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MPPT RS 450/100 tracker jumping up and down

Hi all, I seem to have a few minutes per day during which the tracker is unable to lock the maximum powerpoint. In that scenario you just see the voltage jump up and down a couple of times per second for minutes at a time before shading conditions change to something more usable.

Shading during that period is pretty bad. That tracker has 7 panels facing east at low angle but at the end of the afternoon they are in the shade of the house. Shading is killing of the panels one at a time over a period of less ~30mins.

I need to catch it while it happens as 1minute VRM data never shows this. I have now seen it happen 3 times but it could very well be happening every day.


mppt rs
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Alex Pescaru answered ·

Hi @kudos50

Is the tracker in the "voltage/current limited" mode ?

Because it's producing only a very small quantity of energy, aprox. 100-200W

In this mode it's normal behavior.


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Not sure I understand where to find that. If you are asking if battery was at 100% than the answer is yes. But the 100% was reached a long time before this behaviour manifested.

Feed DC to grid is switched on as well. I have Pylontech and MP2s so MPPT RS is in external control mode all day according to its state history.

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Yes, indeed, that is what I've asked and you've answered to other (unsaid) questions too... :-)))

I have a Multi RS which somehow shares the same hardware and software architecture with your MPPT RS.

Mine does the same when it doesn't have any much work to do and it's in the limited mode.

It evens sometimes drops entirely one tracker and works on one single tracker.

So don't worry, it's a normal thing, as long as it reacts and does correctly other things.

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I will wait for a day with similar conditions and validate it does not happen if battery is not at 100%. The other tracker is working fine at that time but has no shading conditions.

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