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Battery Life not working correcly?

Hi all!

I am not sure that Batterylife is working correctly in my system.

Using 3 phase Quattro-II 5000/48 System in ESS Mode and Batterylife is activated. Last Winter Batterylife is working fine.

During Summertime Batterylife algorithmus was not necessary because of high sun power, the battery reached 100 % SoC every day. So my minimum SoC is staying at 20 % the whole summer.

The last few days sun become rare and my Battery does not reach 70% SoC for 3 days, SoC is now under 30 %, my minimum SoC still remaining on 20 %. Discharging has not been stopped and the minimum SoC has not been raised from 20% to 25%. Why?

Is it necessary that the minimum SoC is reached one time for reactivating back the batterylife algorithmus? I dont understand why my minimum SoC is not adapted accordingly to the momentary missing of sun power.

Any hints appreciated.

Sincerely Marc

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Just to clarify, the minimum SOC is what you set, this won't change.

The active SOC is what will change.

The system will adjust by 5% per day using the following algorithm (extract from the manual):

On a technical level, BatteryLife increases the dynamic lower charge limit by 5% for each day that a good state of charge was not reached. The value is increased once a day when the battery reaches the lower limit for the first time. When the battery reaches 85% SoC on the day, the increment for that day is canceled and the limit remains the same as the previous day. If the battery reaches 95% on any day, the dynamic discharge limit is lowered by 5%. The result is that the battery reaches a healthy charge of between 85% and 100% SoC every day

There is one side note:

It raises this level by 5% each day until the energy which the system draws from the batteries during a 24hr period matches the energy being replaced

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thank you for your answer.

this is exactly what says the manual, and yes i mixed up minimum SoC and active SoC.

my question was: my minimum SoC is set to 20%, why does the active SoC not change while sun power is not sufficient and the SoC of the battery has not reach 70 % for 3 days.

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It should adjust, if BL is active.

Is the GX up to date on its software?

Have you tried rebooting it?

Do you have any customisations that are running- assistants, node red etc?

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