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reverse battery polarity connection - Smartsolar 100/30

I accidentally reversed the battery polarity connection to the SmartSolar 100/30. Now the MPPT blue light kept blinking but no charging took place. The unit can still communicate via bluetooth.

What possible went wrong? Is there an internal fuse that I can replace to recover the unit?

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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1 of my charge controllers not charging the battery





Hi all,

I have 2 Smart Solar charge controllers 250/100, each having 5 x 275w panels. Feeding a 12v system.

They have been working fine up until a few days ago.

1 charge controller continues to work fine, it’s just the second one. All settings have been checked and are the same between each controller, connections have been checked and voltage taken at different positions along the system and all reads correct.

The charge controller reads the battery voltage but just sits in float when the other is charging the battery. See photos attached. Screenshots from each controller.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Quattro 48/5000/70-100/100 120V Bulk and absorption LEDs flash synchronously and Vdc shown at VE Configure monitor is different to the battery actual voltage

Problem description:

After installation the equipment performed fine, completing the battery charging cycle. After the first grid AC power outage it switches to the inverter function and supplied energy from the batteries to the loads for about four (hours). When the grid AC power returns it switched to the charger function but showing continuous LED light in the mains on indicator and the bulk and absorption LEDs flash synchronously (simultaneously). Low battery is shown shortly on startup.


After switching off and on the equipment the error indication remains and the batteries are not charged. After recharging the batteries using an external charger and reconnecting them to the Quattro it doesn’t start using the manual switch.

Using VE Configure III the Quattro restarted and it shows that all default setting are OK. However the monitor shows DC voltage Vdc = 24.9V which is completely different to the 48 V measured using an external voltage meter. The SoC bar I the monitor also shows the battery charged . Bulk and absorption LEDs remains flashing synchronously.


Can anyone provide any orientation about this failure and its resolution procedure?

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Victron Blue system - Multiplus 48V/5000VA/70Amp and Blue solar chargerMPPT150volt/70 AMp- no more power after sunset

I have been off the grid 6 years and now my system does not want to provide power at night (when source disappears). Batteries (4x 200A12V deep gel cell) do charge and during day all seems fine but problem seems that the moment power use to switch to batteries the system goes down. Could this be the result of a fuse. If so which one most likely. Who can I contact to assist (lockdown considered) or any assistance on what to do appreciated?

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BMV-712 Does not show charging current


I have a motorhome with (2) 12 V AGM batteries and a Victron 712 to monitor them. Everything was working correctly until I let the batteries become discharged.

I removed the batteries & charged them fully outside of the vehicle. I also had my battery dealer test them (the batteries are less than two years old). When I installed the charged batteries in the motorhome, I ran the on-board generator to top off the charge.

With the generator running, the voltage shows 14.2, but the current wavers between zero & 0.2A. I get the same readings if I run the motorhome's engine. The manufacturers of the converter/charger and the battery isolater had me check a few things & they both appear to be working. When the generator or motorhome engine isn't running, the 712 shows a negative current amount.

Any suggestions on why the current reading is essentially nonexistent?

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Why is my SCC not charging my batteries?

when I set the float voltage if I set to 14 volts when I go back to tell me what the battery at it now 14 volts and if I go to set a new float volts to 12 volts 2 sec later the battery is now 12 volts and no power is comin from the solar panels all it not charge the battery at all I sent it in for replacement the sent it back and told the was nothing wrong even when it was under warranty help get it working thank

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Solar panels work in parallel but not in series

I have two 150w panels with a Bluesolar 12/24v 40A MPPT. Quite an old model c6yrs old. When in parallel works well. In series both LEDs flash constantly. I guessing it might be an high input problem but the reading is c40V. Any advice please as I’d prefer to have the panels in series if possible. Thanks.

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100 watt panel with 100/20 not charging

Hello everyone, I'm installing a small solar setup on my truck with a Renogy 100 watt panel (Panel Link) and a Victron 100/20.

I have installed the panel with 12awg wire to the controller and the controller with 12awg wire to my auxillary battery. The battery is an AGM auto battery with 70ah.

My battery volatage right now is 11.91v, read through multimeter and Victron app, and the victron app says my solar voltage is 11.81v but when I put a multi meter on the panel alone I get 17 to 20 volts depending on clouds and sun. The blue like is blinking every 3 seconds.

