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MPPT RS 450/100 bricked?

I am failing to updae the firmware on the MPPT both through VRM and Bluetooth - I fear it is bricked.

Any suggestiuns to fix the problem are welcome - details below....

The MPPT shows "update active" at its display within less than one second after powering up.


It can be accessed via Bluetooth and the cerbo gx. When I try to update the firmare it starts to do so, but fails at a certain point. Current firmware version is 1.05.

Update trials via VRM: The MPPT was connected via the VE.can bus to the Cerbo GX (tried with as well - same behavior). The procedure works nicely up to 75% then it stops


and quits with an error message -


retrial results in such a message at the VRM (waiting for some task to be finished):


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Battery connection MPPT RS 450/200




I can’t find instructions on the connection for battery/48V. The torque is specified to 14 Nm, but am I supposed to remove both nuts (as delivered the terminal bolt has nut-washer-spring washer-nut)?

Is the cable shoe supposed to be connected on top of the first nut or directly on the terminal with two nuts?

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RS MPPT 450/100 & 450/200 three units all error 200 faults. Anyone having similar issues?

We have install several RS 450/100,200 MPPT units. However 2 x 450/100 error 200 and 1 x 450/200, same error 200. Only two units out of all the installed units actually worked on startup.

We have checked and double check our installations, they are all according to specifications.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue or is there something we are simply missing?

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mppt 450/100 sur off

bonjour mon tout nouveau mppt RS 450/100 est sur off, la tension (2PV) est de 79Volts mais pas de courant, ni puissance du coup

d'où cela peut il venir ?

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Dimensionnement parc de batteries


Je suis en site isolé et j'ai atuellement 10 panneaux de 450Wc et 6 panneaux de 245Wc branchés sur un MPPT RS 450|100. Celui-ci charge 4 US2000C de chez Pylontech et je souhaiterais en ajouter.

Je n'arrive pas à trouver de préconisations sur le nombre max de batteries avec ce régulateur. Est-ce qu'en ajouter deux vous semble possible ?

Côté convertisseur j'ai un Phoenix 48-5000.

Merci pour vos lumières :)

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Multiplus II 5000 Application and Questions


I'm planning and understanding what I need from a high level design before I start talking to qualified installers in my area.

I'm in Cape Town/South Africa and we have load shedding daily and outages between 2-8 hours a day. So I'm looking at a MultiPlus II 5000 GX, MPPT RS 450/200, 1 or more 51.2V 100Ah LiFeP04 batteries with onboard BMS (Victron compatible) and ±15 x 545W PV Panels totaling ±8kW max output.

Working from home I want to design/split my load circuits into 3 categories, Critical Loads (Office, IT equipment, Fibre, WiFi and networking with average 1.4A max 2.5A), Essential Loads (Lights, house power points, small appliances, fridges and freezers) and Non-Essential Loads (Pool pump, geysers, heat pumps, aircons).

My idea is that I have my Critical loads on ACOut1, Essential Loads on ACOut2 and Non-Essential on the same circuit as ACIn.


  1. Can the ACOut2 relay be controlled to switch off if no grid, no solar and battery SOC is say less than 30%? That way I can keep at least my Critical loads running off battery a little longer.
  2. Is there a benefit of having a MultiPlus II + Cerbo vs Multiplus II GX?
  3. In this configuration, can excess solar be used to supply the Non-Essential loads to save on grid or alternatively feed-in to grid (with the correct meters and approval)?
  4. The MPPT RS spec on its DC Output charging power is confusing. 4kW per tracker but its max total is 11.5kW. Can someone explain this? I assumed the 450/100 will be to small for my application?
  5. On the City of Cape Town approved inverters dated 2023-01-06 (link below), the MultiPlus II 5000 is listed but not the GX model. Compared to the MultiPlus II 3000 GX where both models are listed. Is the 5000 GX in the process of being approved or can you consider the 5000 and 5000 GX to be the same inverter model with just the addition of the GX functions?

Thanks in advance

City of Cape Town approved inverters 2023-01-06

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Any advantage for the SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 vs. MPPT RS 450/100

I plan to install 10 - 395W panels as a 5 Series x 2 Parallel configuration for a 48V system. From computing the MPPT charge controller, the Excel VE-MPPT has 2 options: #1. SmartSolar 250/100 and #2. the MPPT RS 450/100.

Base on the comparison below, I did not see much advantage of the MPPT RS 450/100 controller vs. the SmartSolar 250/100, except for being able to connect more panels in series to 450V. Did I miss something for the MPPT RS purpose? Why would one use the MPPTR RS?


