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charge controller compatibility

Wind Turbines and victron charge controllers

hi, i would like to know if victron mppt charge controllers support wind turbines? if yes could i run 2 controllers in parallel, one with solar and one with a wind turbine?



lief ryan asked
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Mppt controller/ or smart monitor.kompatinlität mit smart mppt100/30


Weiß jemand welche Monitor von den beiden mit meinem smart solar charge mppt 100/30 kompatibel ist! (Solarregler mit Bluetooth)

Es gibt ja den mppt Control(rund)(Manual wird nur bluesolar erwähnt)

Oder den smart Monitor (längliche) anscheinend nur für größere 150er mppt aufwärts!

Wer weiß da was?

Vielen Dank gruß

klem asked

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Solbian SP-52L / MPPT 75/15

Hi All,

Apologies for the newbie question: I'm thinking of mounting one or two Solbian SP-52L panels on my sailboat. The specs for these panels are:


Voc: 10.9V

Vmp: 9.1V

Isc: 6A

Ipm: 5.7A

If I've understood correctly, I would indeed need to wire at least two of these panels in series in order to use my MPPT 75/15 (i.e. to achieve the required minimum voltage). One panel alone would not work in this configuration. Is this correct?


metamark asked
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Nube here - Which controller should I use?

Hi all. Brand new to the community.

I am installing a total of 8 385w Jinko panels. Originally, I had planned 2 strings, each in a series-parallel connection. I had planned on using 2 250/60 controllers.

Then, someone told me I could go with a 150/85 for each string if I wired each string in parallel.

My panels:

Vmp - 40.8v

Imp - 9.45a

Voc - 49.1v

Isc - 9.92a

Device rating- 20a

Any suggestions?


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PWM Controller

I think I’m slightly out of my depth looking through some of the discussions on here!!

I converted a camper a while ago and then decided to fit a ‘simple’ solar system

I installed one 100w panel and a 20amp Victron PWM controller which has worked well, but was planning to ‘improve’ the performance

I’ve now got a second identical panel to add, but, am slightly confused as I’ve been told that I can wire it in series or parallel!

I was told that the controller would allow this, but, is this correct if I wire in series and then have 24volts to it?

Any pointers would be very helpful

Many thanks


phil-fouracre asked
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Smartsolar charge controller not connecting to bluetooth

Mppt 100 15 charge controller will no longer connect to any devices. I was using this perfectly fine up until a couple of months ago when all of a sudden it stopped reading. I have tried disconnecting everything and reconnecting and even tried multiple devices but nothing works. Is there a way to manually setup in victonconnect app so I can at least see my controller? Not sure what else to do but I am getting frustrated haha....

victronuser16 asked
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input 12 v lead acid starter battery output 24 v electric motor lithium battery

Looking for a dc to dc charger to charge my 280 ah 24 v / 6800wh lifepo4 electric trolling motor drive battery from my 200 ah 12 v starter battery. (50 Amp 12V alternator on main engine)

Can you give me an advice what kind of dc to dc charger would suit my needs ?

something like a orion tr smart 12/24-15a (360w) isolated dc-dc charger should work ?

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mppt Victron Charge Controller voltage question.

Li'l help! I have a MPPT charge controller 150\100 (bluetooth) and what i've been told is i can run 24volt panel (350w) to 12volt gel batteries, And the charge controller will regulate it.. is this true before i install?. Thanks for your time!

walls asked
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Can I remotely mount a SmartSolar Control display?

To clarify... I do not want to plug the display onto the controller but use connector to mount display remotely. Is this what VE.Direct to RS232 is used for?

mrcc11 asked
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Solar panel suitability question

I have bought a BlueSolar PWM Duo-LCD-USB charge controller to charge my 220ah leisure battery bank and also the vehicle battery on my motorhome. Could anyone tell me if these solar panels are suitable for my system please? I would be looking at buying 2 of them. The manual for the charge controller says to use 36 cell panels but these are 54 cell.

frontbackside2side asked
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MultiPlus-II GX comm with Morningstar?

Hi folks, new here. I am considering a Multiplus II GX, and I need to know whether it can be made to communicate with a Morningstar TS-MPPT-60M charge controller. If anyone has experience with the two.....? TIA. ~TAO

tao asked
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Centaur - 3 Ouputs to a Buss

In order to gain more amps out of the a single Centaur charger, is it possible to simply attach all three output to a buss - and thereby gain 3 times the current output?

jimbjamn asked
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BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 and LiPo batteries

My boat has BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 solar panel controller and AGM deep cycle batteries. I would like to replace the AGM batteries with LiPo batteries with the following characteristics:

capacity 100 Ah
Cont. Discharge Current 100A
Peak Discharge Current 350 A
Max charge current 100A
Rec. charge current 10-50A
Nominal Voltage 12.8v
BMS cutoff voltage 10v (internal BMS)
charge end voltage range 14.2 - 14.6v
charge characteristic CC / CV

Can I use this solar controller with the LiPo batteries, and if so, do I need to change the settings?



