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Observation in Power Supply Mode and #27 Short Circuit Error of a IP65 12/15

Less of a question and more of an observation for those that have short circuit detected when using power supply mode with no battery connected to help stabilize voltage.

Tested with a Siglent SDL1020X-E 200W DC Electronic load

Test 1 - Step change from 0.0A to x.xA will unit Error with short circuit (fast slew 0.5A/us)

  • 1A - OK
  • 2A - OK
  • 3A - Error
  • 2.5A - OK

Test 2 - Step change from 0.5A to x.xA will unit Error (fast slew 0.5A/us)

  • 0.5A to 5A - OK
  • 0.5A to 10A - OK
  • 0.5A to 14.9A - OK
  • 0.5A to 15A - Error

Observation from testing is that as you pull more current starting from 0A at about 0.43A on my unit I hear a relay pull in which is likely putting the output into a higher power capability that allows loads to step change basically up to the rated output current of the device but not further. I noted that the voltage will pull down some and come back during the stepped current change which I think if it pulls down voltage too much it declares a short circuit as too much load.

Summary - if using this unit as a power supply (without a battery at the output) you should consider that you many need to pull about 0.5A prior to stepping to as much as the rated current. Also initial current needs to be less than a step to about 2.5A. One other note once the output relay is pulled in it does not drop out until less than 0.1A or so is being drawn so once the relay is pulled in you can step to near full current output as well.

Hope this info helps someone understand what happens in Power Supply Mode.

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A few more comments on the above info after a bit more testing:

  1. Even with current draw slew rate decreased to 0.001 A/uS a short circuit was still register when trying to go from 0A to 14.9A. Sorry but I cannot set the slew rate any slower with the SDL1020X.
  2. Time for relay to pull in at current around >0.5A but <2.5A is 2-4 seconds so a lower load will need to be on for up to 4 seconds before jumping to full rate current or about 14.9A.
  3. This mechanism could be a challenge for incandescent and halogen lights as they can have a large inrush current due to low resistance when cold but rises as the bulb element heats up, LEDs typically would not have this issue unless the supply for the LEDs has a high inrush current which is not normal.
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