Category #1 SmartSolar #2 MPPT RS notes
Price $950 $1295
Size Small Large
Battery 12, 14, 36, 48 48
Efficiency @48V .99 .96
Power @48V 5800 5760

Voc Min +5V 120V
#2 - 120V is way too high for shadowing days
Vmpp min +1V 80
Voc Max 250 450
Max PV voltage @ min Temp (-10C) 241.7 241.7 #2 has more head room
Min PV Voltage @ max Temp (70C) 157.8V 158.4V
Max current @MPP min Temp 88.7A 87.3A
#2 MPPT RS tracker current is 18A
Max current @MPP max Temp 71.8A 70.7A
PV Array 5S x 2P 5S x 1 - per Track (2) #2 has room to grow 3 more panels

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ESS with Multiplus and MPPT RS - Design sanity check

Hello community. This design is ESS for a house, 230 V 50 Hz, Ireland. Initially, starting with 5.6 kWp of solar PV but will scale to about 20 kWp (AC and DC - PV). I have two quick questions I'm also wondering about, and if there is anything about this diagram you think looks funny, please let me know!

1. Are the DC disconnects between the MII and MPPT to the Distributor recommended/necessary? (Or just a nice-to-have?)

2. Do we get away with bolting directly to the Shunt, as shown? I know it's not preferred, but is it functionally incorrect? It will happen to look a lot nicer to go in from the side in this case.

Many thanks in advance!


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producing no solar question

I have set the Minimum SoC to 90%

But now when my battery is at 90% then my MPPT is producing no Solar

If now reduce my Minimum Soc to 80% then the battery will start discharging and also i am producing Solar

My question is why was i not producing any Solar when minimum SoC was at 90%, surely it should have produced solar to

-increase battery to 100%

-produce for my current AC loads

-produce to export to the grid?

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Erreur #23 Sonde température interne manquante MPPT 450/ 100


Recap of the installation :

6 pylontech US2000 module

MPPT RS 450 100

Multi plus II 5KVA

Cerbo GX

Everything is in the title. The mppt has not been producing for several days and I have alarm #23.

The updates are ok:

Cerbo V2.87 update

The updates seem to be ok.

SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100 A110 /dev/ttyS5 v1.10 v1.10 À jour
MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 2623 /dev/ttyS4 V500V500 À jour

I have some other issues that may put you on the track and that I can't solve:

I regularly have alarm overloads even though the client only consumes a few dozen watts.

At the beginning of the commissioning we had low voltage alarms while the batteries were charged to more than 90% with untimely restarts.

The low voltage alarms have now ceased but the #23 and mppt are still present.

Translated with (free version)


Récap de l'installation :

6 module pylontech US2000

MPPT RS 450 100

Multi plus II 5KVA

Cerbo GX

Tout est dans le titre. Le mppt ne produit plus depuis plusieurs jours et j'ai l'alarme #23.

Les mise à jours sont ok :

SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100
A110 /dev/ttyS5 v1.10 v1.10 À jour

MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48
2623 /dev/ttyS4
V500 V500 À jour

Mise à jour Cerbo V2.87

Les mises à jours semblent ok.

J'ai d'autre soucis qui peut être pourrait vous mettre sur la piste et que je n'arrive pas à résoudre:

J'ai régulièrement de alarme Overload alors que le client consomme que quelques dizaine de watts.

Au début de la mise en service on a eu des alarmes tensions basse alors que les batteries étaient chargées à plus de 90 % avec des redémarrage intempestifs.

les alarmes tensions basses ont maintenant cessées mais le #23 et mppt en panne sont toujours présente.

Merci pour votre aide.

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MPPT 450/200 Maximum battery voltage only 62V


I have upgraded our ess 3 phase system and added a MPPT 450/200.

Now I am very surprised that this only goes up to 62V battery voltage.

Previously, we had the MPPT 250/100 so I could charge without problems up to 64V.

Also the Multiplus can charge as far as I know up to a maximum of 67 V, so I am surprised that the MPPT 450/200 can not.

Maybe it is possible to raise the maximum voltage to 64V via the firmware of the MPPT 450/200?

It is really very surprising that not all MPPT chargers and inverters can output the same voltages.

I have a Lipo 16S battery that I could charge with the MPPT 250/100 only to 4V per cell, that was ok, but now I can only charge to 62V total that is really a pity.

