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Skylla IP65 controlled by CAN-Bus via Cerbo GX configuration problem

Hi Community,

I have two Skylla IP65 paralleled and connected to a Cerbo GX via VE.Can and one "other" BMS for a LiFePo4 battery, also connected via BMS.Can with 500kBit/s or via the same Ve.Can bus with 250 kBit/s. Works both.

The Cerbo GX shows all three devices. Also the Cerbo shows values from the BMS for Charge Voltage Limit (CVL), Charge Current Limit (CCL) and Discharge Current Limit (DCL). I can see all three values in my BMS configuration tool also. Thumbs up!


Both Skylla IP65 don't react! I tried:

- Connecting only one Skylla
- Setting Parameter #31 BMS to "Yes" - which results in an error #67 "BMS communication lost"
- Switching DVCC on and playing with some parameters

No matter what I do - the Skylla chargers do what they want instead what the BMS wants...

Does anyone have a similar configuration up and running, especially with a Skylla charger?



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VECan BMS+Skylla IP65 12/70 1+1 / Current control

Dear Community,

I would like to request your help regarding setup of a Skylla IP65 12/70 1+1 connected on VE.CAN to a intelligent BMS.

A REC-ABMS is issuing CVL, CCL and DCL data (respectively Charge Voltage Limit, Charge Current Limit and Discharge Current Limit). Data appears correctly on a GX display.
The Skylla is also connected to the GX display and data appears ax expected on the same GX display.

I would like to configure the Skylla so it follows CVL and CCL values. I have enabled the BMS Present feature (#31) but this lead to the following error after apporximately 10s : "error 67 : BMS connection lost".

I would be very grateful if someone could help suggesting the setup necessary to get the Skylla to honour the CVL and CCL data.

Best regards,

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Ip65 stuck in storage mode

I have an ip65 blue non smart charger and a mppt solar controller installed in my offroad caravan. I noticed that my agm battery almost competely discharged while plugged into 220v. The ip65 still being in storage mode. Thought it could be as a result of mppt controller but parked under roof so solar also not charging.

Is the ip65 not supposed to wakeup and move to bulk? Any ideas what could cause this and how to fix? Ip65 is non blue tooth so cannot update settings.

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Automotive Charger 12/4 IP65 : always on "standby"


J'ai acheté le modèle automotive charger 12/4 IP65 (simple : pas le bleu). J'ai voulu l'utiliser pour recharger la batterie de la voiture, en respectant l'ordre de branchement (+, -, secteur). J'ai ensuite sélectionné le mode 2 (> 14 Ah), mais cela repasse en standby après un temps très bref (1 ou 2 secondes). Que se passe-t-il ?

Merci de votre aide,



I bought an automotive charger 12/4 IP65 (not blue). I wanted to use it to charge the battery of my car, respecting the order of connection (+, -, and sector). I selected mode 2 (> 14 Ah), but it disconnected after one or two seconds and went back to standby.

Please, what can I do ?

Thanks a lot for your help

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Blue Smart IP65 12v 15Ah feature issues

Under the user defined charge parameters, the Absorbtion time ‘wheel’ shows hours and minutes, however you cannot configure ‘10mins’ or ‘1hr 10mins’. You can only configure 1hr 2hr 3hr etc.

I have a need to configure minutes.

Also you can only configure a charge rate of 4Ah or 15Ah. I have a need to charge at 6Ah and 10Ah, is this possible with a software update ?

Thank you for your time

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Input Watts for Blue Smart IP65

Can you tell me the watts used by the Blue Smart IP65 chargers in both normal and reduced modes?

Looking at the 7, 10 or 15A models.

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Thickness cable IP65 12/15

I ordered the IP65 12/15. I wonder what the thickness of the cable (1.5 m) is... Because, 15A x 1.5m. x 0.2 = 4.5 mm2 diameter....That should be the thickness, correct? The connector cable with indicator leds (BPC900110114 or BPC900120114) is 3.3 mm2 in diameter and also 1.5 meter (see pdf) I was thinking to buy also the connection cable with indicator leds. If the cable of the IP65 12/15 is also 3.3 mm2, then, it's already too small, I think (should be 4.5 mm2). And certainly if I use the connection wire too... Then, 15A current is running over 3 m, needing a wire of (15 x 3 x 0.2 = 9) 9 mm2

So, what is the diameter of the original IP65 12/10 cable? And, can I extend that with the "battery inicator eyelet/panel"? What should I expect? Will it get very hot? Too hot?


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IP67 25A charger, how much load can I run while charging?

