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Connecting an older solaredge inverter and then adding future PV


I'm looking to purchase a Multiplus II - GX, 5000, which I would plan to use with 2 banks of 2 Pylontech 3000C batteries.

We have an existing solaredge inverter limited to 3.2kw output, about 5 years old. Do I understand correctly that I can't put this on the backed up AC side?

In relation to the above, does the factor 1 rule include generation on the non-backed up side - I don't think so from reading about it, meaning that I can add up to 5000wp on the backed up side at a later date - again with another SE inverter due to partial PV shading (keeping my existing solaredge inverter on the non-backed up side). Is my understanding correct?

Thanks in advance,


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MPPT 75/15 - not charging at high battery voltage

Hi all - happy new year.

I have a setup using the MPPT 75/15 to charge a LiFePO4 (12,8V) battery. My load is a low power LED panel for my garden.

Unfortunately I don't see the charger actually charging the battery even though pv voltage increase to Vbatt+5v. See attached photo. Would you recommend a panel configuration with higher voltage potential? In my area the light these days is very low. Would a panel of same size but with a higher voltage potential (i guess more panels in series) allow me to start charging even though we have these low light conditions?

I also had three similar setups with different loads. The one with the highest consumption started charging before the others. I believe this could be due to the lowered Vbatt of this one? They were all in the same area.



Thank you :-)

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Different panels on 150/100 Mppt sets?

Hi fellow solarians,

I've got a Easysolar with built in 150/100 mppt.
The mppt has 3 sets of MC4 connectors.

I had the setup running the last 3 years on 4 LG NEON 320W panels (LG320N1K-V5).
Wired in P/S combo.
Worked excellent. But now i'm rebuilding the house and need more power.

So i'd like to add 8 more panels on the other two available sets and get almost 4 KWH on a great day!

Problem is the LG's are very hard to get in Spain, plus it's an older model and they only sell the 330 or 340 types.

My question is can i put in 8 * 340W panels on the other sets in the same P/S combi setup or do i need panels with the exact same specs as my original 4 LG's?

If other brands and/or other W's are also possible it's a cheaper and better option (I can wire in series and get more V.)

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated.


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144-cell 350W panel in 12V system with 75/15 MPPT controller?


I have purchased a 75/15 MPPT Victron charge controller and I am wondering if I can safely attach this 350W-rated solar panel (See below).

The system is connected to a 12V battery.

I have plenty of buffer in my calculations in terms of power and energy needs, so I don't mind if I "peak shave" the solar production curve a bit if that is the case. I just need to know (rule of thumb'ish) how bad it would be, and whether it would be safe.

Please can you help? I'd rather not have to return the unit and buy another controller.

Thanks a bunch!

Solar specs:

DC Electrical Characteristics

  • STC Power Rating 350W
  • PTC Power Rating 323.85W 1
  • STC Power per unit of area 174.4W/m2 (16.2W/ft2)
  • Peak Efficiency 17.44%
  • Power Tolerances 0%/+2%
  • Number of Cells 144
  • Nominal Voltage not applicable
  • Imp 9.11A
  • Vmp 38.43V
  • Isc 9.58A
  • Voc 46.27V
  • Series Fuse Rating 20A
  • Maximum System Voltage 1000V

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Help me understand the MPPT Calculator results


Why does the MPPT Sizing Calculator recommend an MPPT 150/45 here when an MPPT 100/50 ought to be sufficient? Is it that the calculator doesn't know about that model? I wish it explained its choices a bit more. Maybe there's another limit of the 100/50 that I'm not aware of.


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PVSyst Victron OND files

Hi all, seems there's is no such info available (OND files) to upload Victron products data base to PVSyst. It turns that there is a lot of demand on those products but is not possible to run simulations with out data.

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How to choose a solar panel

Hi folks,

I'm going to buy a 100w solar panel for the monitors around my house so that I don't have to worry about the cables and holes stuff. Anyway, I've watched some on youtube and dug into these brands: (Renogy100 W 12 V Monocrystalline, Goal Zero BOULDER 100 SOLAR PANEL, NEWPOWA 100W 12V), which one would you guys recommend the most? Any replys&suggestions would be welcomed.

