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Struggle configurating BMV712 + MPPT 75/15 + BlueSmart ip22 with lifepo4

Hello everyone and thanks for your help !

I have a setup with an mppt 75/15 that works well but I decided to change the AGM battery by a LiFepo4 battery and adding a BMV 712.

As the battery requires a special charger I also purchase a BlueSmart Ip22.

I am currently struggling to configurate all the steps, could someone give me a hand?

The battery is a 150ah 12V and I will add here the notebook that came with the battery -brand Ecoworthy-.

I just setup the menus as LifePo4 but I am trying to tune a bit more the menus to be accordingly to the specs of my battery.





Another thing is when I am charging with the BlueSmart it seems to take a lot of time to rise the volts, how can I be sure when the battery will be full? Normally with my AGM battery the way how I will be sure that it is full would be the Float mode. But I am a bit confuse now with the LifePo4


Thanks for your help and advices !!!

BMV Battery MonitorMPPT SmartSolarbluesmart ip22setupbatterylife
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Spec sheet says charge voltage of 14.6V. This should be your absorption setting in the MPPT and IP22. Otherwise looks ok.

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Understood, should I also change then the charge load on BMV from 14.1v to also 14.6v ?

Is it normal that the float voltage is at 13.5v ? Thanks for your help

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Also, is it normal that the Mppt never goes on float and stays at absorption?

In the graph it seems that the voltage suddenly goes down from time to time. This happens with PV under sun. Doesn't this means that the BMS is cutting the battery ?screenshot-20230902-130350.png

Thanks for your help


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