After some research it seems my problem might be the +5v needed for the controller to charge. Is this the issue? Is the charge controller dropping the solar voltage to ~.1v below battery voltage because the solar panel is not powerful enough to charge throgh the Victron 100/20??

I bought the controller from a friend because he had an extra, so no big deal if I need to buy a PMW due to my low input volts. Just want to make sure I am not missing something else.


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Charging on Quattro in dependence of SoC

I want to stop charging if Soc is 80% and restart charging im Soc is less than 40%.

I have a Quattro, CCGX und an Ve.Bus BMS (REC-A)

Where can I set this parameter ?

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My victron easy solar wont charge my batteries via my generator please help

Tried 3 different generators but no luck any ideas folks

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Easy Solar Not charging

Hi All, I have got a Easy Solar 24/3000/70 with the MPPT150/70 in it. I installed it just over 3 months ago and it's been working fine. This morning I find that according to the GX Screen the MPPT isn't charging at all (Not showing any power from the PV array and if I go into the settings for the MPPT it says it is "Off") however if I connect via Blue tooth it appears to be working fine. PV Voltage of 84.5v PV Current 14.5A @ 1250w, Battery = 26.55v Current 47.3A bulk Charging.

The GX Screen shows 0w from the PV, Battery voltage of 24.2V -14.2A @ -350w

Any Thoughts?

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Low charge rate from MPPT 75/15

I have four 140W panels and four Blue Solar MPPT 75/15 regulators. No loads are connected to any regulator. I have three 210 AH AGM batteries.

I recharged batteries with my engines to 88% SOC (according to my Magnum battery monitor). On a sunny day, I disconnected all loads from my battery bank.

Three of the MPPTs are solid green, solid yellow (fully charged)
One of the MPPTs is solid green, fast blinking yellow (bulk charge)

Battery voltage is 12.88 Vdc, and the monitor reads +1.6Adc.
I understand the issue with multiple regulators and the tail charge (one regulator dominates charging, the others go to float stage due to <1A charge current).

There should be at least one panel providing +10.85Adc (140w/12.9v). Why only 1.6Adc?

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ip65 charger not responding after failed firmware update (fixed)

I was doing a firmware update via bluetooth, when the connection was lost. since then I can't see the ip65 in the app.

I unplugged it and then plugged it in and pressed the mode button as suggested but nothing happens, the lights stay lit, nothing flashes

when I unplug it all the lights stay lit, even if I wait for 15mins.

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Charging problems

I have problem to charge six 2v batteries connected serial that give 12 v . There are 270Ah batteries. I have MPPT 75\15 charger. Since I am from Montenegro we have a plenty of Sun. OK not this year but still in cloudy weather I get 15.16v from solar panel on sunny it goes up to 20v . I use this for charging batteries for sea light that has 20w light. Still my battery drains. This sea light is not close to me so I can not check it regularly but it happens on 15-16 v from solar to not have charging at all. What is the problem. I do not have a bluetoothe dongle. Please help I am tired of driving to sea light once a week to charge drained batteries with generator

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Could my charger be faulty...?

Hi all. Just trying to understand what has gone wrong in my van power setup. I am using a Smart Blue ip67 12/13 charger with a 12v leisure battery to charge and act as a power supply which has been fine up until now. Charged the battery and ran my fridge on it fine a few days ago, but now that I am on a campsite with a 240v hookup connected, the battery has discharged to 11.9v before I noticed, meaning the charger is not supplying anything. The charger was also saying it was in storage mode for a day which I now know meant it was 24 hours discharging before that kicked in... Assuming my conncections are all good, why would the charger not be charging the battery or even supplying any power? The app is telling me now that it is on absorption charge at 14.47v but with 0.0 current and my battery monitor shows the battery is discharging, not charging. The charger clearly thinks it's doing something but obviously isn't. Is it faulty or am I missing something?

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Multiplus compact 12/2000 switching between charge and inverter

We have a Multiplus Compact 12/2000 with a Digital Multicontrol.


When we start the generator the AC output of the inverter briefly goes to "bulk charge" and then quick back to "inverter" mode.

When setting the switch to “charge only” it briefly switches for a few seconds to “bulk charge” where after it goes right back to “inverter” as well. It keeps repeating this.

I checked the inverter ACinput voltage / frequency: 125VAC and 60.2 HZ, well within spec.