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MPPT 100/30 Cable size

Hi ,

Just wondering about cable size from the MPPT Controller to the Battery. The data sheet is saying :

Power terminals 16 mm² / AWG6

Can I use 16 mm² cable - will this really fit into the MPPT ?

Waiting on the order so haven't seen it yet !

Many Thanks !

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MPPT sizing for 3x400w Sunpower panels

Hi all,

I'm building an off-grid 24v system. I've chosen 3 of the Sunpower 400w panels.

Using the online calculator, it's recommending the 150/45 MPPT.

But I don't know why it's not recommending the 100/50 - as it seems like a better and cheaper option? (better because of the higher amp rating)

Here's the calculator link:

And here's the panel specs:


I've also tried the older excel version of the calculator, and it also seems to suggest the 100/50 would be better I think, because of the higher amperage.



I've planned to put all the panels in parallel because of the high Voc and low Isc. Am I missing something else here, or does the calculator just not know about the 100/50?

Any help is greatly appreciated,


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Panel array not producing as expected

Hello All,

I installed a 3 phase system at a client with 3 x 5kVA Multi's, 1 x 20kWhr FreedomWon, and 30 x 370w panels, 2 x 250-100MPPT with VEdirect connection on Venus.

Roof is approx 10deg facing NNW, and both Lorentz data and PVGIS for that set of info has given me my design parameters. Problem is I am not getting near the expected deliverables, I am seeing approx 45% less than expected. Let me elaborate a little

1. The 1 MPPT mostly always leads the other, by a fair wack

2. Client's load is heavy, very heavy, so I dont think thats the problem, no reason for MPPT's/ panels to not deliver, strangely bell curves under advanced look rather good, but just not what it should be.

3. I am seeing max kw from panels as expected based on Lorentz/ PVGIS data, BUT NOT the kwhrs.

4. We initially thought shading was an issue, but all trees cleared now, but no noticable increase in yield from panels.

5. All fuses, voltages on strings checked in combiner box. Cant see a problem.

6. MPPT reset to factory defaults and reprogrammed

7. Venus updated.

What I have not checked is the BMS, and if that is not being restrictive, and also cleanlyness of panels, doubt this will make any difference, but other than that I am stumped??

Any advice maybe

Best Regards

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Smartsolar VE Direct vs VE CAN

Hi. Just wondering whether or not there is any difference in terms of functionality and remote control between Smartsolar VE Direct and VE Can products. Is there anyone that have some experience with both that can explain?

Thanks in advance for your help

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2x 100/20-48v mppt for 4 panels or 1x 150/35

I'm dipping my toe into the victron world... I have roof space for 4 solar panels. I'm thinking 4xLongi 375W with open voltages of 41.1v. I was planning on using 2x 100/20-48v smart solar MPPT's and having 2 mini arrays of 2 panels. The roof gets good sun, but there is a tree which will partially block one panel later in the day.

Am I better with a single 150/35 mppt and wiring the panels up differently or even just having 3 panels in series not bothering with 4th?

My thinking might need correcting...

I weighing up whether 3 panels in series with an open circuit of 120ish volts will operate the charger longer for a 48v system than 2x2 panels with a max open circuit of 82v...

Also, by separating the panels on separate MPPT's and strings do I protect against the panel which gets shaded from dragging down all 4 panels if compared to them being on the same string/MPPT.

cost wise there doesn't seem to much in it.. Or is there a better setup entirely.

The system will be feeding...

Multiplus ii 3000VA 48v

2.4kw 48v plyontech battery (intention is to add more at later date)

Cerbo GX

It will be grid tied.

Really would appreciate some guidance

Many thanks.

