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Quattro 12/5000 does not charge anymore from generator

Until yesterday all was working fine. No error lights on the Quattro. Since today of we want to charge by generator, the Quattro stops charging. Quattro is first switched to charging mode from gender and then switched off again (we can hear the clicks). Generator is working fine, that is tested. All other functions working fine (solar comes in, Quattro is inverting). Both BMV and Venus work well and show all other functions. Does somebody have an idea what we can do?

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Is it the App or my panels not working

Hi all, getting ready to go boondocking in 6 days and it seems new panels are not registering in the App. I have two 100W HQST panels and the 75/15 SmartSolar Controller. I have connected the panels in both parallel and series and still see a ZERO watts being received in the solar section at the top of the app for the controller. In series, I see 37.5V in the solar section down below and 0.0A. I see the voltage levels change in the solar voltage area a little as do the battery levels - but still a big zero in the top solar section.

Is this because the batteries (two 12V bank) are fully charged? Shouldn't the app at least tell me how many watts the panels are producing regardless?

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No Solar charge for 9 days of vehicle standing, now working after the van is driven

Hi, I work away but when home the van is used daily. The solar input tailed off as the leisure battery became full. I take it that is normal. I was away for 9 days and all throughout that time the solar panel produced zero power. On return the battery was at 12.3V (from 14V), and we had good sunny weather during my time away. Only after the van was driven and the Batt. to batt. charger boosted the battery did it suddenly re-start charging? And now it even shows a low input on a dull overcast day. Any ideas on why it stopped? 175W Panel / MPPT 75/15 smart controller. Thanks.

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Bluesolar Mppt 100/30 is not visible via VE.Direct

My mppt charger dissapears in the night, I am not able to connectc via VE.Direct cable, and it's always happenig when I disconnect the solar panels from device. What is the problem? Even no LED is ON in that moment.

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Victron stopping voltage

I have my pv+ going through a fuse and my negative. When my wire isnt connected to my charge controller there is 62v aw the wire. As soon as I connect it to the charge controller and I measure the voltage at the wire its 1.3 volts. What's up with that? Every connection is fine until I connect it to the victron. Is the victron bad?

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VictronConnect App zeigt seit Installation 0W


ich habe letzte Woche meine Solaranlage angeschlossen. Ich habe einen MPPT 75/15 Laderegler und eine 12V Lithium-Batterie. In der App wird mir dauerhaft Spannung (V) angezeigt, jedoch kein Watt oder Ah. Woran kann das liegen, dass das Paneel nichts einspeist und somit anfängt die Batterie zu laden?
kann das an der Reihenfolge der Montage liegen? Ich hatte auch bereits gelesen, dass die PV Spannung 5V höher sein muss, damit der Laderegler anfängt zu laden.

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Hi - I'm running the 150/70 with 6 panels (320W). Two strings of 3 panels - connected in a combined bow before plugging into the MPPT. I'm only getting 110V and 0.3 AMPS ? Also only getting up to 40W off the solar array. Anyone have a suggestion ?


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Quattro will not stay in "charge" mode longer than 3 seconds

Yesterday I replaced my house battery. I replaced a Battleborn Lithium bank with a new Battleborn Lithium bank - long story. The only difference is I changed from 6 batteries to 4 batteries (300ah down to 200ah @24v.) We're offgrid on a boat, so no access to shore power. Now, when I start the generator, the Quattro switches to bulk charge as it normally did, however after a few seconds it cuts off and switches back to "inverter" mode. If I put the switch on charger only, again it will charge and passthrough momentarily then it will just cut off. I've verified my generator voltage is will within the thresholds set in the Quattro settings, all other settings seem fine. Any suggestions on what I might try?

I've verified all connections are solid and cables are all of sufficient gauge (it worked fine for a year previously so I don't think that would be the issue).

Is it possible reducing to 4 batteries from 6 could be the issue?

Screenshots attached showing the Quattro's attempts to charge. It reverts to either passthrough or inverting but will not stay engaged in charge mode.



Note: Light sequence doesn't show any errors - basically Mains and Bulk light up, then turn off as Inverter turns on.

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MPPT 100/30 producing 0 watts 0 amps


I set up my solar system a week ago and have not been able to receive any watts or amps from the system.


2, 100 W panels wired in series

100/30 MPPT charge controller, wired to + and - bus bar

2, 200 AH AGM batteries - 1 year old

Victron battery monitor

The battery voltage will drop below 11V and the panels still do not produce any power. I have disconnected the wires and reconnected, checked all the connections, and checked the fuses on each end of the system. Here are some pictures of the current readings.





It also will read the battery voltage at 13.8V on the Smart Solar, but on the battery monitor it reads 10.8V.

