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IP67 charger for marine use

I see the following statement in the IP67 manual (15e).

“A marine (boat) battery must be removed and charged on shore. To charge it on board requires equipment specially designed for marine use.”

I am planning on installing an IP67 permanently on my sail boat to charge two lithium batteries. My understanding was that this charger was suitable for marine use. I would, therefore, be interested in knowing what makes it inappropriate for permanent installation on a boat?



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Fuite de tension à la sortie Load réglé sur off en mode H du chargeur solaire pwm victron bluesolar 12/24v 30A USB Led. Comment faire ?

quand je coupe la sortie load du chargeur, mes lampes 12v s'alument très faiblement idem pour les deux sorties USB . Alors qu'en temps normal il ne doit plus y avoir de tension quand je coupe la sortie load en mode H. Le problème à persisté même sur les mode L et L01-L23.

remarque. les lampes éclairent normalement quand la sortie Load est sur On .

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Phoenix Charger 12/50 temperature sensor

By mistake the original temp sensor is lost. What is inside it? NTC or? What happens if I use the charger without the sensor? Does it default to 25 degrees Celcius or? The batteries will never be hot in this application. (In a cellar under a summer cottage) So there is no danger of overcharging.

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Replacement for Sargent PX-300 charger

I have a (2017) Swift Select motorhome, complete with Sargent EC500 system, including the PX-300 charger/power supply.

As the PX-300 is a low-tech charger (wasn't designed to meet the needs of modern AGM batteries etc) I want to replace the PX-300 with a suitable Victron unit. Current preference is the 25 amp BlueSmart IP67 charger (the PX-300 is also 25 Amp). As an alternative I could fit the BlueSmart IP22 - however this is only available in 20 and 30 amp outputs. (30 is too much, but I think the 20 would be fine.

The crux of my question relates to the 12v 'mains on' trigger feed I need to send back to the EC500. Sargents PX-300 PSU has a 12v output which is used to tell the EC500 that the mains is connected so the system knows that mains is available. How could I achieve this with a Victron charger? (data sheet/manual is on this link:

I'm considering:

A: buying the 20A BlueSmart IP22 unit with 3 outputs, and using one of these as the trigger for the EC500 'mains on signal'- however this seems like overkill and means I lose 5amps of power (as Victron don't do a 25amp version of this charger, and 30A would be more than my 130Ah leisure batt could take)

B: buying the 25A BlueSmart IP67 unit and using some sort of diode arrangement so that the 'mains on' signal would work when 12 is flowing from the charger to the battery, but not when power is flowing only from the battery - however this would be a real faff to set up and wouldn't be particularly elegant.

I've noticed on the pictures of the IP67, there's also a small orange cable - however it isn't clear what this is for and the manuals don't mention it. Is it possible this is a 12v trigger feed - or is this a temperature probe or similar?

Any thoughts would be very welcome. I'm confident others will have done this - so please share your experience.

Kind regards, Richard

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Skylla-i error when nmea2000 out from Cerbo GX is connected

My Victron setup is 2x Quattro in parallel to VE Bus, 2x smart solar mppt and the Skylla-1 in parallel connected to a Cerbo GX via VE-Can also a REC BMS is connected to VE BMS everything works well. As soon as I connect the VE-can to NMEA 2000 cable the Skylla-i goes into error mode. All the cables have been replaced with the exception of the ve-can to nmea2000 cable. When I remove the VE-Can to Nmea cable the Skylla-i comes back to life. When the Skylla-i is removed from the parallel string the VE-Can to nmea 2000 cable doesn't cause any problems. When the Skylla-i is running stand-alone (just with the control panel ) it works fine also, I also have swopped the ve can ports on the Skylla-i and the Cerbo GX but it makes no difference. I haven't got the fuse installed in the VE-Can to nmea2000 cable as my Maretron network is already powered. I also tested my new spare Cerbo GX same results. Any ideas???

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Can two IP22 chargers pair with Victron Connect?

