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Grafana on Raspberry Pi 4 running ok but

docker-compose up-d is always pulling only grafana 7.04 and not 7.5.1

and yes i have modified docker-compose.yaml file, the line like described


image: "victronenergy/venus-docker-grafana:2.0.0"


hovever there is not 7.5.1 coming as it should

any idea why?

what to do to get the 7.5.1 or newer running?

beside of this issue everything is running fine.

thank you

vladi on Boat TOROA


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Venus OS & InfluxDB Grafana on one divice

Hi everybody,

I am currently setting up my RV with some Victron equipment (BMV, smart MPPT, etc) as a central element I use a pi with Venus OS.

My question is, is it possible to have Grafana/InfluxDB on the same device? I do not what to run a second pi just for that as energy consumption is always critical.

I am not a Linux guru and struggling installing the docker-composer on my Venus OS pi.

Thank you for any help and/or tips.



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