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Can I diagonally parallel 5 - 12.8v 330a/h Smart Batteries?

I am replacing 1600 amp/hours of AGM lead acid batteries with 5 – Smart 12.8v 330 amp/hours LiFePO4 batteries (1650 amp/hours total) in a 12v system. If I diagonally wire them all in parallel, this is a huge amount of power in one cable, and I also realize that 4/0 cable may not be big enough to accommodate all that power (it will be fused at 500 amps). If I wire each battery to the buss bar (on the Lynx Distributor) and fuse each positive, I will only have 4 positions on the buss to connect to. Since there are 5 batteries, if I break them into smaller parallel pieces, i.e., 2/3 or 2/2/1, the power won’t be distributed evenly among all the batteries. I am limited by the Lynx BMS to 5 batteries, otherwise I would use six.

Also, if I daisy chain all the batteries in parallel, total cable length will be 13’. All batteries wired independently to the Lynx Distributor, (keeping all lengths equal) it would be 36’ total cable (3.6’ for each cable X 10). I would love to hear your comments on the best way to wire this.

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Multiplud 12/1200 not charging lithium batteries


since round about 1 weeks my lithium batteries are not being chared by the inverter multiplus 12/1200. Current status is "Float"

System Setup:

Lynx Power in & Distributor

Lynx Shunt VE.CAN (showing 13,06V)

3x 160ah victron lithium smart batteries

Victron VE.Bus BMS

Multiplus 12/1200 (showing 13.52V)

Can anyboday advice me? Why my batteries are not charged anymore by the inverter?



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Smart BMS 12/200 Questions (the NEW one not the standard BMS 12/200)

My Equipment so far..

Cerbo GX

SmartShunt 500

Smart BMS 12/200

Smart Lithium 100

Smart IP65 Charger 10A

Some questions I have

1. Where should a Smart MPPT 75/10 be connected to charge the lithium battery with the correct voltage.

System+ has a voltage drop of about 0,2 V compared to the lithuim +

2. How does the MPPT stop charging when the port is connected to the Cerbo.

3. Where is the Smart IP65 charger connected to charge with the correct voltage and how does it stop charging.



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Cell inbalance


I have LiFePO4 battery cells which are all at the following levels -

3.30 - 3.26 - 3.22 - 3.26

could this be genuine imbalance or cell damage?

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Setting lithium batteries with mulitplus II

I have 2 Renogy 100ah smart batteries and I’m trying to config the 3000va 12v multiplus II

on Mac settings is asking for a password and on my Windows 7 pro computer I’m unable to install the drivers for the mk 3 device.

The driver folder doesn’t have mk3 in it when I download it from special usb drivers in ve config 3

the folder has mk2 and usb to rs232 converter installer.

Any help would be appreciated

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Lithium smart accu

Ik heb twee lithium accu’s in woongedeelte camper ( 2x 100amp) En een start accu voor start moter en een smart bms 12/200 , daar zit ook de laadregelaar op voor de zonnepanelen maar die staat op 14,1 volt dat is te veel voor de natte start accu, hoe los ik dit op dat de start accu niet opgeblazen wordt.

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Trouble switching battery protect from ve.bus bms charge disconnect

I'm trying to use a Battery Protect to switch the ignition input on an external voltage regulator, to disable alternator charging. According to the Victron manuals, if I connect the ve.bus BMS load disconnect to the battery protect remote H/+ terminal, then the Battery Protect should disconnect when the charge disconnect line floats.

I've programmed the Battery Protect to mode 0-C — the lithium mode.

I'm trying to test to make sure this is working, but when I disconnect the BMS charge disconnect from the Battery Protect H/+ terminal, the relay continues to remain closed, and I have full voltage on both the input and output for the battery protect.

Can someone provide some suggestions?

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How to re-enable BLE on Smart Lithium

The previous owner has disabled BT on the Smart LiFePO4 battery’s on my boat. I want to re-enable BT.

According to Firmware v1.20 it is now possible re-enable Bluetooth again.

Has anyone tried this?

Anyone knows which specific pin of the BLE module that has to be connected to the module shield for 5 seconds inorder to re-enable Bluetooth?

In the v1.20 text : See the manual for more detailed information.

I have not been able to find this manual. Has anyone else ?

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Multiplus-II configure for LiFePo when using Lynx Smart BMS?


I have installed 2x200Ah Victron Lithium Smart batteries via Lynx Smart BMS and Lynx Distributor to Multiplus-II 12/3000/120-32. I have tested the inverter function but not yet the charging due to below question(s). Additional info: There is no GX/Cerbo in my system and I intend to just use the Victron Connect IOS app.

Now to my question:

The manual for Multiplus-II states in chapter 2.3 a lot of specifics for lead acid/gel batteries and also in chapter 5 informs that the charging function is preconfigured for AGM/Gel batteries.

