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AC Coupling with Solaredge, requirements for pure off grid


currently I am setting up an off grid PV-system and try to integrate AC coupling with Solaredge SE6000H and Quattro 48/8000. (Battery is BYD premium LVL)

I followed the instructions in Victron documentation: Integrating with Solaredge

The only difference is: There is no public grid available and zero feedback is not required. Therefore no Solaredge Energy Meter is installed.

My question: is the use of the Energy Meter mandatory for the correct working of frequency based power reduction by the SE inverter?

Which country settings (on the SE inverter) did you use in your test environment?

I ask, because my test run failed.

First I used "Spain" as country setting and noticed, that in the SetApp Power Control-->Active Power the P(f) menu was missing. I reconfigured country settings this time to Czech Republic 16A and was curious to see that P(f) was back again.

(Although I doubt, that this setting is at all relevant for my setup as I will not be working in that specific country mode, but in APS (Alternative Power Source) mode.

But to follow the documentation I set P(f) in both menus: In Power Control-->Active Power-->P(f) and Power Control → Alternative Power Source → P(f) and ranging P0 100%@ 50.2Hz and P1 0%@ 51.2Hz.

On Victron side I use the assistant PV-Inverter and with the same tresholds and disconect @ 51.5 Hz.

However the test run failed. (And yes, SE status said I was in APS mode). No power reduction on SE-side happened. Victron modulated the frequency up to 51.5Hz and luckily and thanks to the relay assistant and SE on AC-Out 2 it got thrown off when BatV got too high.

Thanks for any inspiration!!

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Victron coupled to Solaredge WR - Shutodown caused by frequency coupling


I have 6 Multiplus II 3000 connected to a Solaredge SE17K with frequency coupling.

Today we had several power grid outages and Victron went to Standalone Mode. After some minutes the Solaredge WR shut down and stopped producing.

One hour later (grid was back online since more than 40 minutes) the Solaredge went back online also. In the error log I found:

- AC-Frequenz zu hoch (Linie 1)

- AC-Frequenz zu hoch (Linie 2)

- AC-Frequenz zu hoch (Linie 3)

So it seems that there is an issue with frequency coupling. I am using the proposed setup from the victron handbook:

  1. The solar converter will start reducing its output power at 50.2Hz
  2. Output power will be reduced to a minimum when the frequency is 51.2Hz
  3. The converter will disconnect when the frequency is higher than 51.5Hz

Is this maybe not the best possible setup ?

Can I make this setup more failure resistent with other figures ?

Any suggestions ?



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Victron quattro as grid tied.

Good day. I've been asked to look at a design. The company has 3 x 10kva quattros 3phase and 2 x solaredge on the input side. With 2 x 80KW Freedom Won batteries. They do not have an output connected at all. Only input. According to the engineer whe can feed dc back to the grid although nothing is connected on output. How will this be possible?

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Solaredge SE27.6K on Multiplus-II AC-IN

a short questions about the Solaredge SE27.6K Inverters with 3Pcs Multiplus-II (3-Phase System with about 10kWh Battery).
Is it also possible to use the Solaredge SE27.6K on the AC-IN Port of the Multiplus-II ?

like here, but connected to AC-IN:


The PV System with the Solaredge SE27.6K is already installed, the ESS with Multiplus-II, Cerbo-GX etc. have to be added.

Because of the 1.0 Rule, the Solaredge SE27.6K can not add on the AC-OUT of the Multiplus-II.

I know if the Public Grid is down, then the PV Generators also not work, but this would be no problem for me.

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Victron ESS with Solaredge S16K on AC-Out?! Questions


i am planning an ESS System in Europe/Austria. With 3xMultiplus II 5000 and Solaredge SE16K and Victron MPPT RS450/200. in general it should look like this:


I read through the Victron/Solaredge instructions, but still have some open questions:

1. Victron 1:1 Rule:

Sadly, there is no SE15K model available anymore. So the SE16K would be basically too big for installing it on AC-Out. But i think it should be somehow possible, to limit its output generally to 15kW. Then i think 1:1 rule is acceptable solved

2. Dry Contact:

If i understand it correctly, it would be sufficient to wire the first Multi K1 relay to the SE16K. If grid is lost, this relay will tell the SE16K to change to APS mode, correct?!

