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Victron Comms with a Fronius Tauro?

Can Victron communicate and control with the Fronius Tauro as it can with Primos, Symos and Ecos?

Froniuscommunication protocol
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albert-vd-westhuizen avatar image albert-vd-westhuizen commented ·

Also need answer on this. Would appreciate to hear if been tested/confirmed.....

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

The official statement from Fronius is that the Tauro is not approved in combination with Victron.

That’s mainly due to two reasons.

1. Flicker

2. Unable to test it thoroughly

Basically, the Tauro works with the Victron System as any Fronius inverter does.

But for now there has only been limited controlled testing possible. Some of these tests showed some flickering around the Victron zero-power point (PV equals load)

Until the software for bringing the flicker down to normal levels is available, we decided to officially not approve it.

As said, it works, but there are issues, so the risk of using the Tauro in combination with Victron is on the customers side.

As a further anecdote, there are large systems operating in the field without reporting issues as well.

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da9el84 avatar image da9el84 commented ·

Hey Guy, could you elaborate on what the implications of flickering around zero-power point would be?

Could you perhaps also elaborate on whether the Tauro supports frequency-controlled power reduction so you could hook up a battery to the system?

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dolis avatar image dolis commented ·
Hi is there some progress? We would like to use this combination at the instalation where we want to use 12x quattro 15kVA, 22x MPPT RS450/200 + 4x Fronius Tauro. So it´s could be useful to know if is it possible. Thanks. Tomas
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