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Orion TR Smart Non Isolated - No Consistent Output Voltage - Can't charge battery

I've recently installed the Orion-Tr Smart 12/12V-30A Non-Isolated DC-DC Charger between my starter battery and house Lithium. This is on a sailboat with shore power connected to the Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12V /30A connected to the starter battery as well. For testing purposes I've removed the starter battery from the circuit and set the Blue Smart to output 14.7v to the DC/DC charger.

The issue I am currently having is that the Blue Smart charges the battery without issue when connected directly to the house (not a long term solution) but the DC/DC charger will not charge at all. When connected to shore power the Blue Smart outputs without issue and I can see the input reading on the DC/DC is correct. However the DC/DC output reading briefly shows the house battery reading of 11.1v (its drained) and then cycles through the following
"Off - Charger is Disabled" - 5-10 seconds
"Off - Remote input inactive" 1-2 seconds
"Bulk Charge" - inconsistent and max 0.5 seconds

I've rewired the setup twice now and double checked the connections between the DC/DC and the main battery post (2 feet) as well as the shared negative and both are seated correctly. I've also removed the remote input jumper, unscrewed and reseated the wires, and double checked the volt reading at the output level wasn't fluctuating with a multimeter.

I've disabled engine start detection as i won't be starting the engine for some time.
Firmware version - DC/DC 1.0.6

It's probably worth noting that I have this setup because my starter is AGM and my house is Lifepo. Different charging profiles required this.

Unforutnately my distributor had no idea what to do in this case. Here is a short video of what i can see. Any help is much appreciated.

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Blue Smart IP22 No Amps

Brand new IP22 Charger.

Put into system replacing old charger. I am getting no amps. out. see image.

My battery is at 75Ah and is a 110ah Battery. I also have a load on motorhome off 7amps and when all on still no amps from IP22


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HowTo PV Charger priority over Quattro Charger

A non-ESS hybrid connected to the grid with Quattro mode "on" will throttle down the PV charger and charge the battery from grid...


when, by putting the Quattros into "inverter only" mode, the PV charger could actually deliver the charge. Or at least any charge so it would not be needed from grid:


Obviously, the question is how to achieve PV charger priority over Quattro charger priority, so one could leave the grid on, but not at the expense of PV chargers being turned down, which IMHO should have been the default in the limbic (non-assistant) system of Victron devices anyway.

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MPPT Bluesolar 150/85 no charge current incorrect display

Good afternoon

My Bluesolar MPPT 150/85 ceased correct operation after a small short on the pv side (unfortunately between PV panel fuses and MPPT )

First it showed a warning "inf 21 " then after complete discconnecting no more error messages but now

- current reading is 0 A , but PV current seems to be simply passed through

- measured current from PV is 7 amps ( cloudy ) and output current is exactly identical

- Voltage on panel is battery voltage + approx 0,7 V

- No MPPT function -

Is there anthing likee a fuse or so ?

Anything I can do ?

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MultiPlus 12v/3000va/120amp doesn't seem to charge batteries.


Hi - new installation on our boat, MultiPlus system with 4x 200AH Victron LiFePO4 batteries. When connected to main power to charge (ain charge only mode) Mains and Buls LED illuminate, absorption and float flash, system kicks in, fan rush etc. After about 1/2 hr bulk LED goes off, absorption and float flash, fan off, mains stays on. However, the charge read out for the batteries shows no increase in charge. Have charged for a total of 3 hrs over the last 2 days (only 3 small LED lights and a floor water pump connected to system) and charge just continues to slowly drop as if it is not being charged at all... currently at 40%. Thanks.

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Mppt 100/30, showing no current?

My mppt controler has been running fine for around 10 months this morning I see the solar voltage is 21.88 which is normal but current is 0, battery voltage is 12.74. Normal with there numbers I would have current from my solar. I have disconect and reconnected but no difference. I also have a BVM 712 and a smart battery sense and are networked together. Help

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Could my charger be faulty...?

Hi all. Just trying to understand what has gone wrong in my van power setup. I am using a Smart Blue ip67 12/13 charger with a 12v leisure battery to charge and act as a power supply which has been fine up until now. Charged the battery and ran my fridge on it fine a few days ago, but now that I am on a campsite with a 240v hookup connected, the battery has discharged to 11.9v before I noticed, meaning the charger is not supplying anything. The charger was also saying it was in storage mode for a day which I now know meant it was 24 hours discharging before that kicked in... Assuming my conncections are all good, why would the charger not be charging the battery or even supplying any power? The app is telling me now that it is on absorption charge at 14.47v but with 0.0 current and my battery monitor shows the battery is discharging, not charging. The charger clearly thinks it's doing something but obviously isn't. Is it faulty or am I missing something?

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Mppt 100/20. Not registering solar.

