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AC PV Coupling

Two PV Inverters & Grafana

Is it possible to get yield from both PV inverters (AC -In and AC-Out) separately using Grafana/Nodered ?


At the moment I have a Grafana query like below and it works if there is just one PV Inverter - AC-Out or AC-In side:

SELECT mean("value") FROM "venus_default"."pvinverter/Ac/Power" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

This gives me, depending on wich on is faster, either yield from first or second one, but it does not sum up.
150W (180W at the moment of printscreen) + 120W should be 320W but grafana shows just one of them at a time.


sma-1.jpg(116.1 KiB)



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