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Is the MPPT 200/100 VE.can adequate for handling these 4 LG 360W Neon2 Panels to a 12.8v 600AH LifeP04 battery bank

Looking for advice on the system I'm putting together for my houseboat. Hoping it's ok to run all 4 of these panels off the one Victron MPPT 200/100. Also looking for advice on the overall system and what cables I'd need for each section. Recommendations and concerns welcome. I'm new to this which is why I'm asking and trying to avert a huge mistake.

Including a snap of a Visio drawing and a PDF with links to all the devices below:

LL Solar System Final.pdf

-Victron MPPT 200/100 Specs

-LG Neon2 360W Panels x 4 panels

- Ampere Time 12.v 300AH LifeP04 x 2

-Ampinvt 3000w Low Frequency Pure Sine Inverter w/ 60a charger


Thanks for any advice and feedback in advance!

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PVSyst Victron OND files for Simulation


I would like to simulation a PV system with PVSyst comprising of victron equipment (Inverter, batteries etc), but I can't find the OND files that PVSyst requires to get the simulation data for the Victron equipment.

While using PVsyst, when I select inverter from the drop down list there are no Victron products, same with the batteries. This is where the OND files come in. By uploading the Victron OND files then I will be able to select the Victron equipment from the list.

Does anyone know where I can find those OND files for PVsyst?

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MPPT sizing qustion
I just want to be sure about the correct Victron MMPT solar controller to choose. I will have 4 solar panels at 320W and 33.7V Imp wired in series. [Full specs below.] I believe I need to go with the 250/100 MPPT because I would have 40.1V Short Circuit Current (40.1V x 4 = 160.4V). I did use the Victron MPPT Calculator, but I just want to verify. Thanks.

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Adding Solar to Sprinter RV
The coach (WB Navion) is equipped with: (2 * 100) Zamp panels on a 30A PWM Controller, (2 * 125 Ah,) Lithium Batteries. and a Zantrex 2KW Inverter/Charger.

So here's my plan:
1) Connect the (2 *100) Zamp panels in Series and feed them to a Victron MPPT 100/20 Controller.
2) Add (2 * 210) Newpowa panels (Voc=39.6V, Imp=6.24A) and feed them to a Victron MPPT 100/50 Controller.

Did not want to mix panels, so opted for separate Controllers... Please ignore the "extra" stuff: Lynx Distributor, Smart-Shunt, Cerbo GX, and GX Display/Touch.

Question: Is 620W of Solar overkill for this system?


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Parallel solar array wiring configuration

I am trying to figure out the best way to wire my solar array. I will be running:

6 x 370W Trina solar panels with my Smart Solar MPPT 150/100 TR (Batteries are 24v). Photo attached of PV panel specs

Each panel has a max short circuit current rating of 11.37A. So I was thinking of running a 15A MC4 fuse for each panel. But the part I'm not sure about it how many cables I should run.

For example, Should I run smaller cables from each individual panel down to my electrical box, so I would have 12 cables (6 pos and 6 neg) running down to my electrical cabinet. (This seems like alot of cables...)


Should I join the panels into 3 pairs of 2 with MC4 splitters, so I would have 6 larger cables (3 pos and 3 neg) running down to my electrical cabinet


Another configuration?

The cable run from the furthest panel from the electrical cabinet is just under 10m. So obviously whichever way I go I need the cable to be large enough to carry the current (in this case at least 15A for one panel, due to fuse size) over that distance for however many panels are feeding it but also small enough to be soldered into an MC4 connector.

I know that in some cases people use like a junction box to join the panels, but I really don't like the idea of a box being on the roof in the weather to get moisture etc inside of it. I'd prefer them to all join in the electrical box which I am planning on doing.

Sorry for the long question. Just trying to find out the proper way to do things. If that's completely different from what I'm imagining, I'm willing to embrace it.

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Help needed vetting initial design ideas for van electrical system
Newbie here, designing a van system.

I would like help vetting the big picture design. Once the big picture is solid, I will move onto current, distances, wire size, fuses, etc. I would really appreciate your comments, criticism, and suggestions on this big picture design.

