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AC Coupling with Solaredge, requirements for pure off grid


currently I am setting up an off grid PV-system and try to integrate AC coupling with Solaredge SE6000H and Quattro 48/8000. (Battery is BYD premium LVL)

I followed the instructions in Victron documentation: Integrating with Solaredge

The only difference is: There is no public grid available and zero feedback is not required. Therefore no Solaredge Energy Meter is installed.

My question: is the use of the Energy Meter mandatory for the correct working of frequency based power reduction by the SE inverter?

Which country settings (on the SE inverter) did you use in your test environment?

I ask, because my test run failed.

First I used "Spain" as country setting and noticed, that in the SetApp Power Control-->Active Power the P(f) menu was missing. I reconfigured country settings this time to Czech Republic 16A and was curious to see that P(f) was back again.

(Although I doubt, that this setting is at all relevant for my setup as I will not be working in that specific country mode, but in APS (Alternative Power Source) mode.

But to follow the documentation I set P(f) in both menus: In Power Control-->Active Power-->P(f) and Power Control → Alternative Power Source → P(f) and ranging P0 100%@ 50.2Hz and P1 0%@ 51.2Hz.

On Victron side I use the assistant PV-Inverter and with the same tresholds and disconect @ 51.5 Hz.

However the test run failed. (And yes, SE status said I was in APS mode). No power reduction on SE-side happened. Victron modulated the frequency up to 51.5Hz and luckily and thanks to the relay assistant and SE on AC-Out 2 it got thrown off when BatV got too high.

Thanks for any inspiration!!

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Hi @IERTigre,

I don't have experience with SolarEdge. With SMA Sunny Boys though, the country setting should be "Island mode 50Hz". You may want to check whether you should use AC out 1 or AC out 2 or whether that doesn't matter. There are differences between the various models, see for example this comparison (for Multi's).


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I now use a different configuration as P(f) in APS mode does not work in my setup.

As country settings I use "Italy" and modify the grid parameters (disconnect@ 52Hz) so I can use a slightly wider band for the frequency regulation.

In SetApp: Power Control--> Active Power--> I choose the ramp 50.2Hz (100%) and 51.7Hz (0%).

In the PV Inverter Assistant I set the band from 50.2Hz to 51.7Hz and disconnect @52.1Hz.

I wire the Victron primary relay to the SE GPIO L1 and V and use the Relay Assistant to switch into APS mode once any AC input is detected. (and a second instance of the assistant to release it again)

In SetApp: Power Control--> Alternative Power Source --> P(V) all entries are set to 0%

This prevents power production by SE inverter when a backup generator is present. Not in all cases this might be the desired function, but in this case it is. The same could be achieved by wiring the SE to AC-Out2 and throw it off by using the relay assistant. (and maybe also the solution with the energy meter presented in the Victron paper (integrating with Solaredge))

Nevertheless I now face a problem with the battery voltage getting too high because of slow frequency regulation but would like to address this in a different post.

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