a generator and appears as Generator N/A.

I think it grabbed the config from CCGX when it had as default generator on ACin2 but I did change it to Not Available because ACin2 it is not in use.

How could I make it refresh in the dashboard of VRM?


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Smartsolar not showing up in venus or vrm anymore

I have the Venus Pi, Smart Shunt 500 and the Smartsolar MPPT 100/30. All updated to the latest firmware and connected with the Ve. Connect USB cable.

When I plugged the solar into the Venus I could see it. Later on it has disappered. I think it happened after reBoot or firmware update. The MPPT has not the solarpanels connected yet, but is connected in the battery side.

The Smart Shunt is working correct

Any clue?

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Disable / Enable Phoenix 24/800 from VRM ?

Hi everybody !

I need to reset one of my electronic devices and the only way I currenly have will be disabling momentary the inverter Phoenix 24/800, and reenabling it remotely through the VRM.

Is it possible to do it, and if yes, how ? I have an infrastructure connected to it that need to ALWAYS be working, mut a short outage is acceptable.

Thanks for your help.


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Genset idetified as GPS in VRM

I have a Honda genset connected to a Cerbo on digital input 1 to detect run status.

In the VRM portal, under Device List it seems to be detected as a NMEA GPS. It also is reported as being running, allthough it is off. Any clues to where the mismatch occurs and solutions?


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Feature request: Allow Multiplus to be switched on&off from the VRM Dashboard

Hi there,

I'm using - and loving - the VRM portal, live controlling my installation (the new layout is great).

As I must spare any lost watt, I'm often switching on&off my multiplus C. Somebody knows if, in the future, it would be possible doing it directly on the main page, without opening the console?

That would be awesome !




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