The idea is to initially start with something without a lot of solar or a large battery bank. But design/build it so that solar and batteries can be doubled. Inverter, wires, and fuses, for example, would all be sized for this later use. A few years down the road, I will know a lot more about my system and my needs.

Random factoids:
  • This is a passenger van, which will only be 'half converted', so I would like to keep the system smaller, particularly initially.
  • My 2020 Transit has a LOT of alternator power available (details in diagram).
  • Would prefer to keep my roof rack for things other than solar, for now anyway.
  • Do not want built-in propane. Will take propane/butane camp cookstove for longer trips.
  • Initially, will only use inverter cooktop/microwave occasionally - quick stop when pulling over on a road trip over, horrid weather, hot water/soup/heat up leftovers/etc. Am willing to not use when house batteries low, or when I know I will be off-grid for longer. In a few years, I will know more about whether this restriction is one I want to keep.
  • Traditionally, I don't tend to stay in one place for long, and with all that alternator power available, it is not obvious that I need a huge bank. Having said that, with all the kids we have now, this may change. Time will tell.
  • For the next few years, this van will only be for weekend camping trips, and road trips. A few years down the road, when kids older, it will be used more off-grid.
  • Would add an audible alarm, hooked up to inverter/charger, to warn when too much draw. I'm not the only one using this van, and others may not remember "the rules". Initial phase would probably have one and only one easily accessible AC outlet from (battery side of) inverter, to preclude running more than one heavy hitter at the same time.
  • All Victron, except for solar panels, and possibly batteries. I've been super impressed with the help and knowledge available in this community, and I like the fact that they play well together and have great monitoring. I'm willing to pay up front for something safe and reliable that I will not have to replace/fix later.
To keep this uncluttered, a lot of my thinking is 'encoded' in the diagram below. For example, at first I thought that with 2x 175w panels, I should be fine with an MPPT 100/30, which is supposed to be able to handle 400w. But once I started looking into online discussions about solar panels and cold morning startups, I came to understand that, as usual, it is not as simple as it seemed at first. Even with just 2x 175w panels, I might need the 100/50. I haven't bottomed out on that yet.

I would very much appreciate

  1. A review of the possible "final" system - is it well balanced? Is there anything that stands out as unwise, unnecessary, or missing?
  2. Opinions on this "initial" system approach... is this silly / crazy / wise / doable, but...? Any time caveats here? For example, you can go one or two years before buying second battery, but no longer, to avoid mixing battery ages.

Thanks much!!


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100/30 and 200a 12v lifepo with 4 12v 100w panels series of 4 or 2 of 2

On the calc is shows that if i do 4 series that i need the 100/35. but if it is just a slight efficacy loss at peak sun I dont really care. I live is WA peak sun doesn't happen often. On the other hand will a 2 x 2 with a 15ft run to the controller really have much loss compared to 4 series.

sorry if a similar question as been answered. This is my first solar setup and dont want to brake something or burn down my camper because I didnt ask questions.

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250/100 max watts input

i have a 250/ says 5800 watts max but im thinking of doing this the volts are 145, the amps are 68 but the watts are up there like 7420 watts does the watts really matter? if you keep the amps/volts under the max?

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 and two Panels


i am running the mppt 100/20 together with following solar panel since one year for my pool-pump.

The mppt/20 loads a 12V battery and a step up converter provides 230V for the Pump and in future hopefully also for the "Pool Heater".

The Panel has following specification

Nennleistung: 360 Wp
Toleranz ca.: + 3%
MPP-Spannung: 39,00 V
MPP-Strom: 9,24 A
Leerlaufspannung: 47,50 V
Kurzschlussstrom: 9,71 A
Zellen: 156x156mm, 72 Monokristalline Zellen, Class A

Is it possible to connect a second identical Panel to the mppt100/20 and can the Smart Solar Charger handle it? My plan is to connect a"Pool-heater" and therefore i need a bit more power :-)
How should i connect them? In row or parallel?

Thank you very much for your support in advance.

Best regards


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ovesizing solar panels

i’ve victron smart solar 150/100

i’ve 6 solar panels 2 series, 3 parallel

if i use them both will the mppt controller handle it ?

