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Slow charging lifepo4 when freezing weather

I just learned that you can charge lifepo4 batteries in cold weather, just currents have to be low. Anyone tested this with Gerbo, is it possible to program to do it automatically? So MPPT and Multiplus II for example would charge with lower amps when freezing?

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Cyrix-ct 100a life po4 conexion

Hi, its possible conect without BMS voltage reference ?

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Winter Battery Heater

Hello All. I’ve been running an all Victron system with 2x200ah batteries in my van for a couple years now. And with great success once properly configured:). I use the van periodically in colder US winter climate and when not in use, potentially up to several weeks, it is parked outside uncovered and connected to shore power. Shore power keeps the batteries charged and powering a few small loads and a space heater to keep the batteries happy and above freezing temperatures to allow charging. In lieu of operating an ambient space heater, I am looking for cost/energy efficient 12V heating pad/blanket options to install to keep the batteries at a healthy and happy temperature (say 50F?). Perhaps something like Battleborn’s heater kit but not as expensive. Ideally a Victron solution would be preferred but I don’t see that they have anything nor have I seen this Q&A in this forum. Any recommended suggestions? Thanks!

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mppt 150/85 tr ve can bulk but not charging

hi everyone

i have a problem with a NEW mmpt 150/85 tr ve can mc4 that does nt want to charge goes into bulk but no charge ,in the same configuration i ve put another that instant goes in bulk and charge

any ideas?de7e2257-6ba9-40e4-a6d7-9fdcd41b7d2c.jpg8f253e20-5eca-47f9-acae-24aadddae08a.jpg7dcb2f9a-5ede-42af-889d-52a8c7e536c9.jpgb083598b-e70c-464c-aeef-9cda211a3430.jpg

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Multiplus 2 ne redémarre pas après batteries BYD LVS à 0% puis rechargée à 30%

Bonjour. Ma config est la suivantes: 2 MPPT 450/100 + 1 Multiplus II 48/5000/ + 1 batteries BYD LVS 12 kWh, le tout raccordé (ESS) au réseau pour injection du surplus avec SOC à 30% . Lors d'un coupure du réseau la batterie BYD s'est déchargée à 0% et le Multiplus s'est mis en mode "en panne" (off).

Puis la batterie BYD s'est rechargée en journée à 40% (toujours sans le réseau). Mais le Multiplus est resté en mode en panne. Il a fallu l'éteindre pour qu'il redémarre correctement (toujours sans le réseau).

Pourquoi, s'il vous plait, n'a t'il pas redémarré tout seul après que la batteries se soit rechargée. (pourquoi a t'il fallu l'éteindre est le rallumé pour qu'il fonctionne à nouveau) ?

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Techniques to extend battery life of Lead Acid Batteries

My batteries are almost 5 years old now. Unfortunately in the past year we had severe grid electricity outage so my batteries have been exhausted by multiple deep cycles of discharge. My system uses a 24 Sunlight 2v - RES 8 SOPzS 1380 batteries. What I am facing now is that voltage drops dramatically as batteries reach 60-65% (drops below 44v). I am wondering if there is something I can do to try to extend their battery life to try for at least 1 year or 2 years. Thanks!

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how can I force chargeing from PV only / disable feed-in until batteries are full

Hi Folks,

during winter season, daily PV yield is not sufficient to fully recharge the batteries, especialy when direct consumption is also part of the usage.

My DSO does allow PV feed-in but does not allow chargeing from grid.

Using battery life alone, it would take weeks until a SoC of 100% can be reached, because discharging would still be allowed.

I'd rather find a solution to use almost all (and only) PV for chargeing, as well as prevent discharging until a SOC of 100% has been reached.

What would be the best option, given that I have Node-Red and the Cerbo with activated mqtt at hand?

My first guess is, to set the grid-setpoint to the value of the actual grid-consumption (so direct usage of PV will not take place, as all PV will be used for chargeing the batteries) .... do this until SOC of 100% has been reached, then return to a standard grid setpoint.

When minimum SOC has been reached, restart that procedure.

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Victron Lead Acid Batteries - Failure ?

All Victron batteries must have a manufacturing error after a lot of test and research on around 300 batteries from Victron mainly super cycle 25AH over 250 and 18 batteries Gel Deep Cycle 220Ah.

Most of the super cycle they fail within 6 months to 1 year even if you have them on float voltage and not cycling them, if cycling them on a solar system best you can get is 6 months. 30% got a catastrophic effect of swelling. Other manufacture of batteries with 4 year floating still there and running without a problem the only difference is that is 18Ah instead of 25Ah.

After 1year of using them new ones with serial numbers came out thinking they fixed the problem but at the end they all failed from 25Ah day one measured with a proper load tester they all end up at 3Ah the ones that are always on float voltage , the ones doing cycles are 100% dead. It was a big loss for us and there is no support or guaranty from our local dealer since they are not replying to our calls. They tried at the beginning to help but that didn't help since there is no response.

The 220Ah at a controlled environment at 25-30 degrees Celsius 70% state of charge as a discharge they get a half capacity if not less on some of them after 1 year.

After 1 year and 2 months it was failing cause of some of the cells in series of the 4 was actually close to 50Ah and some on 119Ah on 2 strings parallel of 4 in series.

All batteries show a good voltage like a new graph but with the difference of the capacity instead of 220Ah there new capacity 120Ah or 50Ah, on the small ones 25Ah when new but after 6 months to 1 year 3Ah if not swelling.

