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dc isolators in parralell system

Parallel operation of two buck-Boost DC-DC Converter 100A

Hello, is it possible to operate two converters in a parallel relay to provide a charging current of 80 amps in total, the system consists of a 100 ampere generator 24 volt system?

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Can I connect two Isolated Orion converters powered from different battery banks?

I want to have a common DC bus for powering a system. We already have a battery bank that has been working for a couple years and we are adding a new battery bank for expansion. Can I include an Isolated Orion DC-DC at each battery bank prior to the Bus to couple all the loads in one bus?

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Orion Smart Tr DC DC charger and blue smart charger in parallel?


I have 2 ways to charge my leisure battery, one via shore power and one via the car batt.

Can i connect both chargers in parallel to the leisure battery? Should i install a relay to make sure the not-operating charger is isolated from the circuit?

Can i consider the orion smart dc dc charger as an isolator between the car and leisure battery? Or should i put a physical relay/isolator as well?

If i use the ’engine running detection’ can i consider the car battery isolated from the leisure battery when the engine is off? Or is this too much trust in the system?

Orion Smart-TR 24/12 30 DC-DC charger (non isolated)

Blue Smart IP67

Thanks for the help

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Can a Buck Boost Work Parallel with an Orion-Tr Smart (DC-DC Chargers)?

I have a Buck Boost 25A 12V DC (12.5A 24V DC) DC-DC charger (Alternator to battery charger / isolator and several other terms) installed in a Sprinter custom motorhome to transfer amps from the 180A 12V alternator to a 24V lithium coach battery. It's working great for years but wish to increase charging amps. I prefer BT vs. USB so am considering adding an Orion-Tr rather than another Buck Boost. I wish to know if either differing chargers would "care" or whether they would both simply function the same?

For the super advanced techs, I'm also curious if it's more efficient to run in series to achieve 24V vs. program conversion from 12V to 24V in parallel?

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12/12 30A Orion-Tr Isolated Smart in parallel fusing recommendations

I am new to 12V systems and am currently specing out / purchasing components for my 2020 4x4 sprinter conversion power system. I have purchased 2 x 12/12 30A Orion-Tr Isolated smart units since I am looking to obtain 60A charging capabilities. I am building a 12V 400Ah battery system. I see the fusing recommendations are 60A at the starter battery and 60A at the auxiliary battery side, this is however in the case of having a single 12/12 30A Isolated unit.

What would the fusing reccomendation be for two units in parallel? do I fuse / circuit breaker them separately effectively having 4 fuses configured? If not I would appreciate any documentation links or schematics I can refer to. Any input is appreciated!

So far I am using Blue Sea Systems components for Bus Bars, Battery Switches and Circuit Breakers.

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Anti theft system

In an installation of two panels in parallel with the victron smartsolar MPPT 100/50, is there a way to control the presence of the panels by VE.direct (RS232)?

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Timezone in VRM downloaded data

My latest downloaded data is timestamped (Europe/Berlin +01:00).

All previous data has been timestamped (Sydney +11:00) or +10:00 depending on Daylight savings.

Is there a way I can set it to behave as previously?

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