(i mean will it handle 100amps current and cap there or will burn ?)

according to calculations in perfect conditions there might be 130-140 amps @ 12v from panels.

i’m ok if it will handle it by capping it 100amps

ers asked
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Understanding Off the Grid Terminology and Devices 101. Is there an introductory text?

I am learning about Off the grid power systems. I have limited knowledge / experience, but would like to learn more. Need recommendation for terminology and basics of solar collection/storage/maintenance. thanks

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Do I need a DCDC charger using just a solar MPPT?

Do I need a DCDC charger using just a solar MPPT?

4WD canopy and I want to try 100% solar charging without using the car alternator

Battery is a single 110ah lithium battery

Solar panels have yet to be purchased but I want to buy a single fixed panel approx 350W, hardwired, and a 180W blanket. When I run them both, via a switch I expect to run them in series as I understand this is the most efficient option for unbalanced panels.

Is there a 'perfect' sizing for a Victron MPPT and panels?

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MPPT 100/50 vs 150/45 - 1320 watts solar 24v system


Looking at the MPPT spec sheets, I would believe the 100/50 would be plenty for the configured panels in this system, although the calculator returns the 150/45. I have the minimum temp configured to -10C, however my real world expectation is more like 0C.

Changing the string configuration from 2s2p to 2s1p returns the 100/20 controller. In this configuration the voltage stays the same yet a 100/series controller is acceptable. Even with this configuration, I would expect to see the 100/30 returned, as the nominal PV voltage is higher than the 580w rating in the datasheet of the 100/20, although I could understand if the calculator is allowing for 30% pv array oversizing.

It would seem to me that the 100/50 is actually my best option when considering price/output, as this array will not be possible to expand in the future. It also appears by the tools graphs that I will max out the output at 45 amps, so the 100/50 will actually allow some more current to get to the batteries.

What am I missing that makes the 150/45 a better option when configuring this 1320w setup 2s2p?

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What PV is Best for my Victron 100/50 with 120AH AGM?

Hey guys, really after some help, as I’m doing circles mostly in my mind.

I have a Victron 100/50 MPPT with a 12V Fullriver 120AH battery

…without any input, I’ve calculated it would take 1.2days to completely flatten from my usage.

My goal is obviously to recharge the battery in the most efficient way possible, with size of panels being ‘somewhat of an issue’ – as in, I would prefer smaller panels – but if it makes sense to do so, I will get creative with room to accommodate bigger panels.

Option 1: 3 x Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Mono Solar Panel(Compact Design)

Solar Cell Type: Monocrystalline Cable outputs: 12AWG

IP65 Rated waterproof junction box IP67 Rated waterproof MC4 connectors

Maximum Power: 100W Maximum System Voltage: 600V DC (UL)

Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 17.9V Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.6V

Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 5.72A Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 6.24A

Weight: 6.5 kg Dimensions: 1074 x 498 x 35mm

Number of Diodes: 1 Diode(s) Diode Type: 15SQ045

*I may possibly go 4 panels, and these would fold up nicely as opposed two opt.2

Option 2: 2 x Renogy 160 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Solar Cell Type: Monocrystalline

Max Power at STC: 160W

Open Circuit Voltage: 22.9V Short Circuit Current: 8.37A

Opitmum Operating Voltage: 20.2V Optimum Operating Current: 7.92A

Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 90℃ Product Dimensions: 130.3 x 65.8 x 3.5 cm

Product Weight: 12 kg

…in the forum, I’ve seen people comment for option 1 that 21.6v is a bit on the low side considering +5v for MPPT to work?

So, my thoughts for Option 1 [if I went 4 panels] would be two serials in parallel? But with all of the PV world being out of my league, I’d really like some guidance – for instance, do MPPTs prefer more voltage and less amps, or more amps less voltage (or don't they care), and it comes down to sun harvesting approach i.e. I’ve heard before higher voltage panels are better for collecting earlier and running later? Anyhow, would really appreciate anyone shedding some light ;) on the best approach. Many thanks in advance, Peter

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Sizing PV installation: MPPT 100/20 or 100/30?