I'm trying connect my 260ah AGM battery and 320w solar panel to my mppt 100/20. It registers the battery but I have 0w and 0v from the solar. I've triple checked the wires are connected properly and the right way round. I've checked the fuse and I've checked the wiring using a multi meter and there is power coming from the panel but the controller still isn't recognising it.

I'm aware it needs +5v above battery voltage to charge but I'd have through midday on a sunny day it would produce that easily.

What am I doing wrong? Anyone got any thing else I can try?

Thanks in advance.

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Multiplus 12/1200/50 not switching to charge

Hi, I have a 12/1200/50 multiplus compact that wont switch over to charge when I plug in mains power. I cannot hear the switch that used to flick over to charge previously

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Einstellung Nasszellen bei EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT 150/100 Color (Ladeprobleme)


ich habe 4x12V 225Ah Nasszellen angeschlossen, aber die Ladereglung klappt nicht, die Zellen werden in relativ kurzer Zeit immer schwächer (Säureheber) obwohl die Anzeige 100 % zeigt.

Bitte Info, wie die korrekte Einstellung vorzunehmen ist, denn den 1. Satz Akkus habe ich vorsorglich schon mal getauscht, um die Zellen auszuschließen.

Verhalten ist beim 2. Satz genau gleich.

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Charging on Quattro in dependence of SoC

I want to stop charging if Soc is 80% and restart charging im Soc is less than 40%.

I have a Quattro, CCGX und an Ve.Bus BMS (REC-A)

Where can I set this parameter ?

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No Watts No Amps

I built a solar suitcase with 2x100 Watt Renogy panels. I have double checked every thing, but never gets watts or amps. I am unplugged, and running the inverter, both TVs, all lights and exhaust hood. So there is load.

the voltage on the airstream monitor and with a meter is 12.5 volts. App says battery voltage at 14.6 volts and in absorption. It acts like an open circuit. No change when I plug and unplug.

2019 Airstream 27FB with 2 BattleBorn batteries in parallel.

I am confused. What am I missing?


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AGM Super Cycle Four Bank Significant Reduced Capacity

I installed 4 x 145ah Super Cycle AGM's 18 months ago (Still under Warranty). They were marvelous giving us days service before needing charge. Usual discharge to 12 volts.

This week suddenly we have extremely low capacity and using our normal charge methods (Sterling shorepower 40A charger set to AGM) or the boat engine alternator. Absorption charging at 14.6V and 14.4V respectively. The shorepower drops to 13.6V for float.

I only seem to be able to get 50ah storage into batteries (using NASA Marine Clipper BM2 battery monitor) and then the charge current is down to 1 or 2 Amps within 4 hours or so.

Why would this have happened to four new batteries and so suddenly?

Help very much appreciated.

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Multiplus 12/2000/80 charge function works intermittently

I have some issues with my MP12/2000 on the boat.:

- Unit is connected to a multi control panel

- Inverter works fine

- turn on Generator and apply AC power to the unit, "main" led doesn't lid up

- voltage: 119VAC, freq. 60 HZ

- switch to "Charger only"; intermittently the unit shows "Mains on" / "bulk charge"

- This can last 5 minutes or 5 seconds

- Tried with different current limits; no difference

- removed the multi panel from the system and use the "charge only" mode on the unit; Nothing happens

- The problem occurs with Shore and generator power...

Kinda lost and like to charge my batteries as the voltage is close to 12V

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Why would SmartSolar show just 2W in full sun?

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 150/60 with 640W of solar panels.

What does it mean that "solar" is just 2W in full sun? I am connected to shore power, so a separate charger is charging the batteries. Does the "2W" mean the batteries are just full and the solar.

Also, over the past week most days show exactly 80Wh yield each day, with Pmax 60-70W. It just seems to me something is off or has failed.

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Blue Smart Charger & LiFePO4 Battery Smart not fully charging

Hi there :)

I have recently bought a LiFePO4 12,8v Battery Smart 200ah
It is not yet hooked up to a system as the facility is still under construction

The manual for the bettery says it must be regularly (at least once every month) charged to 14V (max 14,4V)

I have a Blue Smart IP22(1) 12|30 Charger

I am using the Victron Connect app to monitor the voltage of the battery
I have tried charging it twice and am now trying a third time.

The battery was sitting at 13.25V
Cell 1: 3.32V
Cell 2: 3.31V
Cell 3: 3.31V
Cell 4: 3.31V

When I start charging, the charger jumps straight to ABS
The battery voltage occasionally jumps to 13.26V momentarily
With Cell 2 jumping up to 3.32V momentarily and back to 3.31V

After an hour or so the charger has progressed to Storage
The battery voltage is still at 13.25V

Does anyone know why it is not charging up to 14V ?

Thanks very much in advance

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Bluesolar PWM Light - Does not charge - indicator on bulk

BlueSolar PWM Light 12/24-5A working with 2x10W panels feeding 12VDC 35Ah batt. We have various instalations. No consumption attached to unit, only solar panel and batt.

