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Add multiplus II + batterie + PV to existing PV installation possible?


I have a solaredge inverter with 13 solar panel and I'm thinking to add more solar panel and why not a batterie as i have a lot of 18650 cell (1300)

is it possible to add a multiplus II 48/3000 with a batterie to and existing installation without a lot of change?


I was thinking of doing it this way, but is it possible? (i combine 2 different schematic)

So I add the multiplus II and the battery in parallel to the existing instalation and on the multiplus II output, I create a new circuit with the new solar panels and a no-break circuit.

if i've understood correctly, in the event of a power cut, the multiplus will power the no-break circuit from the battery and/or the "new" solar panels. the "old" panels will stop working, however.

the max power for the new solar panels is equal to the power of the multiplus, i.e. 3000VA. is this correct?

Multiplus-IISolar Panelsolaredge
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