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Control victron inverter set remotely


I have multiple victron installations and we want to start to do small scale gridbalancing with them. We would like to run everything of a python script, make http post and get requests to the node red instance on VRM and control the inverters.

I've got Venus OS large installed, node red up and running. The last step is to make a http get/post request to nodered to acquire data and set the inverters to drain or charge. The problem is that i cant make that request. Is it possible to add a node with credentials to access the node instance on vrm?

Is this a sensical approach? I dont want to do everything in nodered since it doesn't scale to multiple installations. Does anyone have advice on this problem, but also insights on how it can be done differently? We are not committed to node-red, but so far it has seemed like the obvious route. The alternative to this with this setup seems to be to post to a python instance on AWS and set a timer to run it every minute.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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