Chapter “2.3.2 Li-ion batteries” then only states: “Victron LiFePO4 Smart batteries: Use the VE.Bus BMS”…

—> can you please explain

a) if the Lynx Smart BMS (is this a VE.Bus BMS??) will control the charging coming via “Multiplus on shore power” automatically and correctly for the Lithium Smart batteries and there is NO need for a change of the Multiplus’ charger configuration


b) if the configuration of the Multiplus needs to be changed (using PC and MK3-USB connector)?

In addition, I hope/expect the Lynx Smart BMS, as it receives the battery temperature info, will stop charging when batteries reach 5C!? please confirm this assumption as well if possible.

Thx for reply

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Smart Lithium problem after firmware update

I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, i updated the firmware on my smart lithium batteries (mandatory updates V1.24) through the Victron Connect App, all of which were working perfectly before, now some of them even though the firmware stated completed, now come up with a E-SL24 hardware failure alarm and a E-SL2 internal communications failure, the recommendation is to reinstall the firmware to reset the controllers but you cannot do this as the App states "your product is already running the latest firmware version"...

The batteries are:-

24V 200AH smart LiFeP04

12V 90AH smart LiFeP04

Any ideas as i do not want have to replace these perfectly good batteries.



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Victron Litium Super Pack

Can I unplug my 100 Ah AGM and plug in a Victron Litium Super Pack 12,8 V 100 Ah without any alterstions? Charging through 1) Mercury Outboard alternator 65A or 2) Solar panel and MPPT or 3) CTEK 100 12V battery charger. In case 1 charging will be with Li battery in paraller with 75Ah LeadAcid starter battery. At what voltage will the Li BMS cut out voltage from battery?

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Victron Smart Lithium series/parallel limitation

I'm a bit confused about the datasheet of the Victon Smart Lithium batteries.
It says:

Our LFP batteries have integrated cell balancing and cell monitoring. Up to 5 batteries can be paralleled and up to four 12V batteries or two 24V batteries can be series connected, so that a 48V battery bank of up to 1500Ah can be assembled. The cell balancing/monitoring cables can be daisy-chained and must be connected to a Battery Management System (BMS).,8-&-25,6-Volt-lithium-iron-phosphate-batteries-Smart-EN.pdf

I understand the limit 4 or 2 in series for max 48V.
But why the limit of 5 in parallel?
What is the maximum of batteries connected together in a System (series and parallel)?

The example in the datasheet of 48V and 1500Ah would be a set of 20 batteries 12,8V/300Ah.
4 in series and that 5 times in parallel.
Total energy of 76,8kWh.

No matter how I connect the batteries to get 12/24/48V the BMS wires are always all in series.
So why I can't connect more than 5 in parallel?

A customer needs a 24V system with around 25kWh usable so around 30kWh nominal.
The easiest would be to use 6 of the 25,6V/200Ah (5120Wh) in parallel.

A colleague told me the limit is 5 (no matter how they are connected) because of the number of cells the BMS can handle.

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Correct Circuit protection for MPPT Battery Connection

Hi looking for some help understanding why my MPPT is tripping the breaker between it and the battery

System Config:

- Smart Solar MPPT 100/50

-Four 425W solar panels wired in parallel (I confirmed using the Victron Calculator that this PV configuration was compatible with the MPPT100/50)

- Two Victron 12.8/100 smart wired in series for 24V system

- VE.BUS BMS and a VE.Direct non-inverting cable wired from the charge disconnect terminal of the BMS to the VE.Direct port of the MPPT

- Battery connections are short (< 30cm) 6 AWG from MPPT to battery.

- Positive wire from MPPT to the battery is protected by marine switch/breaker rated for 60A and 12-48VDC.


On a sunny day, the MPPT reports (via Victron Connect) 50 A output to the battery (its limit), and this trips the breaker after 2-3min.

Reducing the array to three 425 W panels, the MPPT reports 40A out to the battery and the breaker trips after 3-4min.

I replaced the breaker with an 80A (80A is higher than specified in the MPPT manual but I had it available to test). 80A breaker also tripped with 4 panels operating and the MPPT reporting 50A to the battery. With 3 panels in operation and 40A output from the MPPT the 80A breaker did not trip.

I do not have a way to measure the actual current output from the MPPT but the manual and the Victron calculator indicate that the 100/50 will limit current output to 50A.

Does anyone have any idea why the MPPT 100/50 is tripping the 60A breaker?

Thank you

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Lithium firmware update to v1.25 voltage not sending to bmv

We have 2 X 160ah victron lifePO4 batteries, we recently updated their firmware and now they are showing their voltage as 13.18 but the bmv and the ccgx display are showing as 14.2 and the multiplus is "stuck" on absorption charge.

Has anyone had this issue with the recent battery update?

