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Two PV Inverters & Grafana

Is it possible to get yield from both PV inverters (AC -In and AC-Out) separately using Grafana/Nodered ?


At the moment I have a Grafana query like below and it works if there is just one PV Inverter - AC-Out or AC-In side:

SELECT mean("value") FROM "venus_default"."pvinverter/Ac/Power" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

This gives me, depending on wich on is faster, either yield from first or second one, but it does not sum up.
150W (180W at the moment of printscreen) + 120W should be 320W but grafana shows just one of them at a time.


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Global Link data to grafana (or other)

Hi community,

is there any possibility to feed the data from my global link to a service like grafana to have extended visualizations? I love the VRM portal, but I need more flexibility, the excel export option is my current work around. A direct data flow would be much better.

Thanks for your input!

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My Grafana Dashboard free to use

Hello everybody,

I use Grafana professionally to monitor servers in our data center and servers of our customers.

Since our data center should use 100% photovoltaics, I came to Victron Energy. The test project was the expansion of our mobile home with all the necessary components: battery, MPPT solar charge controller, inverter, shunt and other things.

Victron Energy offers a fantastic interface with VRM. I wanted to see more data and created a Grafana dashboard.

I published this dashboard at Grafana. Everyone is welcome to load the dashboard and see how I set up the displays and how the values are calculated. Maybe you can find some ideas for your own installation.

I am very happy if other ideas are proposed here and I will try to implement them.

Grafana dashboard:


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Venus Docker Grafana 64-bit Images

Good day

I have a 64-bit Raspberry Pi 4 with an Ubuntu operating system on which I have installed a 64-bit Docker system.

Now I am wondering if anyone can help me to find the venus-docker-server, venus-docker-grafana and venus-docker-upnp images that I can use, if such images are available.


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Projet de développement d'une interface

Bonjour à tous,

J'explore Venus OS avec l'intention de développer une interface spécifique pour un voilier électrique.

1/ Peut-on développer sur Linux Debian ?

Venus OS peut être installé sous debian Est-ce recommandé pour développer plus confortablement ? Venus fonctionne-t-il correctement sous Debian ?

2/ Existe-t-il un module de simulation des équipements Victron, i.e. modifiant les données sur dBus ? Cela me semble indispensable pour intégrer. Le mieux serait un service avec des scenarii de données qui évoluent automatiquement.

3/ Apparemment, Venus OS utilise Grafana qui me semble parfait pour une belle interface, et même beaucoup trop riche pour ce que je veux faire...

Mais Grafana permet-il de développer des boutons de choix ou autres curseurs ?

Quel est la librairie GUI recommandée ?

Merci d'avance

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How could i get data from two installations


i have now two cerbo gx running. So i have two installations in VRM. I could see data from both installations in VRM.

I use venus-docker-grafana to load the data into a local influxdb. All Tables has the field portalID so it should work with different installations. (Each installation has its own portalID).


But in the Dashboard it only transfers data from the first installation.


What do i missing?



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Grafana on Raspberry Pi 4 running ok but

docker-compose up-d is always pulling only grafana 7.04 and not 7.5.1

and yes i have modified docker-compose.yaml file, the line like described


image: "victronenergy/venus-docker-grafana:2.0.0"


hovever there is not 7.5.1 coming as it should

any idea why?

what to do to get the 7.5.1 or newer running?

beside of this issue everything is running fine.

thank you

vladi on Boat TOROA

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How to find dbus path for additional shunts?

Attached to my Cerbo I have a Lynx shunt and a Smart Shunt. In VRM, I can see data from both. However in my grafana dashboard I can't seem to guess the Dbus path for the Smart Shunt.

Some questions that will help me on this quest:

  1. Is there a way to see all of the dbus paths that have been recorded in the influx database? I have tried to use the explore with little success.
  2. This suggests that each shunt would have its own service on the dbus. Then describes logging into a device and running dbus -y or dbus-spy - any tips or tutorials on how I can get started with this?

thanks everyone!

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Using Influx & Grafana: Someone already created a downsampling and data retention script?


I use the victron docker Images to push all Data from MQTT to a local Influx DB.
This is a very nice solution, having detailed 6 samples per Second for all measurements.
The Data consume about 300 MB per Day what is fine for a few month.

But I want to use this also for long term storage of the Data (>10 Years) as well.
So I want to use the influx data aggregation and retention methods to down sample old data.

Data older as 1 Month should get aggregated to 10 minutes slots, reducing the data consumption from 9 GB / Month to about 15 MB/Month.

Anyone already done this and can provide his downsampling task script? Would be great to share this, that not everyone needs to write it again and again.

Thank you

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Issue with Venus Docker Unraid with existing Influx Grafana

Have the Venus server and UPNP dockers installed with a existing Influx 1.8 and grafana installation. The server can find my Cerbo via local discovery but I get a error in the log after a minute or so.

FetchError: request to failed, reason: connect ETIMEDOUT

The address if the Cerbo is

No data is ever logged. I had the same Cerbo set up with a Pi and had it working well. MQTT plaintext is on.

I am also getting constant grafana connection issues. The server successfully created the influx DB.



influxdb Attempting connection to



influxdb Connected

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Grafana CCGX Win10 - no data collection

I have installed Grafana/Docker on my Windows 10 laptop using the detailed installation instructions. I added the local IP address of my CCGX device as shown in Option B of the instructions. It all seems to work as described except I have no data being collected in the Home/Dashboard screen . I can access and control my CCGX via my browser at the inputted address.

I enabled the two MQTT services on the CCGX.

Is there another setting on the CCGX that enabled data output?

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Switch from docker to narrative installations

Hello everybody,
We have a VMware environment in the company and mainly use Windows Server.
Since docker is not made for productive use, I have already installed Grafana and InfluxDB as a separate service on a Windows server. This has many advantages, because I can now update both very easily and it fits perfectly into our environment.
Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to implement the last part: The VRM query that transfers VRM data to InfluxDB.
How is this resolved? Is there a conf file in Docker that can help me? Can anyone help me further?

Conversely, I can help with the implementation of the first two parts: Grafana and InfluxDB. I am a Windows specialist and I am happy to help. (See:

(Please excuse my bad English, I use a web translator.)


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How to start Docker Victron containers automatically?

I have successfully installed Docker Desktop and Grafana on a Windows PC and have the Victron dashboard working nicely - but still tweaking. Layout below for interest.

Now I'm trying to streamline things.

I created a desktop shortcut to the Grafana dashboard. That works fine - but only if the Docker containers are running first.

At boot-up, Docker loads and runs in the background but to get the Grafana dashboard going, I have to jump into the (hidden) Docker Desktop dashboard and manually click the Start button for the Victron containers each time I start the laptop.

I can't find anywhere in the Docker Desktop to auto-start containers. Can anyone point me in the right direction?




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Additional data to online MQTT server

I have been playing with the local and online MQTT victron servers and it has been a very smooth process until now. All the data shows up perfectly on grafana with the server running on a computer in a different location.
I am trying to install additional sensors to get more data from my boat online using venus's broker (like indoor temperature, air quality etc). I can succesfully publish data in the local broker which then shows up on the online broker. However I am not able to subscribe/locate that data or topics in the remote grafana setup.
The first image shows MQTT feed from victron broker showing the data from my sensor but in the second image I cannot locate it on grafana.
Is influxDB only subscribing to hardcoded dbus topics, or do I need to refresh the database in some way? Or is the format I am publishing in is not accepted by influxdb? Any help will be appreciated.



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