Some have had power supply issues. Bring unit back to workshop and feed 18.50VDC limited to 1,5Amp into regulator with newish batt at 12,60VDC. Indicator shows bulk charge with very fast green flashing but battery voltage does not change over many hours. Power supply shows no current consumption, so I conclude the unit has a fault.

At some point after conecting batt and showing "12"readout shows "FF"

Any suggestions to a remedy or possible cause.? 5 units installed in July 2019, 3 have issues.

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Smart solar 75/15 not working

DE740E7B-34D4-49F7-BAA2-4A4820120B94.pngI installed a 144w (12v) solar panel On my camper van With a smart solar 75/15 but it’s not charging the battery ( see picture) I have two battery exide gel (85ah)

What can be? When I finished the installation it was working, F64820CC-9E58-4616-A36E-792E4350BCF4.jpegbut since then I always have 0w .

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SmartSolar 150/35 Stopped providing Watts out. Voltage sufficient from PV Panels. Please help.


As title states I have a Smart Solar MPPT 150/35 hooked up to charge my battery bank. I have made no changes to the system in months, and I used to be able to pull about 1.2 KWH daily. It now will not output any amperage to charge my batteries.

I fear that the internal fuse is blown. Currently the PV Panels are producing around 35-45V. Which is sufficient to charge to my 24V battery bank. The rig(sprinter Van) has not moved at all, and the 'Charger Enabled' slider is activated in the Victron Connect app. How can I tell if the internal fuse is blown or not?

Things I have tried so far:

Disconnected the VE.Direct cable and 'forgot' it in app then reconnected/added it back.

Verified settings are correct for charging.

Checked the fuse to the batteries from the MPPT Charge controller and it is good. There is continuity from battery to charge controller.

It's hot outside so I checked the temperature around Charge controller and controller itself and nothing is above 100 degF.

The LEDs on the unit are blinking 'FLOAT'. According to the manual this means that the 'Charger Temperature too high'. However in the manual it also states that the full output current up to 40 degC (104 degF). I am not exceeding the specs of the unit, I checked with a recently calibrated infrared thermometer all around the unit(heatsink fins/cables in and out/body of unit in all corners and center). Also, when it's early in the morning in the van and it was like 75 deg F inside the van, it was not working then either with full sun and voltage from PV panels.

Also it should be noted that this is installed in a van conversion, so it's not going to get cooler in the van, it will always be hot when the doors/windows are closed and it's summer.

How do I test the internal fuse of the charge controller without removing it? I bought it in September of 2019 and it had been working from October until about ~May 15th. I'm just about to take my van on a trip and I need this fixed asap.

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stuck in float state with 0 A - Why?

MPPT 75/15 with current FW

Smart Dongle w/current FW

issue resolves if I disconnect, then re-connect power at the MPPT

Overnight and into the next day, solar shows 0W (zero watts)

(appears to NEVER start charging the next morning)

In sun, Solar shows 18.35V and 0.0A

Battery shows 12.43V and 0.0A

I do not use the Load output or Streetlight

I have reset MPPT to Factory Defaults = no change

Cycling the Power to the MPPT fixes the issue...until the next day = 0W and not charging (again)

Seems "stuck" in Float state



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Suddenly MPPT 100/30 sending PV voltage to battery but no current

I set up a 12v system in a camper van over a year and a half ago with a 175w solar panel, SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 controller, BMV-712, and a 50ah Battleborn. Ran great with no problems. Two months ago I added another 50ah battery in parallel, ran great with no problems. It has been very hot recently and temps have been getting over 120 F in the van when parked. I started to notice that my vent fan was beeping, but didn't think much of it until my fridge had completely shut off but my lights still worked. I then noticed that the charge history showed my battery's voltage maxing out at over 20v for a week and that that no watts from solar charging were recorded for the previous 5 days.

My charge controller just keeps showing the flashing bulk light indicating "no charge". Even in full sunlight with my panel's vmax coming through, but no current or power according to the charge controller app. Strange thing is that the unregulated panel voltage seems to be making it past the charge controller. If disconnect the panels and charge controller, the battery voltage will eventually stabilize. I am assuming the BMS on my batteries has kicked in to stop charging, but my loads must have been getting the PV voltage direct. Hence the fan beeping and turned off fridge.

Other weird part it that in direct sunlight, my battery monitor will register watts coming in but the charge controller wont and maintains the flashing bulk light. In full sunlight, the BMV will record 21v. I have a breaker between PV panels - charge controller and charge controller - positive bus bar. Testing voltage on both sides of breakers and they seem to be functioning properly. Not sure if high temps could have done this, but my system has functioned without issue for a while prior to this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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