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Smart BMS 500 lithium cell temperature in CerboGX


I have a Smart BMS 500 that is wired to 4 Victron lithium cells using the BTV cables. The smart BMS is wired to a CerboGX.

Does anybody know what to configure in order for the CerboGX to display the BTV temperatures from the lithium cells?

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SMARTSOLAR 100/20(48v) Not charging pylontech batteries

Multiplus ii 48/3000 35-32


Pylontech 3000US x 2

BMV 712

Suntech 370w modules x 2 (total VOC 75V)

The Solar charger is only yeilding around 200Wh/day,

It seems the charger starts to ramp then stops and cuts out around 60-70w (.7A-.8A)

Can you get live support on the VRM portal?

VRM ID-0281a66e8f0e (0281a66e8f0eWILKO)

Kind regards

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MPPT100/50 and Victron Lithium Smart Batteries

Hi what is the correct float voltage when using Lithium Smart Batteries 2x 12V in series, charged by 1.7kW PV feeding MPPT100/50?

Section 6.2 of the MPPT manual; Default Settings for LiFePO4 batteries recommends 26.4V float, but section 4.2 of the battery manual recommends 27V float.


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SmartLithium Firmware v1.25

This firmware was included in Victron Connect v5.45, however the release notes just say:


  • Add firmware v1.25 (optional update)

Any more information on what this is and does so I can make an informed decision about whether to install it or not?


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200ah Lithium smart battery

Hi, does anyone have any knowledge regarding hooking up a 200ah lithium smart battery with the 12/200 bms to the Redarc manager30? I have been told it wont work and will blow up the battery.

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SmartLithium Balancing issue


I have a pair of SmartLithium 12V/150Ah in series for a 24V battery. Both on v1.24 firmware.

One of the seems to be having a problem balancing. The other one is fine.

This is from the end of a 2hr absorption phase - you can see cell 3 is really lagging behind:


any ideas?

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Lithium Cell Balancing - How Long ?

Hi All

Helping a friend on his yacht commission his Lithium - and cell balancing is happening.

Set up -

  • 3x 200AH Smart Lithium
  • VE.Bus BMS
  • Multiplus 3K

The balancing is happening exactly as the manual says it will.....

"Be aware that in case of unbalance, the charger will be turned off and on by the BMS multiple times. This will manifest as follows: The charger will be on for a short period of time, then the charger will be off for a few minutes and then on again for a short time and so on. This might be repeated many times. This is nothing to be worried about. This is part of the charge process in case of unbalance and is expected behaviour. If the cells are balanced, the charger will not be turned off until the battery is fully charged."

My question is - does anyone know how long this will take ?

Only 1 battery is out of balance - and it is just 1 cell in that battery that has a high V.

Despite the BMS switching the Multiplus on and off, for nearly 2 hours, the one cell doesn't seem to be making any progress to balance with the other 3 cells in the battery.

The bank of 3 batteries keeps hitting 13.90v - and the Multiplus is switched off by BMS - and despite doing this for 2 hours - it is getting no closer to absorption 14.20v.

Can this take many many hours ?



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Lithium battery balancing parameters.

The system is cutting out battery capacity at 70% when voltage is still reading a good 52V, so I assume it’s the BMS protecting the batteries as 1 or more cells must be unbalanced.

My questions are.

1. What voltage does the internal BMS of the battery start it’s top balancing?

2. What is the nominal balancing current of the internal battery?

3. Does the external VE.Bus BMS do any balancing between the 4 x 12V batteries in series, if so what is the top balancing voltage and balancing currents?

4. Is the only way of reading cell voltages is via a VE.Bus Smart dongle and would I have to update multiplus firmware?


Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 Firmware 407

Colour control GX V2.71

Solar Charger MPPT 150/85 v1.19


8 x Smart Lithium 60Ah connected 4S2P

Also have MK3 programmer

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Using BMV712 SOC to trigger Multiplus DC Input Low Shutdown without GX Device

Hi I'm looking for some help to understand the best way to trigger the DC Input Low Shutdown on my MultiPlus 3000VA from the BMV712.

I am off grid, solar charging Lithium Smart batteries with an MPPT 100/50, and use a small inverter generator to feed the MultiPlus when solar charging is insufficient.

I would like to limit battery discharge to 15% to maximize the life of the lithium smart batteries.

I've tried tuning the DC Input Low Shutdown voltage settings in the MultiPlus but found too much variability in the actual SOC when the DC Input Low Shutdown is triggered. For example, when a relatively short duration, heavy AC load is applied to the MultiPlus, the DC voltage will drop, triggering the DC Input Low Shutdown at a SOC much higher than if a small continuous AC load is being fed by the MultiPlus.

Attempts to use the battery monitor function of the MultiPlus and the corresponding SOC functionality to trigger shutdown did not work because the MultiPlus SOC is not accounting for the MPPT charge current.

