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Limits of AC an DC coupled PV


I have a three phase system with Quattro 48|5000's. At the moment its fed by a Fronius Symo 6 on AC-1-out, deliverying 6kVA on full power. I am planning to add about 10kVA solar power on DC side with a MPPT RS450/200. And potentially also a Hoymiles HMS-2000 on, probably, L1 (again AC-1-out).

My queustion is about the limits of the system.
Assume there is full power sun and we get 8kVA from AC-coupled solar (which should be fine with 1:1 rule, 8 < 15). What happens if the DC side power its full 10kVA towards the Quattros? That would mean 10kVA from DC and 8kVA from AC, which is well above the systems 15kVA? Would the GX tell the DC MPPT to go down, preveting the system from overload? Or how are such scenarios working?

Thanks in advance :)

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RS MPPT 450/100 & 450/200 three units all error 200 faults. Anyone having similar issues?

We have install several RS 450/100,200 MPPT units. However 2 x 450/100 error 200 and 1 x 450/200, same error 200. Only two units out of all the installed units actually worked on startup.

We have checked and double check our installations, they are all according to specifications.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue or is there something we are simply missing?

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Batrium + Victron + CerboGX- What is controlling my charge ramp down? (ESS)

Hoping someone can help. Ive been searching the web, forums etc. for a answer to my question.

Im charging my pack to 54.0 volts. When i hit that, at some point, the victorn system will add 0.4 volts to the 54.4 volt since im exporting excess solar to the grid.

However it will keep charging at 54,4 volt for some time, serveral hours at around 30-40 amp until my soc hits 100% in the batrium system (99% in victron) and finally it ramps down to 3 Amp.

My batrium remote target is set for 54.0 in normal/100AMP and 54.0 in limited, 1 amp. But when i hit 54,0V it keeps going and slowly ramps down to 30-40 amp, and when i hit soc 100 it will return to 3 amp. I dont understand why. DVCC is enabled, so i assume my MPPT charge values are ignored, aswell as my Multiplus-II values set in Veconfigure. So something else is controlling this ramp down effect.

To my understanding victron doesnt care about set Amp values when i use DVCC, it only cares about voltage, but what defines my absorption charge time then????

Hope someone can help. Im afraid im charging my battery to 100% and i dont want that.

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alarme sonde de température sur MPPT 450/100

Depuis 3 ou 4 jours j'ai une alarme #23 sonde température interne manquante je n'ai pas branché cette sonde je n'ai pas eu de pb avant j'ai 2 batteries Pylontech US 5000 et un multiplus 5000 VA + cerbo GX

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About to take a Dremel to my MPPT RS to connect DC cables -- bad idea?

I think this is okay, but figured I'd check with the collective expertise before I start modifying this thing. My Victron MPPT RS 450/200 uses two sets of DC cables to connect to the bus. And it has an access slot that is just a bit too narrow for these 4/0 cables. My questions are:

a) any issue expanding that opening to fit the cables through, and


b) any issue with the two positive cable lugs just barely touching on the terminals (and the negative cables will do same on the negative terminals)?


Many thanks for generously sharing your thoughts!

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Cleaning Quattro and SmartSolar MPPT RS of dust

I bought EUR 50k worth of Victron equipment. Then, wanting to take good care of it, I commissioned the building of a dedicated building to house it all so that it could be environmentally controlled - dehumidifier, dust HEPA filter, active ventillation inlets and outlets with a dust-filtered air intake in order to keep the air in the room clean. The building was purpose-built and the equipment installed. Both the builder and the electrician were well aware of the sensitivity of the equipment to moisture and dust and that the entire purpose of the building was to protect the equipment against ingress of particulate matter (dust, rodents) and moisture. I was intending to keep the equipment pristine and dust-free for many years.

Well, with the equipment ready to be commissioned, I went into the building to perform a final inspection, and what do I find? Everything, and I mean absolutely everything, was covered with a thick layer of dust - from drilling holes in plasterboard, and wood chippings from drilling holes and shaving bits of wood. A layer of dust about 7mm thick. Everywhere. Some wood chippings were large thin shavings perhaps 2cm x 1cm x 0.5mm. That was on top of the equipment, inside the equipment exhaust grilles, and inside the equipment. The affected components are mainly several Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100's and several SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/200's. I asked the builder to explain himself and he said, well I covered it as well as I could, it can all be hoovered up.

I hoovered the outside of all the devices, I took off the top covers of the Quattros and hoovered the (top) exhaust grilles and blew them out with an air blower from above and from below. I could not really figure out how to remove any covers on the MPPT units so I hoovered them up and blew them off externally with the blower.

I am absolutely gutted. Before I ever even switched the units on, they've already been covered with more dust than they'd have received in 15 years' worth of use in a normal (i.e. not dust-filtered) building. I'd have been better off if I never constructed the climate-controlled building in the first place.

How serious a problem is this? Can the units be cleaned? Are they now useless? What can I do to clean them of dust? Can they safely and adequately be cleaned of dust? The MPPT chargers clearly have dust inside their displays, so presumably the dust is everywhere.

Thank you.

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Alarm from Cerbo or MPPT RS when PV is disconnected


Is it possible to get an alarm to the relays on the Cerbo or MPPT RS 450/200 if a PV string is disconnected?

The purpose is to trigger an alarm if the panels are being stolen.


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Génératrice AC hydro en entrée MPPT ?


