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GEL batteries failing after 6 months?


I upgraded my boat batteries and charging system 6 months ago.

6x 220AH GEL diagonal wired in series parallel with carefully identical cable lengths.


Charged with a Multiplus programmed for Victron GEL batteries and set to 70A max charge rate. Monitored with a Smart shunt. 4x95mm cables to the Multi.

System worked great, they have been cycled down to 85-90% about 4 times no problems, then this week, lost shore power and had a voltage alarm at 92%, 22V.

After a full charge to float, I consumed 30A out of them for approx 1.5hr, watching the voltage steadily drop from 26-24.5V as seems typical, then suddenly they 'collapsed' to 22V.

I disconnected them all, charged with a 12V compact multi I have and painstakingly performed steady discharge tests on each single battery, they all perform as expected until about 90%, then the voltage 'collapses'.

I have not seen this behaviour before, any experts out know what might be the cause?

Thanks in advance.

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Lifepo charge limitation

For Lifepo batterys its better to limitate charging. Is it possible with Victron MPPT 150/60 to limitate charging to 80%?

Lifepo Akkus sollten nicht unbedingt auf 100% geladen werden. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, beim Victron MPPT 150/60 die Ladung auf 80% zu begrenzen?

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Quality of leroy Marlin Xunzel agm battery?

Last week I bought an agm solar battery from leroy Marlin.

Name solarix, brand Xunzel.

Is leroy Marlin brand for all solar accessories.

I will use it to support my agm victronenergy, either separately or in parallel as needed.

It has charging and internal resistance characteristics very similar to the victronenergy and this is good for parallel.

In fact, measuring with a schunt the current was divided almost perfectly (in relation to the capacity).

What do you think of these batteries and this brand?

They are medium quality batteries ... Not at the level of agm rolls or troyan, but not bad either.

The price range is about that of victronenergy agm batteries.

The data sheet is very interesting:

It performs worse in cold weather than victronenergy.

It has performances similar to victronenergy in terms of capacity in relation to the C rate, but victronenergy is slightly higher.

But it has performances of duration in cycles and in years much superior to the agm victronenergy.

100% DOD: unknown victronenergy, xunzel 400 cycles.

80% DOD: victronenergy 400 cycles, xunzel 600 cycles.

50% DOD: victronenergy 600 cycles, xunzel 900 cycles

30% DOD: victronenergy 1500 cycles, xunzel 1300 cycles.

10% DOD: unknown victronenergy, xunzel over 2000 cycles.

Standby use at 20 C°: victronenergy 7/10 years, xunzel 10/14 years.

Basically it appears that these xunzel agm have high DOD performance, similar to victron agm supercycle.

Victronenergy deep cycle AGM years or cycle duration is not exceptional for a solar battery at these price.

Here the two datasheets: AOvVaw0AWZwMcTcRp-3RcREF_PXQ

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SmartSolar Batterylife

I have a SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 (firmware v1.59) installed in my camper van. The load output operation mode is set to "batterylife".

How can I see what the active SoC limit has been set to?

I do not have ESS assistant installed because I am never sending power back to the grid - just charging the battery from solar or the alternator in the van. I had the battery shut down recently around 60%, so the batterylife algorithm appears to be having some effect.

I have added a widget to the VRM portal showing "ESS battery life SoC limit (%)", but this only shows a continuous 10% which is where the static SoC limit is set.

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MPPT 75/10 flashing green (2Hz)

Testing out a new MPPT 75/10 along with a small solar panel (3 pcs 6V/3W panels in series) and an used 80Ah AGM battery.

I notice that even after several days og sunshine and with not consumption, the green LED flashed twice a second to indicate BatteryLife.

Battery voltage is 13.0V - 13.2V.

Does this indicate a dead battery?

Or should I just add a propper solar panel to get things going?
What are good threshold values for an AGM battery?

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On a Blue Solar MPPT with load output, For the "Battery Life" setting, how often is the voltage being read?

I have an issue with a Renogy self-warming battery: during the warming cycle preceding the charge, the voltage at the battery terminal is dictated by the resistance of the heating element and the voltage setup in my MPPT for a LiFePO4 battery of 14.4V.

This voltage leads my inverter to believe that the battery has reached a full charge voltage and proceed to start inverting on a nearly depleted battery. I need to know how often the setting "Battery Life" takes a reading sample in order to determine the SOC. Is it daily, hourly, multiple times per second? Any information from the manufacturer about his would be really useful, thank you.

@Johannes Boonstra (Victron Energy Staff)

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Victron Easy solar 2 (48 / 3000VA) Charge controller current limiting "due to limited 48V-200AH Tubular battery Capacity"

Dear VICTRON support community,

Warm Greetings from Syria,

I am seeking your kind advice over the below residential setup please :

1- If I have a (Victron Easysolar II (48/3000)) product, which is connected to two PV strings joined in Parallel, each String has {4 x in-series (540W PV-Panels)}.

2-I do also have a limited battery capacity connected to the system as this is what I can currently afford, {48 Volt, 200 AH, Lead Acid Tubular Battery}.

3- Now considering the limited battery capacity I have, and as the included MPPT charge controller is 250/70, I do believe that it's necessary to limit the charging current of the MPPT down to 200/6=33 Amps as I don't want to cause any battery damage.

My question is: if I do limit the MPPT Charging current will that also affect/Limit my max Direct-sunlight Solar-power AC supply capacity? in other words will my max AC output power from the inverter be limited to: 33Amps x 48 = 1584 Watts. ? ..... no matter how bright the sunshine is?

Does the Victron system implementation have a way around this?

Thank you in advance for considering & addressing my Question as I am new to this community and to the solar domain in general.

With my kindest regards to all

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Configuration mppt 100/50 sur batteries de voiture

Je ne trouve pas le réglage de 0 à 7 pour utiliser des batteries de voiture .

C'est tout ce j'ai pour l'instant .


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[Feature request] Limit active SoC Limit

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask for new/improved features.. But here I go.

Im using Victron ESS with BatteryLife. In this weather there can be a week or two with clouds and almost no PV output, and then suddenly there's a day with lots of sunshine where I generate up to 20 kWh day.

However, due to the previous bad weather.. BatteryLife has increased the active soc limit to a high number, 85% in my situation currently.

I would like to request a additional feature ('partial BatteryLife') that limits the active SoC Limit 50% for a couple of reasons:

- AFAIK 50% SoC is ideal for Li-Ion batteries or atleast is better than running at 90-100% SoC for days or maybe even weeks.

- It allows for increased self-consumption by having 50% of the battery capacity available instead of sometimes just 5% if Active SoC limit is 95%

I don't see any disadvantages to having the Active SoC Limited to 50%

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