Thank you

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CamperVan setup v2 help


Currently I am working on a simple setup for a camper. I've added AC and DC load to the schematic.


I would like to ask the experts out there to check if this setup is correct or if I still need to adjust something here.

For now I only want to use shore power to charge the battery and in the future I want to expand this with solar panels.

I do not intend to connect this setup to the alternator for the time being.

Kind Regard

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CamperVan setup help


Currently I am working on a simple setup for a camper. I would like to ask you to check if this setup is correct or if I still need to adjust something here.

For now I only want to use shore power to charge the battery and in the future I want to expand this with solar panels.

I do not intend to connect this setup to the alternator for the time being.

Kind Regards


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Scheme for Lifepo4 + Smart Solar 100/30 + Solar Panel + Orion tr

I am starting my installation with victron products. But the installation diagrams that I find on the website are very complex. Do you have simpler schemes? Or do you have a recomendation on how to make my own to share with the community ?

I'm going to install everything in a van. With these components

Smart Solar 100 | 30

Orion tr 12 | 12 isolated 30A

Solar panel (360w)

Lifepo4 battery (280Ah)

Inverter Phoenix (12v -1200w)


Thanks !

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When does the LFP Battery VE Bus BMS disconnect the charge and discharge signal?

Good Day,

Regarding the LFP battery operation:

1) Does the VE Bus BMS disconnect the charge and discharge signal if the AMBIENT temperature is 50? Or when the BATTERY CELL temperature is 50?

2) What is the specific heat capacity of the LFP battery? (J/kg.k)

3) What is the internal resistance of the LFP battery?

Thank you


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LFP Battery

Good Day,

Does the VE.Bus BMS protect 2 LFP Smart 12,8/60 batteries connected in series when a 1200A is being drawn from them? is there an overcurrent protection?

Regarding the BMV712 Smart, for how long the historical data will be kept?

Thank you

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buck boost and LiFePO4 - best settings

I would like to know the best settings for my 50A buck boost and LiFePO4 smart battery LFP-Smart 12,8/150.

First things I changed was within TSConfig:

20: Output voltage from 14,4V to 14,2V (recommended for LFP-Smart 12,8/150)

31: Battery voltage charge protection (10.0V (out) and 20A)

The problem is, that the voltage at my battery (connected at AB from BMS12/200) is at first try lower than 10,0V

50: Converter on/off by input voltage

I tried to reduce the Switch off delay from 1 min to zero (no load from starting battery after switch off).

But this is not working – it’s like pumping (on – off – on …).

1 minute of 50A from starting battery will not hurt – hopefully

Are there more important configurations to change in my setting with LFP-Smart and BMS?

THX for any help

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Best practices to maximize LIFEPO4 useful life?

I'm in the final design stage of an all-Victron LIFEPO4 upgrade for my sailboat. MultiPlus, 2 of the LFPSmart 12,8/200-a batteries, VE Bus BMS, BMV-712, battery protect, cyrix, Victron MPPT solar controller, new Balmar alternator regulator and Sterling APD...the works, very similar to the example system diagrams Victron provides. Given the amount this is going to cost, I'm keenly interested in designing the system for maximum utility AND maximum useful life. I'd like my children to inherit this LFP system :)

My typical usage pattern is to not really need the house bank most of the year, but for 4 - 6 weeks in the summer my family pretty much lives on the boat. So we see a period of intense use in the summer, but the rest of the year I would like to do what I can to keep the LIFEPO4 batteries in a "storage mode" if that will prolong their life.

My understanding is that when not in use for a while, they should be stored in a partially depleted state...60%, 70%, 80%, I've seen figures in those ranges, with the BMS and all other loads disconnected. I figured I could manage this, running my minor house loads at the dock (bilge pump, never really runs, lights and radio when I am at the boat in the winter working on projects) off the AGM starter battery, which has its own 10amp dedicated shore power charger (not the MultiPlus)

But I've also read in the Victron battery manual that they should be fully charged once per month to keep the cells balanced, which seems to defeat much of the point of having a system in place to store them in isolation at 75%-ish charge for extended periods of time.

What are your thoughts on habits and system design for maximizing LFP battery life?

Is it a false economy to try to maximize life by being fussy managing the storage charge level, disconnecting and reconnecting the BMS and then diligently charging to 100% every month? Is it better to just "set it and forget it" and keep the MultiPlus going all year long? I want to avoid trying to be too clever and cutting off my nose to spite my face, if it is not really worth it.

Part of my concern here is "what counts as a cycle" when we talk about things like 3000 or 5000 charge cycles as being the useful life of a LFP battery. I hate to think I am using up my precious finite lifetime charge cycles just bouncing up and down between 95% and 100% at the dock while getting zero utility from the system.

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