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Pylontech/Kodak Force-L1 Battery compatibility

Based on the Victron battery compatibility page, the Pylontech Force-L1 battery has been tested and is compatible with the MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50.

I'm from South Africa and here we don't get the Pylontech variant of the Force-L1 but rather a KODAK re-branded Force-L1 battery. They are virtually identical in spec and appearance. The KODAK is just a different color but I'm not sure if the MultiPlus will recognize it as a Pylontech battery or if the KODAK runs a different firmware on the BMS.

Does anyone have experience / knowledge on whether the KODAK branded Force-L1 will be compatible with the MultiPlus?

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Victron MPPT 75/10 stops sending power after one or two minutes

After one or two minutes of use, the controller stops to send power to the instruments. If I disconnect the - of the battery, and reconnect even immediatly, it reworks for, again, one or two minutes.

I have tried to plug the battery direct, no problem, so it seems that's the controller which is in fault. Is it possible to fix it?

Thanks and regards,


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Lost the MPPT 150/70 connection on the ColorControl

Good day, I just lost the"connection" between the 150/70 CC and the Color control ? Suddenly.

The Color control shows "not connected" for the Charge Controler .

Checked the cables and they seem OK.

Checked to "see" the CC with bluetooth and I do see it there .

Any idea what can have gone wrong ?


Herve RV Nizard asked
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100/20 48v Mppt panels

Hello all.

I want to add more charging capacity to my victron ESS system moslty for the winter/dull days.

(multiplus 48/5000/70, 4 x pylontech us2000 and 4kw solar Edge)

Looking at getting a 100/20-48v.

The choice of panels I have are

4x 285w 2series 2 parrel (voc39.3V isc 9.5A per panel)

2 x 325w in series. (voc40.7V isc 10.37A per panel)

2 x 375w in series. (voc47.75V isc 10A per panel)

They will be on a flat garage roof s/w facing so will not have max sunlight.

All check out on the victron calculator but with 4x285w showing Amber charge current of 20A

Im thinking 4 x 285w for most efficient in bad conditions, but some expert advice would be much aprociated.


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75/15 mppt charge controller panel sizing

hi there, i am new to this forum and also a PV beginner, so my questions might sound silly, apologies.

two things:

1. i have a 75/15 mppt installed combined with 2 50w westech panels

panel specs:

Maximum power (W)
Voltage at maximum power (V)
18,6 V
Current at maximum power (A)
2,69 A
Open-circuit voltage (V)
22,7 V
Short-circuit current (A)
2,88 A
Length x Width x Height Frame/Socket
668 x 545 x 35 mm
Maximum voltage
1000 V
4,3 kg

how many more panels can i connect in parallel? as far as i can understand, i need to add the short circuit current figures and make sure that total amps don't exceed 15 amps.

2. i want to deliver ~15 amps 30-35 meters away (100-114 feet) from the battery bank. a dc cable calculator i found online, suggests that an AWG 00 (~9mm diameter) cable should be used. has anyone done anything similar?any suggestions?

thank you all in advance for your answers

greekgeek asked
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Exceeding capacity of MPPT 150/100?

I’m building an RV system using (6) 250w panels with the following specs:

Max Power: 226.92w

Vmpp: 21.052v

Imp: 11.01a

VOC: 24.34v

Isc: 11.75a

While researching for the appropriate Victron controller, I attempted to use the MPPT Calculator (Excel) to size the charge controller, but my panels don’t seem similar enough in specs to the Victron panels for inputs.

I plan to use MPPT 150/100 with the above panels (which I already have) in parallel and 12v. But now I’m confused as to whether the panels exceed the controller’s capability, and/or whether I should wire it differently in some combination of serial/parallel.

Can anyone verify this unit will work or recommend a better course of action or a different hardware configuration. Any help greatly appreciated.

BTW: I currently have a 12v battery bank using (4) Trojan T-145 6-Volt batteries. I realize this is small for the above, but plan to replace this after I install the above.

mlink asked
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MPPT loses Bluetooth when connected to Cerbo via CAN

Connection to my 150/85 CAN MPPT controllers has always been flawless until I installed my new Cerbo yesterday. Does CAN connection to the Cerbo prevent Bluetooth connectivity? The Victron remote console shows solar charging correctly.