I hope there is a way to change this via firmware to raise the maximum voltage to 64V.

Thanks for the help and many greetings

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Multiplus II GX regularly rebooting and causing MPPT RS to go offline


My Multiplus II GX keeps on rebooting itself multiple times a day and sometimes it loses connection to the MPPT RS on reboot. When this happens, I have to do a manual reboot for the MPPT RS to be found again.


I have a Multiplus II GX connected via VE.Direct to an MPPT RS, and via BMS-CAN to a BYD BMU. I have v500 firmware and v2.92 Large installed on the MPII GX. The MPPT RS has v1.10. The BMU contains the latest firmware from BYD. The MPII GX has an ethernet connection and comms testing has confirmed that this is a reliable connection

The system has been very stable for 18 months until October when it failed twice. This month it is failing every day (only during daylight hours) and, I suspect, when a state transition is happening (e.g. below Active SoC to above Active SoC).

I initally thought that it might be an intermittent cable issue however both cables have been removed and replaced and the system has immediately recovered. The connections are sound and no comms errors have been reported.

I have done some initial diagnosis and have captured the relevant /data/log/messages.


The symptoms are as follows:

  1. Rebooted on 16 December at 11:44, 11:48, 11:52, 11:57, 12:00, 12:06.
  2. Each time, the VE.Bus state changed from Ext Control to Bulk (although this may be a symptom rather than the cause). At the 12:00 reboot, the MMPT RS went offline and didn't come back. This meant the batteries stopped being charged as the MPPT RS had no data from the BYD BMU.
  3. I noticed the MPPT RS was offline at 13:09 and manually rebooted the MultiPlus II GX. It reported that the connection to the BMS was lost but this is an artefact of the main problem.
  4. The MultiPlus II GX then rebooted itself at 13:44, 13:48, 13:51 and 13:58. This time the MPPT didn't go offline. However, notice the times - exactly two hours after the previous reboots. I suspect a firmware issue.

Looking at the messages logs it seems that every time the MPII GX rebooted, there was a period of time (1-2 minutes) where nothing was added to the logs. So nothing obvious although the preceeding messages contain a lot of ipv6 related details.

I have logs that I can provide to Victron support and am more than willing to open up the remote access.

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MPPT calculator excel that includes MPPT RS 450/200


Does anyone have a excel calculator that has the Victron MPPT RS 450/200 included?

Thanks in advance

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BMS connection lost four times in two months

I realise this question has been asked a few times in this community but they all occurred some time ago and in one response @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) said that it has been resolved in a firmware update. I have the latest firmware:

  • BYD Premium LV battery
  • BMU firmware v1.22
  • MPPT RS 450/100 (firmware v1.10)
  • Multiplus II GX 48/5000 (firmware 498)
  • GX firmware v2.92 Large

Each time the MPPT was displaying #67 BMS connection lost and the MPPT disappeared off the Remote Console pictogram. A reboot of the Multi fixes the issue. The first time the error occurred was in October 2022, then once a few weeks ago, and today I got the error twice. After the second occurrence I reseated the VE.Direct cable in the Multi and the MPPT and will see if that improves matters.

One thing to note is that the error seems to occur when the Multi is changing state – the first time was back in October when the battery reached 100%. Today the error occurred when the Multi was switching ESS state from:

  • "Optimized + BatteryLife: SoC below dynamic SoC limit", to
  • "Optimized + BatteryLife: self consumption"

This can't be just a coincidence, surely?

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reason for RS mppt display flashing systematic, no error codes


Less than one year used RS mppt 450/200 display flashes fast 8times and then keep break, and again.

This start again today when light rise outside. This will reset if i keep system down long.

Only abnormal other thing is error in cerbo display 'battery high voltage' - 641,22V.

System work fine.

Thinking, can it be from parallel multiplus II 230V 48/5000 feeding same 48V busbars .. those are not same hardware versions. old is 07, new don't know. new have stamp 'UK CA'. Both are buy 2020/2021.

Fw. is 494 in both.

Multiplus parallel adaptation is solved by using 0,1ohm resistors on both side multi in live wire.

So 4pcs resistors. same length wiring 2,5mm2 inlet and 6mm2 outlet, amp meters and circuit breakers. Still not too great balance, but system is more stable.

Or can it be on mppt side?

Mppt have fw. 1.10. Cell voltage stays way below 400V allways (8pcs pylontech .. float 51V).

Is something going broken in mppt / what is reason about flashing ? Err 201?


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