3. Victron grid meter and/or Solaredge smart meter needed?

I don´t understand, if a victron EM24 or some solaredge smart meter would be required or not?!

I do not have any loads or PV-inverters on AC-In. So basically the multis would not need any grid meter, correct?!

But does the SE16K need a Solar Edge smart meter? And if so, why? And which model?

4. zero feed in:

It might be possible, that the authority forces me to enable zero feed in, by an external NC contact. Would this be supported by Victron Multis?

input closed -> feed in allowed

input open -> zero feed in required

Will this work with EM24 or Solar Edge Smart meter?

thanks to everybody willing to help!

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SolarEdge SE3680H via SunSpec to GX Device

Hi all,

I've connected one SolarEdge SE3680H by means of ModbusTCP / SunSpec in summer 2021 to my OctoGX. I configured it by means of the Victron manual and everything went quickly fine as below.


The current issue started when I added a second SE3680H this year 2022 in February. The GX device (2.85~1) was not able to detect both inverters but data of first one was still shown.

Thus I checked the settings of the first inverter for comparison and was forced to perform a firmware update by means of "SetApp". After this firmware update now both SE3680H are not detected by the GX device and both are not shown via the GX device, although the first one was previously working well. (see screenshot above).

So, I suppose it has something to do with current SolarEdge firmware but maybe as well (or)with Victron GX firmware because in Summer 2021 I was running the current one at that time which was 2.7x I suppose.

So how to debug this issue? I was searching the web for a SunSpec browser and found the one from the SunSpec alliance but for downloading you need to be a member of the alliance :( and membership of $4000 is quite out of scope for me.

Therefore please suggest an easy debug method to verifiy if the SE inverters are providing data via ModBusTCP correctly. (eg without involving the GX device).

@mvader (Victron Energy) If you could find the time to take a look at this issue, I'd be very happy! Installation name is "FH22" and remote support tunnel is active. Feel free to scan for the SE inverters, they should be correctly configured. There local IPs are and

Best regards,


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Frequent disconnection of solaredge inverter with GX device

i have a multiplus 2 setup with solaredge pv inverter. The venus gx does read out the solaredge pv data via modbus TCP. I use fixed ip adresses, and the gx and the solaredge inverter are on the same switch. It works sometimes great, but often it looses the connection. I tried different things to get back the solaredge data on the venus gx, which sometimes help like: restart the gx, cut off the grid from the solaredge inverter, delete manuale the ip adress at the gx and add it again. Sometimes it works for a week and suddendly the data is again missing. Sometimes i get the pv data only for some hours or minutes. The settings on the solaredge should be right (ID etc.). I have a second install where it doesnt loose the pv inverter, only a very few times.

thank you for your help!

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1-phase backup on 3-phase Solaredge?

Is there some other way than buying 3x Multiplus II for my Solaredge 3-phase inverter, to have backup (ups and working pv) for off-grid scenario? Can it be done somehow to have only 1-phase backup?

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SolarEdge inverter dissapears from GX display within 48hrs of reboot

Hi All

I have an off grid system comprising a Victron EasySolar 48/5000 (with CCGX), 5kW DC coupled PV and a SolarEdge SE5000 connected to the AC out with another 5kW AC coupled PV. The battery bank comprises 8 x Pylontech US3000.

Functionally, all is working well, however I am having trouble with the monitoring of the SE generation in that the inverter keeps on disappearing from the CCGX display at a seemingly random interval of up to about 48hrs from initial connection. The only thing that will restore it is to reboot the CCGX manually.

I have read the post: Frequent disconnection of solaredge inverter with GX device which describes a similar problem that was eventually fixed in a Venus OS firmware update and doesn't really help me.

It is also worth noting that the CCGX has internet connection via WiFi using a Netgear AC1200 WiFi USB adapter (supported Victron long range WiFi adapter) whilst the SolarEdge Modbus TCP/Sunspec communication is via the ethernet port using a fixed IP with the Gateway unset as described in this post: Can Color GX use Wifi for remote VRM comms and wired LAN for direct comms to SolarEdge HD Wave

All equipment has latest firmware installed.

