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SolarEdge SE3680H via SunSpec to GX Device

Hi all,

I've connected one SolarEdge SE3680H by means of ModbusTCP / SunSpec in summer 2021 to my OctoGX. I configured it by means of the Victron manual and everything went quickly fine as below.


The current issue started when I added a second SE3680H this year 2022 in February. The GX device (2.85~1) was not able to detect both inverters but data of first one was still shown.

Thus I checked the settings of the first inverter for comparison and was forced to perform a firmware update by means of "SetApp". After this firmware update now both SE3680H are not detected by the GX device and both are not shown via the GX device, although the first one was previously working well. (see screenshot above).

So, I suppose it has something to do with current SolarEdge firmware but maybe as well (or)with Victron GX firmware because in Summer 2021 I was running the current one at that time which was 2.7x I suppose.

So how to debug this issue? I was searching the web for a SunSpec browser and found the one from the SunSpec alliance but for downloading you need to be a member of the alliance :( and membership of $4000 is quite out of scope for me.

Therefore please suggest an easy debug method to verifiy if the SE inverters are providing data via ModBusTCP correctly. (eg without involving the GX device).

@mvader (Victron Energy) If you could find the time to take a look at this issue, I'd be very happy! Installation name is "FH22" and remote support tunnel is active. Feel free to scan for the SE inverters, they should be correctly configured. There local IPs are and

Best regards,


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SolarEdge inverter dissapears from GX display within 48hrs of reboot

Hi All

I have an off grid system comprising a Victron EasySolar 48/5000 (with CCGX), 5kW DC coupled PV and a SolarEdge SE5000 connected to the AC out with another 5kW AC coupled PV. The battery bank comprises 8 x Pylontech US3000.

Functionally, all is working well, however I am having trouble with the monitoring of the SE generation in that the inverter keeps on disappearing from the CCGX display at a seemingly random interval of up to about 48hrs from initial connection. The only thing that will restore it is to reboot the CCGX manually.

I have read the post: Frequent disconnection of solaredge inverter with GX device which describes a similar problem that was eventually fixed in a Venus OS firmware update and doesn't really help me.

It is also worth noting that the CCGX has internet connection via WiFi using a Netgear AC1200 WiFi USB adapter (supported Victron long range WiFi adapter) whilst the SolarEdge Modbus TCP/Sunspec communication is via the ethernet port using a fixed IP with the Gateway unset as described in this post: Can Color GX use Wifi for remote VRM comms and wired LAN for direct comms to SolarEdge HD Wave

All equipment has latest firmware installed.

I suspect the problem may be in my network settings somewhere as this is where my knowledge is lacking. I have followed the document: Integrating with Solaredge as best possible but I feel that it lacks detail in regards to the network settings.

If someone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated!

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SMA STPTL-30 + data manager M + Victron Quattro = ESS + zero feed-in

I have 4xSMA STP20000TL-30 + SMA Energy meter + Data Manager M installed with zero feed-in.

There is a need to make ESS system (grid-parallel, hub-4). there are three inverters Quattro 48/15000 from another project and BYD batteries (64kW h). Is there such a possibility?

I found that Data Manager M supports SunSpec Modbus profile. Also I found Integrating with SolarEdge: "configure Sunspec to allow inverter monitoring via Victron GX device"

Do I need any additional devices? Any energy meters for Victron f.e.

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2 x Fronius Symo -> Zero Feedin not working on one Symo

Hi Forum !

i have expanded my system with a second Fronius Symo. I used zero feedin for over a year successfull with the first symo. Both Datamanagers have absolutely the same settings but the second symo is not working with zero feed in. So at the moment one (the old) inverter is doing his zero feedin job nicely .... the other is feedin in if my batteries are full and the first inverter ramped down to zero.

The only difference i can see is, that the connection type of the working inverter is "sunspec" and the not working inverter is "solarapi". Did i miss something where i can change this ? I can not find anything regarding inverter connection type in the venus settings or the datamanager settings. Also maybe the connection type has nothing to do with my problem.

I hope someone can help me out ....

Thanks a lot !


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