Je dois trouver une solution fiable pour exploiter l'énergie d'une génératrice d'une centrale hydro-électrique. C'est une génératrice monophasée dont la fréquence est variable (entre 0 et 65 Hz), et la tension entre 0 et 230V (auto-régulée). La puissance de la génératrice est 12 kW, mais la turbine est estimée à 5 kW mécanique maximum (24h/24 presque toute l'année).

L'installation sera équipée d'un Multiplus (ou Quattro) 48/10000, un Cerbo, des Pylontech.

J'ai identifié 4 solutions :

1) Couplage réseau de la génératrice qui va la maintenir à 50 Hz. Injection du courant et gestion du surplus par l'onduleur chargeur comme un onduleur AC non communiquant. (les clients ne le souhaitent pas pour limiter le surplus sur le réseau)

2) Directement en entrée du Multiplus / Quattro : j'ai peur des découplages fréquents et de la mauvaise stabilité de la fréquence et tension

3) Redressement de la tension alternative et utilisation d'un onduleur PV zéro injection.

4) Redressement de la tension et utilisation d'un MPPT RS 450/100.

C'est sur cette dernière option que je préfère aller, mais j'aimerais avoir un avis sur la fiabilité et le niveau de redressement qu'il faut. Si je mets uniquement un pont de diode, est-ce que le MPPT va supporter les variations de tensions sur le long terme ? J'imagine qu'il y a un gros condensateur en entrée du MPPT qui va devoir absorber toute l'énergie entre deux ondulations... Il faudrait mettre un filtre passe-bas LC pour limiter ça mais jusqu'à quel niveau de perfection ?

Quelqu'un a déjà fait quelque chose de similaire ? (Ou avec une grosse éolienne c'est le même problème) Je suis aussi preneur de références de boitiers qui peuvent faire une bonne régulation et sortir une tension réellement constante pour 5 kW !

Merci d'avance

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MPPT RS Aux Input programming

We want to use the Auxiliary Input ports of an MPPT RS 450/200 to monitor the status of an external switch contact.
Ackording to the online manual the Aux Input is programmable through VictronConnect, but I cannot find that function when connected to the MPPT through VictronConnect.
I have tried connecting through the VRM section in VictronConnect recently, and through Bluetooth from within VictronConnect when the MPPT was installed a few months ago.
Am I just missing it, or has this function not yet been added?

Thank you in advance.

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Ferrule or not? 10 AWG, 7-strand, PV wire into MPPT RS 450/200

I didn't see anything in the manual that mentions ferrules (although the manual does have a graphic that might indicate ferrules if those yellow ends of the wire are an indication), and opinions online seem to be all over the place. Right now I'm leaning toward not using ferrules because it's 7-strand PV wire, but I really have no idea. I have the ferrules and the tool, just don't know whether it's best practice in this case to put ferrules on or not. Many thanks for any thoughts!


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MPPT RS - 450/100 Isolation Resistance


is it possible, to show the Isolation resistance of the strings connected to the MPPT RS - 450 Series? It would be a very nice feature, to log this over time, when it is for example raining. I can't find it in Modbus Registers Whitepaper. Actually this is a great feature, but Iam now a little bit disappointed not seeing these values anywhere...

Maybe you have plans to add these values in future, or is it just not documented?



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Multi RS Solar 48/6000 Error 27

I have installed the system on november last year, and it has worked well so far.
Since yesterday I started getting this error (error 27 charger short circuit) and the multi goes in passthru. Only a power cycle will bring it up again. The firmware is updated.
I have two strings of panels, ~ 280v per string, total kwp is 5.5Kw, or about 2.5-3 kw per string.
Battery is a diy 280ah lifepo4.
Is the thing broken?


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MPPT RS 450/100 bricked?

I am failing to updae the firmware on the MPPT both through VRM and Bluetooth - I fear it is bricked.

Any suggestiuns to fix the problem are welcome - details below....

The MPPT shows "update active" at its display within less than one second after powering up.


It can be accessed via Bluetooth and the cerbo gx. When I try to update the firmare it starts to do so, but fails at a certain point. Current firmware version is 1.05.

Update trials via VRM: The MPPT was connected via the VE.can bus to the Cerbo GX (tried with as well - same behavior). The procedure works nicely up to 75% then it stops


and quits with an error message -


retrial results in such a message at the VRM (waiting for some task to be finished):


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connect BMS to Multi RS Solar

Hi everyone I have a solar system with battery using a Multi RS Solar 48/100

The Multi RS doesn't estimate the battery state of charge correctly so I'd like to connect the RS-485 / CANBUS from the battery to the Multi RS Solar.

the technical details of the battery connection is as follows:

RS485 and CAN interface, which supports communicating with multiple machines in parallel and with the upper computer.
RS485 baud rate is 19200, CAN baud rate is 500K.

8P8C RJ45 Pins Assignment (RS485)
Pins Definition
1,3 RS485_B
7 RS485_A
2,6 GND
8 N

it also has a jumper for "victron compatible" output.

this is the battery from aliexpress... I'm using the 7.7kWh version.

Now how should I go about connecting the battery to the Multi RS?

Do I use a BBB (with an add on CANBUS transciever and VE.CAN to CANBUS cable)


buy a cerboGX and connect multi-rs with VE.CAN cable and BMS with "CANBUS" cable


Can I connect the BMS straight to the Multi RS VE.CAN using a CANBUS to VE.CAN cable of some sort?

any help / advice would be appreciated

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