I am considering using two IP22 12V/30A 1 output chargers in parallel for charging two 12V 100AH lithium batteries that are wired in parallel. I would want to have access to both IP22s at the same time via Victron Connect (for example to reduce the charging load, use night mode, etc.). Is there a way to pair and access two IP22s with Victron Connect (or will they only pair one at a time)?

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Can setting low temp cutoff in BMV-712 stop AC converter charging?

I am running the BMV-712, Battery Smart Temp Sensor and the MPPT 100/15 with a 2x LiFePo4 200amp hour battery bank. The battery bank has BMS onboard but a low temp cutoff is not included unfortunately. I have things set with the MPPT to cutoff charging at 3deg C but that is only when charging from solar. It looked like if I set the BMV-712 relay low temp cutoff setting to 3deg C, it would cut charging regardless of whether it was from solar or the AC charge converter but my tests are showing the relay closed when it's supposed to be, however the AC charge converter is still charging the battery bank. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you in advance.

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charger 2 batteries

hi i have to replace the diode on my boat from the 80;s which would be best orion dc dc charger or dc dc converter can some explain the difference thx colin

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I have 225 amp hour agm house bank on boat should i use ip67?

I actually have 2 identical house banks on boat and would order 2 chargers. I do not see that there is an arm mode I am assuming there is one. also could the bluetooth work consecutively or would they get confused? I assume bluetooth only works when charger is plugged in to 110 ac so I could not see battery condition when underway unless I am running a generator..

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Do I need a DCDC charger using just a solar MPPT?

Do I need a DCDC charger using just a solar MPPT?

4WD canopy and I want to try 100% solar charging without using the car alternator

Battery is a single 110ah lithium battery

Solar panels have yet to be purchased but I want to buy a single fixed panel approx 350W, hardwired, and a 180W blanket. When I run them both, via a switch I expect to run them in series as I understand this is the most efficient option for unbalanced panels.

Is there a 'perfect' sizing for a Victron MPPT and panels?

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Is it allowed to mount a phoenix smart ip 43 charger horizontally?

Hello Community,

my english skills are not the best. I apologize for that.

My question is: Is it allowed to mount a phoenix smart ip 43 charger horizontally if there is sufficient ventilation? The instructions recommend a vertical installation.

Thank you.

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MPPT SmartSolar and Orion-TR Smart charge disconnect

As the title says, I have a SmartSolar MPPT Charger and a VE.Bus BMS, to which I have just added a Smart Orion-TR Non-Isolated Charger. I currently already have a VE.Direct non inverting remote on-off cable to connect the BMS charge disconnect output to the MPPT VE.Direct interface. Now I want to also control the Orion-TR via the BMS charge disconnect.

Can the digital charge disconnect output of the VE.Bus BMS drive both the input of the Orion-TR remote on/off and the input of VE-Direct non-inverting cable module? In other words, can I leave the non-inverting remote on/off cable plugged into the BMS and simply add a wire from the BMS to the Orion?

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how to connect a dc dc charger and a MPPT?


I would like to charge my batteries with solar and while driving with the alternator. How do i connect the dc dc charger and the mppt to my batteries?

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Blue solar 150/35 extra watts

I have a 150/35 and I was told that if I went over the rated wattage with the pv it wouldn't damage the charge controller is this true?

What I was told was that it would cut what you can collect to the max rated wattage of the charge contoller.

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Will the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC work with the new vehicles?

How does the Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC work with the new vehicles that have 5 or 6 different charging profiles. For the most part if the battery is topped off the charging system cuts back to 13.6 volts. If you are charging LiFePO4 batteries that require 14.4 volts how does it do that when charging system is at 13.6 volts?


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Victron Quattro and MPPT Charging LiFePo4 with 3rd party BMS


I have this doubt troubling my mind; I have a pack of lifepo4 with a proprietary BMS (123 Smart BMS) connected to my Victron Quattro inverter charger and in parallel the Victron MPPT. When my Batterie's BMS signals the Quattro to stop charging and enter float mode, will the MPPT charger be aware of this and stop charging as well ? The BMS is connected only to the Quattro (with two pairs of wire) and both Inverter and MPPT are connected to the color display.