Note that internal resistance was measured but it can’t be trusted since it was showing good on a lot of cases but the capacity was not there, most test where done with C20 and C10 when new even C2 was good.

Hope this 2 year test and research on Victron batteries will help.

What is your experience with the Victron Lead Acid Batteries?

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Multi rs solar online settings access


I’m using multi rs solar 48/6000 with pylontech batteries and a cerbo gx all connected with ve can.

I want to know if there is a way to access to my multi rs settings with wifi, (online) n’es cause sometimes I want to charge my batteries with grid.

Without changing from « optimised » to « maintain charged batteries » I can’t charge batteries from grid. So I want to be able to change it from anywhere, but I can’t without being at 5m range in Bluetooth.

One more question, is there a way to charge an ESS configuration in multi rs to be able to feed info grid?

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Absorption voltage LiFePo4

Hi everyone

I read that the max voltage for a 3S LiFePo4 battery is defined at 12.60 volts. (Absolute maximum is set to 4.20 volts per cell)

So I wonder, why is the default absorption voltage in the SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 Charger for a 12.0 V battery, while choosing the Smart Lithium battery preset, set o 14.20 volts?

Even the float voltage is set at 13.50 volts which is also higher than the recommended max voltage of 12.60 volts.

Will these settings not damage the LiFePo4 battery?

Thank you,


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24V / 100AH LiFePo Battery not charging fully with IP67 24Vcharger

I have a 6 month old 24v / 100AH lithium battery that I can't seem to charge fully. I have been through 20 cycles with the Victron IP67 24v charger and the most I can get is around 10 amp hours. Charge mode is always the default Li-ion mode. I should not the first time I charged it took almost the full 100AH after purchase from store. The voltages all look correct but the charger goes into storage mode after about 1-2 hours. At most I get 3-5hrs of use with a draw of around 4-5AH, and then the battery dies. I have even hooked up to portable fridge / freezer, and it also gives out over the same time period. This is the second battery I have had the same issue with. All charger diagnostic looks good but can't get more than 10AH per charge even after leaving on for days.

The battery can take 40AH input ...


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GEL batteries failing after 6 months?


I upgraded my boat batteries and charging system 6 months ago.

6x 220AH GEL diagonal wired in series parallel with carefully identical cable lengths.


Charged with a Multiplus programmed for Victron GEL batteries and set to 70A max charge rate. Monitored with a Smart shunt. 4x95mm cables to the Multi.

System worked great, they have been cycled down to 85-90% about 4 times no problems, then this week, lost shore power and had a voltage alarm at 92%, 22V.

After a full charge to float, I consumed 30A out of them for approx 1.5hr, watching the voltage steadily drop from 26-24.5V as seems typical, then suddenly they 'collapsed' to 22V.

I disconnected them all, charged with a 12V compact multi I have and painstakingly performed steady discharge tests on each single battery, they all perform as expected until about 90%, then the voltage 'collapses'.

I have not seen this behaviour before, any experts out know what might be the cause?

Thanks in advance.

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Lifepo charge limitation

For Lifepo batterys its better to limitate charging. Is it possible with Victron MPPT 150/60 to limitate charging to 80%?

Lifepo Akkus sollten nicht unbedingt auf 100% geladen werden. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, beim Victron MPPT 150/60 die Ladung auf 80% zu begrenzen?

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Quality of leroy Marlin Xunzel agm battery?

Last week I bought an agm solar battery from leroy Marlin.

Name solarix, brand Xunzel.

Is leroy Marlin brand for all solar accessories.

I will use it to support my agm victronenergy, either separately or in parallel as needed.

It has charging and internal resistance characteristics very similar to the victronenergy and this is good for parallel.

In fact, measuring with a schunt the current was divided almost perfectly (in relation to the capacity).

What do you think of these batteries and this brand?

They are medium quality batteries ... Not at the level of agm rolls or troyan, but not bad either.

The price range is about that of victronenergy agm batteries.

The data sheet is very interesting:

It performs worse in cold weather than victronenergy.

It has performances similar to victronenergy in terms of capacity in relation to the C rate, but victronenergy is slightly higher.

But it has performances of duration in cycles and in years much superior to the agm victronenergy.

100% DOD: unknown victronenergy, xunzel 400 cycles.

80% DOD: victronenergy 400 cycles, xunzel 600 cycles.

50% DOD: victronenergy 600 cycles, xunzel 900 cycles

30% DOD: victronenergy 1500 cycles, xunzel 1300 cycles.

10% DOD: unknown victronenergy, xunzel over 2000 cycles.

Standby use at 20 C°: victronenergy 7/10 years, xunzel 10/14 years.

Basically it appears that these xunzel agm have high DOD performance, similar to victron agm supercycle.

Victronenergy deep cycle AGM years or cycle duration is not exceptional for a solar battery at these price.

Here the two datasheets: AOvVaw0AWZwMcTcRp-3RcREF_PXQ

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SmartSolar Batterylife

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 (firmware v1.59) installed in my camper van. The load output operation mode is set to "batterylife".

How can I see what the active SoC limit has been set to?

I do not have ESS assistant installed because I am never sending power back to the grid - just charging the battery from solar or the alternator in the van. I had the battery shut down recently around 60%, so the batterylife algorithm appears to be having some effect.

I have added a widget to the VRM portal showing "ESS battery life SoC limit (%)", but this only shows a continuous 10% which is where the static SoC limit is set.

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