I suspect the problem may be in my network settings somewhere as this is where my knowledge is lacking. I have followed the document: Integrating with Solaredge as best possible but I feel that it lacks detail in regards to the network settings.

If someone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated!

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Feedback on Victron/Solaredge documentation


Can I suggest the following improvements are made?

1) Section 3.3 images to not match text. Text instructions P0 to be set to 50.5Hz, images instruct 50.2Hz, not clear which one is correct. Same problem exists with the 2nd(!) iteration of section 3.1 that is below item 3.3. Perhaps this iteration of 3.1 should be relabeled to 3.4 or 3.2.1 something?

2) Figure 5 & 6 indicate you can link directly from a Multiplus II K1 relay to the Solaredge PRI connector and shows a picture of a Multiplus II Problem is K1 is not a relay in the Multiplus II, you need to use the AUX relay instead. It's also not obvious that the AUX relay is the Primary Programmable relay (you would assume it's the AUX1 relay) when programming the assistant.

3) consider linking to the Solaredge documentation for the feature at

4) Finally a section should be added about testing and how to see if its working at the solaredge end. The trick here is that the country code on the Solaredge should change from whatever it is configured to when you trigger the relay. Eg in my case it changes from "Country: AUS" to "Country: DG" You should short out the pins on the solaredge and check that the country changes, then release them (and go back into the screen that shows country) and check that it changes back. There are some useful details/images you may want to lift from the solaredge pdf in 3) page 9, section Alternative Power Source mode – Self Test


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Connecting an older solaredge inverter and then adding future PV


I'm looking to purchase a Multiplus II - GX, 5000, which I would plan to use with 2 banks of 2 Pylontech 3000C batteries.

We have an existing solaredge inverter limited to 3.2kw output, about 5 years old. Do I understand correctly that I can't put this on the backed up AC side?

In relation to the above, does the factor 1 rule include generation on the non-backed up side - I don't think so from reading about it, meaning that I can add up to 5000wp on the backed up side at a later date - again with another SE inverter due to partial PV shading (keeping my existing solaredge inverter on the non-backed up side). Is my understanding correct?

Thanks in advance,


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Use Solaredge SMI 35 with RS450


I have an array with 8 modules connected to an Solaredge Safety Monitoring Interface 35 (SMI35)
I want to connect it now to my Victron with an RS450.I know optimizers are not good or not allowed with Victron, but hooked up via SMI35 possible? Does anyone know something about it?

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Solaredge Modbus current sensor

Hello community,

I am planning a fresh installation with Mulitplus II 5000 and 48V battery with JK BMS.

This storage system will be AC coupled to my Solaredge SE15K inverter which already has an integration of a current measurement modbus sensor.
At the moment my home assistant gets all the information from inverster and current measurements via modbus.
Is it possible to also integrate these information into the Multiplus or GX?
I want to avoid a second current measurement because it is expensive and there is no space.
Normally this should be obsolete.

Which measurement would be recommended EM24 or current transfomer clamps?

Hope anyone can help me.


Best Regards,

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AC - AC coupling - what is the max. load I can couple ?

Dear all,

I am using 3 x MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 with an AC-AC coupled Solaredge 17kWp inverter.

The max. output of the Solaredge inv. is 9500 W (reached only once in June 2021) due to high variation of cardinal directions and panel angels.

Is it acceptable to have these two AC-AC coupled or could this already be too much for my Victron Setup ? What can I do to avoid damage ?



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Frequency shift- Quattro 48/15000

Good day .

Is there a way to determine why the inverter is Frequency Shifting ?

Is it possible to find out were the command comes from ?

I am running 3 x 48/15000 Qauttro , 56KWh Solar MD batteries and Solar Edge 27.5 Grid tie inverter.

The Qauttro's seems to shift the frequency and the solar edge starts throttling. Is there any way to determine what will make the Qauttro's start frequency shift ?


Johannes Cronje

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