The dipswicthes are set as follow:

All: off except for 4

Any idea what this could be?

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No charging apparent. One MPPT 100/15 "flashing battery life"

We have no charging apparent at the Digital multicontrol with the inverter light on only There are three MPPT 100/15 . Two show steady green light and fast flashing yellow ( ie power on, bulk charging) . The third shows flashing green and fast flashing yellow . Why is controller showing no charge? Volt meter shows 13 volts . What does "batterylife" mean- can't find any reference in the manual.

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Pwm light 20a no longer in taking solar

I have a 200w solar panel connected to my pwm light 12v 20a and it was working fine. The light was flashing indicating power coming from the solar panel and into the battery but now the solar input light is showing nothing even though I know there is 19v coming from the solar panel. At one point the battery did run flat and I thought maybe it turned itself off so I disconnected it and reconnected the cables and still nothing. When change the setting I get an 'ff' flash after the setting has been selected. Not sure what this means as it is not in my one page instruction sheet I got with the controller.

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Smart Solar Charger 100/30 stopped charging

Hello, i have recently be experiencing a problem with my smart solar charger 100/30. it seems to have turned off. Watts read 0 and the PV reads 2v when the actual reading at the terminals read 19v. The device is reading the battery voltage correctly at 12.6v. How do you reset this item. The blue bulk light is flashing. Cant reset it by turning it off and turning it back on after 5 minutes. Bought this item in September 2018. Worked great until last week while on vacation. Going on another trip in the middle of August and would like to get this resolved. Love this devise and my battery monitor, however it really sucks when they are working.

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MPPT 100/20/48 always keeps Vpv 5V above Vbat. Supposed to be 1V. How come?

The manual of the MPPT states that the Vpv start voltage should be 5V above Vbat. That is not problem. After starting Vpv should stay 1V above Vbat to keep charging.

"● PV voltage must exceed Vbat + 5V for the controller to start. Thereafter minimum PV
voltage is Vbat + 1V."

What i see in the VE connect app is that the MPPT always keeps Vpv aprox. 5V above Vbat.

This causes the battery to not charge completely.

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MPPT 100/20 not fully charging batteries

I have 200watts of solar. On the sunniest day in Tucson it stays in bulk mode all day, only a few times has it ever floated. My batteries voltage is slowly falling. I am in an RV and on the road. I have been running the generator to get the voltage to 13.6. I have two new AGM group 31 batteries. My system is wired differently. I have no loads connected to the charge controller. I believe the loads are directly wired to batteries. I did not wire the system it was done by a previous owner. I have older Trace 2000 watt inverter. Everything works great other than the charge controller. It barely allows 1 amp to pass trough the charger and seldom uses 20 watts of solar, the norm is single digits. I am using the battery life algorithm. If I try to manually start an equalization it doesn't complete itself.

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Connect 5.8: can I use AC Input Control..?


Using a Muitiplus 24/3000/70 (with 800AH AGM bank) to power a self-build mobile café.

Initially using shore power during operation due to high demand appliances and battery power for (the fridge) overnight.

Now when shore power is shut off, low batt alarm sounds (despite 98% SOC) until it is reconnected.

also, the inverter is never functioning though 'on' and AC-in is not charging the batteries, when viewed on the color control..?

As well as this problem, I worry that the batteries are not being discharged and recharged enough to keep them healthy, as the power is always coming from the grid and not the bank.

Can I set the multiplus to use the batteries down to a safe minimum level, ignoring the grid connection,and then charge them up fully again...while also using shore power as 'power assist' to cover spikes in demand from appliances..?

Just joined the forum, so many thanks for any advice,


(Little Black Box)

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Solar Laderegler Mppt 75/15 lädt nicht.


Ich habe den Laderegler Mppt 75/15 neu eingebaut.

Er zeigt mir immer eine Solarspannung von ca. 12-13 Volt an.

Ich habe die Leerlaufspannung gemessen ca. 21-22 Volt die Kurzschlussstromstärke beträgt ca. 3,5 Amp.

Ich habe gelesen das die Solarspannung mindestens 5V höher sein muss als die Batterie Spannung.

Aber das Gerät zeigt nur eine Solarspannung von 12-13V an obwohl eine Spannung von 21-22 Volt vom Panel kommt.

Ich hoffe es kann mir jemand helfen.