Dear all,

we are striving to install this PV model (link) with such characteristic:

  • Nominal Power 280W
  • Voltage 24V
  • Vmp 32.4V
  • Voc 39.0V
  • Imp 8.64A
  • Isc 9.27A
  • Max PV Voltage 30V
  • PF > 0.5
We will interconnect two of this panel in series, so this configuration will have such characteristics:
  • Nominal Power 560W
  • Voltage 48V
  • Vmp 64.8V
  • Voc 72.0V
  • Imp 8.64A
  • Isc 9.27A
  • Max PV Voltage 30V
  • PF > 0.5
Furthermore, the batteries interconnected are 2X12V 120Ah AGM batteries in parallel, so the overall system is 12V. I tried to calculate it with the MPPT calculator but I don't understand if the system voltage is referred to the batteries or to the panel. To conclude, I don't understand if MPPT 100/20 will be enough or 100/30 version is needed. Could you please help me in such configuration?

Kind regards,


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Off Grid 48V System options


Sorry if this is a bit long winded, I would appreciate some advice on Equipment selection and Integration for a 48V off grid system. I have been going around in circles Googling youtubing etc on Victron, Solar, Batteries etc.

I am going to be living temporally in a farm location whilst Renovating a Barn for a future house and also setting up a Camping/Glamping/Cabin site. This is all in the same Farm Location.

The 48V/5000 Multiplus 2 (GX ?) seems ideal as I can feed with a generator if required supplying 2 x Ac outputs and also feed via an MPPT from Solar (20 x 370W ish of Ground mounted Solar giving around 7 to 7.5 KW) and with Lifepo4 Batteries.

I have narrowed MPPT options to the 250/100 or the MPPT-RS ?

The advantages of the 250 is it is Multi Voltage and I could use Later in a 12 or 24V Camping setup with Some of the Panels. However it is limited to 5800W.

The RS can use more Solar and it has 2 x MPPT Trackers (2 x serial strings of 10) Disadvantage 48V and more expensive.

I would like to top up a water heater if the system is full (load shed?)

Looking at a couple of Friends rough Data (from a 6KW and 50Kw grid systems it seems the more Panels the better for the UK winter.

For Batteries was thinking of a 16s 280aH aliexpress type, but BMS selection seems to be a nightmare looking at all the reviews.

In my Understanding of this could I use a BMS to balance the Cells and the Victron setup to deal with the high and low voltage and temp sensors.

From online it seems some are using the BMS to deal with the total load, I don't know why.

Could use an expensive decent BMS if required.

I would consider Pylontech Batteries but they are more expensive and I would like to learn the system.

In addition the 16s cells could be later split to create 12V or 24v for the Camping area (to match the 250 MPPT).

Really it is the Integration and communication with the Kit I need help with, plus brushing up on my theory.

For Instance am I better off Having the Multiplus and a Cerbo or a multiplus GX, do I need a battery Monitor? or which one would one be better over the other in terms of temperature sensors and relay outputs for generator etc. (I don't want multiple items capable of doing the same thing)

The system will be located at the top of a hill around some old Barns so was considering a small wind turbine in the future unless its too much hassle.

In an ideal I world not have a grid connection for my future house (or just export/ use as much as posssible) so I could use the system or expand it for this.

This is a big learning process... and I am an Electrician ! (Never been involved with Generators, Solar or Battery storage though)



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Looking for advice on my planned setup!

Hey everyone. My current setup is 6x40W Coleman solar panels, using 2 cheap Coleman charge controllers, connected to 2 Trojan T105 6V golf cart batteries.

My new plan is to add a 100W solar panel to my system, along with the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 charge controller to replace the cheap Coleman units. I believe this will put me at about 19.6A. Does anybody see any issues with this new setup?

I'm also wondering about wiring this all up to the charge controller. My current setup uses SAE Y branch connectors. Any advice is appreciated!

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