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Incomplete VRM Logging - 48V 3000 MP II with Cerbo GX

We recently installed a 48V 3000 MultiPlus II (497 firmware), connected to a Cerbo GX and Pylontech US3000C. The Cerbo GX is connected to the MP II via the Ve-Bus, but we're still waiting on the CAN cable between Cerbo GX and the Pylontech battery. Realtime Logging has been enabled and I can see the instantaneous readings on the Remote Console (both via Wi-Fi and via VRM) and online via the VRM Dashboard.

The following issues have become apparent:

1. Initially we could see 'W' logs of the kettle, microwave and other draws on VRM under System - AC Consumption, now it seems to be limited to minor draws, like the fridge. This seems to have become an issue after updating the Cerbo GX to the 2.94 firmware from 2.91 to 2.94 (although reverting to 2.91 made no difference). Boiling a 2,400kW kettle while on AC no longer shows up, no matter which plug I use. Strangely, the heater shows up, one can clearly see when the graph increases/decreases by +-1,000W. Logging intervals are at '10m'.

2. During loadshedding (our daily municipal power cuts), while running on inverter, the Amps show up as negative, I'm assuming this indicates a draw from the battery?

3. The inverter also makes a buzzing sound, sometimes so loud that I wonder when the neighbours will come knocking. Would this be 'fixed' by a firmware update?

Why is the logging incomplete, am I missing something somewhere, maybe a setting? Only showing some of the power consumers defeats the object of having VRM.

Many thanks in advance!

ralf-ct asked
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Graphing information on soc vs active soc

Anyone know how to use the portal to graph the active soc over time?

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Change in vrm behavior

I realize this may be related to the recent issues with vrm, but just in case it's not I'm putting this out here.

Cerbo is set to report every 15 minutes. Before Mondays issues @ vrm I have always been able to zoom in on graphs on the advanced page and see minute by minute data. Now when I zoom in on a graph I am only seeing the data @ the 15 minute interval with a straight line in between.


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which information can i get from PylontechBMS in VRM?

i got 4 x us3000C with the "problematic" chips from last year and updated them to the last firmware V1.7 from august 2022.(before first installation)

in VRM i can make widgets with only some informations, like SOC min cellvoltage etc, but most of the fields are empty.

is this a normal behavior, or should i get more informations?

or is it a problem with new pylontech firmware?


thank you

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Download GPS data - Android app

The Download GPS Tracks link on the Android mobile app (ver. 2.8.5) does not work. If I connect to VRM via my phone's browser (Chrome), then the Download link works as expected.

gschulz asked
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VRM - long-term average hourly graph over 24 hours for a chosen period of time

Is it possible to get a graph showing the average hourly solar and consumption (and battery SOC) for a longer period of time? Below graph is for just one day, but I'd like the same view over a couple of months, or a particular season.

When deciding how to expand or manage a system, either with more battery capacity or PV panels, or both, or managing consumption patterns, it would be useful to establish what the system's average day looks like for each hour and where the gaps are that need to filled or managed.


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VRM Portal Error: "Unknown error. Please try again later."

I see this error was raised previously. It is happening currently to me and it is displayed for a short while on entry into the page. Advanced data detail with history is not displaying, only summary widgets. Any explanation will be welcomed.

carlob asked
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connection ethernet instable , VRM n'est plus en temps réel


Appreil utilisés: Multiplus II 48/3000 35/32 230V GX

Depuis peu et l'installation de la livebox 5 (orange) en Fibre , la connexion entre le Multiplus en Ethernet et le VRM est instable.

Les 2 voyants, orange et vert sont quasiment allumés en permanence sur la prise LAN du Multiplus et sur la Box il n'y a que le vert.

La connexion entre les 2 appareils est réalisé par un câble RJ45 neuf et pour le test j'ai changé avec une autre contrôlé bon.

En mode WIFI la communication entre le Multiplus , la Box , et la transmission de donnée sur le VRM est ok , le statut dans le tableau de bord est en mode réel et la connexion rapide.

Lorsque le WIFI est éteint, la communication entre les 2 appareils et le Vrm, ne fonctionne pas , j'ai une alarme et le tableau de bord ne se met pas à jour.

la configuration Ethernet est automatique , les valeur sont ok et correspondent aux valeur trouvées dans le router de la BOX


Console a distance: Active sur VRM

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Couldn't add widget GPS

Hello guys,

How do I access widget GPS on VRM.


edwin-earthcruiser asked
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Custom widget does not render correctly

I'm trying to create a custom widget for all my PV systems in one diagram for comparison.

While the preview of the editor looks fine, the final rendering mixes up colors and added an extra scale although I defined a single scale for all parameters.



Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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own graphs in VRM advanced with wrong colors and cutted side

since a few days some of my graphs are looking crazy.

the colors are wrong and the directions are upside down.

also the legend numbers are cutted.

tryed different browsers, machines, mobile, deleted graphs and made it new with no effekt.

this is the preview (create window) where it looks right:


this is shown in advanced:


is there a problem on VRM side, or on mine?

thank you

cacer asked
Alex Imbrea (Victron Energy Staff) commented ·

3 Answers

VRM Hybrid generator report for multiple sites

We are running multiple sites and I have to run regular reports off the system. Although the scheduler is great want to know if there is a way to combine multiple sites for one customer in a single report?

powere asked
mvader (Victron Energy) answered ·

2 Answers

cannot access VRM error message Installation too busy realtime data link disabled


I have not been able to access the VRM for the past 4 days. If I go to the boat all is good. here is the error message. Installation too busy realtime data link disabled

Daniele Calabrese asked
Daniele Calabrese answered ·

6 Answers

Cerbo in "Device List" but not in "Advanced"

Hello! I've got a problem with VRM:

My system was originally the following:

1x Cerbo GX

1x SmartSolar MPPT

1x MultiPlus Compact

Everything was set up and working well on VRM.

I’ve had to remove the MultiPlus to send it for a repair.

Since then, in the “advanced” tab of VRM (the one with widgets) the gateway shows as offline, while it still works in the “device list” tab (and I'm obviously connected to it).

I’ve even unlinked the multiplus to see if it would fix it.

Do you have any solution to fix it? I’d like to have access to the internal temperature of the Cerbo GX on VRM.


NOTE: I’m in another country from the system. So I can’t do anything “on site”.



pierbiag asked
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4 Answers

VRM Portal ID security

I have entered the VRM portal ID and vrm.victronenergy.com is working fine.

But how can I prevent that someone "guesses" my ID and also starts controlling my system?

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