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Battery voltage greater than set voltage on Phoenix IP43 charger plus it now communicates with the BatterySense!

I have a Phoenix !P43 50/3 charger that after the last couple of firmware updates seems to have a higher output voltage than is set for Absorption/Float by 0.10-0.15v. Eg Absorption set to 14.60v on the app....actual battery voltage is 14.74v. Float voltage set to 13.05..actual voltage 13.20v.

This is measured both with the BatterySense and my calibrated Fluke multimeter...both readings are identical which is pretty impressive for the BatterySense I thought!

Whilst its easy to lower the voltage setting to get the correct battery setting I was wondering if any one else had noticed this?

Also thanks to the latest firmware update the Charger works with the BatterySense module which also means it compensates for any voltage drop between the charger and the battery bank which is useful when shunts etc are in the line. It does seem you can only have one BatterySense on the network though so can only monitor one out of the three possible banks that you could connect to the charger.

Look forward to hearing from anyone about this!

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Phoenix Battery Charger 12/50 Factory Reset

I am using my Phoenix 12/50 to charge my 1200 AHr LiFePO4 battery bank from a 115 Volt generator. I would like to set the charge parameters per the factory default Sonnenschein Dryfit with a 14.4V Absorption voltage and 13.8V Float. To do so I'd like to perform a factory reset but the instructions in the manual are not clear.

Return to factory defaults
• Switch the charger on.
• Keep the pushbutton ⇑ and/ or ⇓ pushed while
switching off.
• The factory defaults are restored.
• Replace the frontplate.

Questions I have are:
1. The instruction describing the reset and implying the charger is disconnected from the batteries. Is this necessary? Or can I do a reset with the input voltage at 115, and batteries still connected? Instructions say replace frontplate, with no mention of reconnecting any cables.

2. After doing the reset, is there any indications that it is occurring or complete. The LEDs flash a sequence but the manual does don describe what it should be.

3. While charging I am only measuring 40 Amps output, with batteries at 13.6V - as noted by my Victron SmartSolar charger. Why is it being limited to 40 Amps, why not the full 50 Amps?

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RV System won’t charge beyond 50%

I am baffled as to why I cannot charge beyond 50% regardless of charging method. Solar, alternator and even shore power will happily charge to around 50% as expected then quickly switches to float mode and no further charge is applied. I have a Victron multiplus,, Victron solar charge controller and an enerdrive dc2dc charger. All working well till now. Seems maybe an issue with batteries since it occurs across all charge devices?Any ideas or suggestions welcome.

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Orion 121230 - Wiring to a Citroen Relay 2017 - standard alternator

I'm getting my head around installing the Orion 121230 DC-DC to my camper. It's for the Citroen Relay (old style non-smart alternator) charging a bank of 2x130 Leuch Adventurers.

I've got a convertors' socket which gives me my link to make a D+ style signal to tell the Orion that 'I'm charging' (see the photos from site) but can't work out how this helps from the manual.




Even after digesting the manual, I'm unsure as to how/if I need to link the orion to the alternator- I got stuck at the 4.4 a- L-H pin wiring b- H-pin wiring and c - L-pin wiring section of the manual.

Looking at the next section 4.5, it talks about an Engine On setup and I've found a download which outlines how to setup a smart alternator with variable alternator voltagges (which doesn't apply to the Citroen).

Please can anyone point me to the next step or where to look to help get my head around it?


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MPPT 150/100 High Temperature (Dimming) Relay Control

I'd like the fans in my battery box to turn on during high temperature's. The VictronConnect app as an option under the Relay selection called High Temperature (Dimming) - When looking this up in the manuals the only information shared is:

High temperature (Dimming). This option switches the relay ON when the charger output current is reduced due to high temperatures. Use this option to for example switch an external fan.