Schöne Grüße


RAHSS asked
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Mppt 75 15 no charge. 19v PV, 12v on battery

160w solarpanel. Brand new regulator. Was working fine with other regulator. 3xbatteries. As soon as I connect PV the voltage drops to same ad battery on PV. 12.4 on battery and 19.4 on PV

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Smart Solar 75/10 will not charge batteries

Hi all.

FYI, I'm an IT guy and an electronics noob, so please be kind. ;)

I've had my Smart Solar 75/10 since 2nd March this year, and it has been great! However, a few days ago, the battery ran completely flat as the battery had not been charged. At the time I chalked this up to bad weather, but since then, the sun has come out and the charge current remains at 0 watts, 1 watt or 2 watts.

Here are the facts of my set-up:

  • Two 12v panels wired in parallel, one 10W, one 80W.
  • Always-on load of a Raspberry Pi, plus weather sensing instruments and WiFi antenna. Usually draws 0.2-0.3A from the controller's load output.
  • Two lead-acid batteries in parallel, 12v 12Ah, and 12v 2.3Ah.
  • The controller has not been disconnected or powered down since first installation . The RPi had an uptime of over a month when the battery stopped charging.
  • When the battery died and the load was shut-off automatically, I kept the load disconnected to allow the battery to recharge over several days. However, the controller only reported a yield of 3-10 watts all day. Compared to my average yield of 80-100 watts all day.

Here is what I've checked so far:

  • Both solar panels are working fine and gave a 20v output under moderate sunlight for the UK.
  • I connected the batteries directly to the solar panels with my multimeter in-line. It showed a draw of 3-4 Amps. Immediately I heard a hissing sound like gas escaping from the batteries, and I stopped. Am I an idiot for directly connecting the panels and batteries, or does this show the batteries are toasted and the controller is not at fault?
  • I both visually inspected and continuity tested the 20A fuse and it is fine.
  • I have reset the charge controller to default settings.

Observations of the charge controller when operating:

  • Despite only charging the battery with 1-2 watts, the status of the controller shifted from bulk, to absorbtion and then float within a few minutes.
  • When set to 'battery equalisation' mode, the charge current rose to what I would normally expect at that time of day, 20-30 watts.

Apologises if this doesn't really make sense. Please feel free to ask any questions.


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SmartSolar 75/15 just died?

He guys, I'm running the SmartSolar 75/15 on 2x100W for a couple if weeks now - everything working fine.

Since yesterday the Ampere shown in the Bluetooth-Interface are stuck to 0.0A. Measuring Voltage and Ampere on the PV Connections everything seems fine and as expected - the panels are providing the expected power.

The LEDs on the device are indicating "not charging" (one single blue LED blinking), and in the Interface under the "Battery"-Section it is shown as "off" - whatever that means.

I haven't changed anything in my setup, and my old Solar Charger seems to be working fine.

Did my Victron just die here?

Love to hear your ideas.


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Multiplus 12/1600/70

Hi there I have a multiplus compact 12/1600/70 and 4 x100 amp hr lithium battery set as 12 volt bank. My problem is that the charger is in float mode and my coulometer is saying 68% charge and 260 amp hr remaining . My solar controller is trying to to put boost charge in. Why won’t the multiplus recognise the batteries are low and put charge in?

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MPPT Bluesolar 150/85 no charge current incorrect display

Good afternoon

My Bluesolar MPPT 150/85 ceased correct operation after a small short on the pv side (unfortunately between PV panel fuses and MPPT )

First it showed a warning "inf 21 " then after complete discconnecting no more error messages but now

- current reading is 0 A , but PV current seems to be simply passed through

- measured current from PV is 7 amps ( cloudy ) and output current is exactly identical

- Voltage on panel is battery voltage + approx 0,7 V

- No MPPT function -

Is there anthing likee a fuse or so ?

Anything I can do ?

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Blue Solar 150/85 not charging

The installation has two Blue Solar 150/85s. These have been running fine for about a month but suddenly they have stopped charging. Their state stays in "off" rather than moving to bulk when the sun comes up. During the day voltage is present but there is a 0W reading and the chargers don't move from "off" to bulk charging as they did before.

I've checked all cabling and all seems fine. No changes were made. Not sure why they suddenly stayed on "off" after a month or so working fine. They have firmware v.1.39.

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