If I am running 80A on my 12v battery, can I use the 25A charger to offset the load? If it isn't possible, what is the maximum load I can have while using this? I understand I won't be able to charge, but I just want to slow down the power usage as much as I can.

Is the IP65 any different?

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Blue Smart IP65 charger user-defined preset for Valence XP12

Im wanting to pre-charge my 4 Valence XP12s equally prior to connecting them in parallel. I used the Li-ion setting but it seems to absorb at 14.2 and float/storage at 13.5. The Valence calls for charging to 14.6 and float at 13.8. I noticed somewhere in the manual it stated the Li-Ion preset used a special algorithm. So if I create a user-defined preset with those settings, will it pick up this "special" lipo algorithm, or will be the normal algorithm thats possibly not optimal for lithiums?Thanks for any advice or tips.

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Bluetooth IP65 charger - changing names

We are using multiple Victron IP68 Bluetooth chargers on a heritage railway, one for each carriage. Is it possible to change the displayed names when looking at the chargers using VictronConnect as the proximity of each one to the next is confusing?

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Blue smart IP65 12V 10A and Lifepo4. Calibration needed?

Hello, I’ve bought a 100Ah 12V lifepo4 battery with a JBD Bluetooth BMS. I used the battery for the first time and I discharged it down to 30Ah. Then, I used a Victron Energy IP65 smart battery 10A charger with factory Lifepo4 settings. the bms shows about 9.91 A of current being charged into the battery during the charging but, after only 4.10 hours the charging cycle is completed. The Victron connect app show that 44Ah were charged and the BMS indicated that the battery is 100% charged (100Ah) which sounds strange to me... if the battery has a capacity of 100Ah and with 30Ah still in it it should have charged 70Ah in about 7hrs. So, either the battery is undersized, or the charger is not properly calibrated for the battery. Is there anybody else having this kind of problems using Blue smart charger with a lifepo4 battery ??? Thanks

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IP65 Smart Charger bluetooth connection?

I am able to connect bluetooth to the charger when connected to mains power (the lights on the charger are on), but I cannot connect when not connected to mains nor when it is being charged via Anderson Plug by the car or solar panel (charger lights are not on in these instances). Should I be able to connect?

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Blue smart charger ip65 12/15 stopped working

Blue smart charger ip65 12/15 purchased July 2020 stopped working

Worked fine for approx 1 week .. using default settings. Unit did successful firmware update on initial power-on and I could connect via Bluetooth from Android phone

Now when powered on (connected to battery or not connected - same result) Normal & test light flash once. When trying to connect via Bluetooth .. device is found then drops every 5-10 seconds. When it is found cannot pair with default pin as it drops out before I can finish pin entry.

Now when trying to connect via Bluetooth .. all lights seem to flash briefly, twice, during pairing discovery then stop completely

Tried several Bluetooth devices (android, MAC, windows) .. all have same issue and cannot connect. Tested on multiple batteries

Pressing mode button does nothing, tried most of the Victron troubleshooting tips, does not respond to force firmware update by holding Mode button during power on

Looking for any other guidance or suggestions

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Blue Smart IP65 and IP22 can be connected in parallel with another charger?

Let's say a 12 V AGM battery bank is charged by a big, powerful but terribly inefficient "BULK" charger that runs for a limited time up to 14.4 V Absorption, but this charger wastes 50W when IDLE / Float, even when the battery current is less than 100 mA. The Bulk charger can be set to turn off at end of Absorption.

Could I use a Blue Smart IP65 (or IP22) set to Power Supply Mode at 13.5 V in parallel with the Bulk Charger, just to provide a more efficient Float stage?

Would the 14.4 V Absorption of the Bulk charger cause damage to the IP65 or IP22 set to 13.5V?


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IP65 Blue 12v 5A - Relay Cycles constantly in Float Mode

I have a 12v/5A IP65 Charger which has been used to keep cars not driven often topped up.

Today noticed that it was making a relay click sound about every 10 or so seconds and when viewing the volt/amps on Connect App, it showed it the currrent was droppiing to zero every 15 seconds (approx) which then lasted about 5 seconds before the current would pick up to about 0.3A (during this clicl cycle the voltage seems to rise and fall about a range over 0.2v. It has been doing this today for about 2 hours so far today.. I've had the charger about 2 years and never heard it making noises so frequently as this. Should I make a warranty claim?? If so who do I need to return to in Australia? It otherwise seems to be charging somewhat normally.

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Output short circuit protection on IP65 12/15 charger

How good is the output short circuit protection on an IP65 12/15 charger? Is it necessary to add a fuse on the 12v DC output side?

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