Does anyone have information? At what temperature does it consider high temperature? What does the "dimming" mean? To be honest I'm a little disappointed at the lack of documentation on this relay options.

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Charger - AGM & Lithium

Hi I have a Centaur 12/50 charger onboard and 3 differnt banks of AGM batteries. Last year I replaced the host bank with Lithum and my question is: If I shold replace the Centaur charger with a charger that safely can charge 3 batteries banks with a mix og Lithium and AGM; which charger is then your recommondation? Kind regards Adreamer

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Centaur 12/40 Battery charger fan hums.
The centaur 12/40 charger fan hums all the time when plugged into the mains. Is it a 
feature or a fault?

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MPPT + Smart Chargers

When I run my generator with the smart chargers turned on and the solar in good sunlight I find I’m having to turn the solar off to the batteries in order to get the smart chargers to start putting out a decent charge current. Once they’ve settled I can switch the solar back on and it will sit in float while the smart chargers provide bulk.
Is there a way I can have all 3 (2x SC 1xMPPT) providing max power at the same time?

They are all connected to a VenusGX with VE.Direct/USB

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Lynx Distributor Usages Clarifications

Hi All, my first time with Victron products and Solar Energy. Questions about Lynx Distributor. Considering that has 4 slots fused.

1) May I connect the whole system in One Lynx Distributor Unit?.
Slot 1: Multiplus-II 48/3000 (Fused)
Slot 2: SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 (Fused)
Slot 3: Lithium 48V Pylontech US3000 (Fused) (3 parallel modules connected with cable kit 120A/2000mm lenght)
Slot 4: Venus GX (Unfused as brings its own in-line Fuse)

2) Fuses sizing should be MEGA 125A for all 3 Slots? (i.e. Littlefuse MEGA 125A/58V for 48V)

3) Is there a minimum lenght for Cables of Slot 1 and Slot 2, I have available AWG2 35mm2 nominal cable (33,6mm2 actual section). For Slot 3 cable kit size came Pre-Fabricated.

Please if you see any safety issue advice, this is an Off-Grid system. 3000W Panels Array (4series x 2 strings). (SmarSolar is oversized for future expansion duplicating whole system)

Thank you,


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Charge controller in overvoltage fault

Three new smartsolar charge controllers installed. When 24v from batteries is applied to controllers everything is fine and remote display shows the voltage at 27v on each controller. When the PV voltage is applied the first two controllers operate fine but the the third controller goes into an overvoltage fault. When I check the remote display the first two controllers still show 27v while the third controller drops to 14v. Why is this happening?

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Any disadvantage from choosing Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 instead of 75/10?


from the data sheet it looks as if the Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 is identical to the 75/10 except that it costs approximately 10 EUR more but is capable of charging with 15A rather than 10A.

Is there any reason (except of the 10 EUR) not to choose the 75/15? For my purpose it would be overdimensioned as of now but I may choose to connect larger solar panels sometime in the future.

Best regards,

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Victron converter-charger??

I have a RV camper and am wanting to know if Victron makes a 120v to 12v ((USA) converter-LiFePO4 charger to replace my factory unit... It must be able to simultaneously serve as both a charger and as a camper 12v power supply...If so, are there any associated Victron devices (such as a control panel, etc) that are necessary to facilitate or enhance charger operations?

I do not need an inverter.

I have a single 200a/h LiFePO4 battery.

Thank You

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Is it possible to connect two DC chargers in series to charge at a higher voltage?


Is it possible to connect two 24VDC chargers in series to charge a battery bank at 48VDC?

There are apparently no 48VDC chargers with Universal input of 90-265V, 50/60Hz.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.


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Can a Skylla TG 48/50 charger synchronize with VE.CAN charge controllers?


Can a Skylla TG 48/50 charger synchronize with VE.CAN charge controllers to provide a controlled charge to a common battery bank where several VE.CAN charge controllers are already charging?

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Kind regards,

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