The Victron connect app shows one controller in grey and indicates it's already connected to another device. It's not. The other controller looks normal, but connection stalls at 20%.

I have shut down and restarted the Victron connect app. I have restarted my phone. I have un-paired and attempted to re-pair the controllers. The controllers will not re-pair.

monoceros asked
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Blue Smart IP65 and IP22 can be connected in parallel with another charger?

Let's say a 12 V AGM battery bank is charged by a big, powerful but terribly inefficient "BULK" charger that runs for a limited time up to 14.4 V Absorption, but this charger wastes 50W when IDLE / Float, even when the battery current is less than 100 mA. The Bulk charger can be set to turn off at end of Absorption.

Could I use a Blue Smart IP65 (or IP22) set to Power Supply Mode at 13.5 V in parallel with the Bulk Charger, just to provide a more efficient Float stage?

Would the 14.4 V Absorption of the Bulk charger cause damage to the IP65 or IP22 set to 13.5V?


mondeoman asked
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Solar System for 4s 16.4v NMC Lithium Ion Batteries

Hi all,

I am designing a custom solar system setup and want to be sure it will work.


Here's details on all components

Solar Panels - Two 12v panels at 115 W each (already owned)

Charge Controller - Victron BlueSolar MPPT 100/30

Batteries with BMS - Nissan Leaf Generation 2 Battery Module Lithium Ion NMC

Inverter - Victron Phoenix 12V 500W

Wall Charger - 54.6V 9A YALANCHA

My goal is to disconnect the solar panels and connect the wall charger (powered by generator) on cloudy days. The reason I chose a 48v charger is because I will eventually get a 48v battery for an electric bike so I'd need it anyway. I calculate that I can plug this charger into the inverter to charge the bike battery from the Nissan Leaf batteries. What do you think my potential issues are? Thanks a ton!

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Use swith to connect panel & regulator

Hello all,

I have a small panel (80W), sufficient for my boat.

I want to be able tu cut off both panel and charge controller ("regul"), but also prevent a wrong manipulation (that is to say; panel connected to charge controller but charge controller not connected to the battery.

I have plan to use 2 bipolar switch, wired like in this picture.

Well here only the "+" is shown, to have it clear, but the idea is to set 2 switch, one on the "+", and another on the "-".


Is there any issue to do it this way ?

Any risk when the charge controller is connected to the solar panel and the battery simultaneously ?

louarn asked

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Charge profile for Nissan Leaf Gen1 48v on 250/100?

I am new to Victron and Solar in general. I just purchased a 250/100 charge controller and want to make absolutely sure I don't ruin my starter battery. I am using a Nissan Leaf Gen 1 14S setup at 48volts. I want to make sure I use the best charging profile for this, can someone give me some guidance from their setup?

ash88 asked

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Any disadvantage from choosing Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 instead of 75/10?


from the data sheet it looks as if the Victron BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 is identical to the 75/10 except that it costs approximately 10 EUR more but is capable of charging with 15A rather than 10A.

Is there any reason (except of the 10 EUR) not to choose the 75/15? For my purpose it would be overdimensioned as of now but I may choose to connect larger solar panels sometime in the future.

Best regards,

danielkr asked
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How do I choose which MPPT Controller I need?

Having difficulty figuring out what controller I will need for my solar power boat project. I’m hoping you can help me.

Here is my set up:
(4) 12v deep cell gel batteries 100ah (series)
(2) 100w solar panels with these specifications.

Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Mono Solar Panel(Compact Design)
Solar Cells: 33 Cells Cable: 14AWG (2ft long)
Junction box: IP65 Connector:s MC4 connectors
Maximum Power: 100W Maximum System Voltage: 600V DC (UL)
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp): 17.9V Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.6V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp): 5.72A Short-Circuit Current (Isc): 6.24A
Cell Efficiency: 21% Max Series Fuse Rating: 15A
Weight: 16.5lbs Dimensions: 42.2 X 19.6 X 1.38 In

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Communication between Windows Bluetooth and Bluetooth enabled Victron devices

Hi all. Is there any way one can get basic information from a Bluetooth enabled Victron devices through Windows and its embedded Bluetooth?

We are making use of the BlueSolar MPPT 100/15 charge controller.

Stephanus asked
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Help choosing charge controller and what will i need to change to maximize solar charging

I have a 2021 eclipse attitude rv that has (2) 210 watt solar panels roof mounted, with a Zamp Solar ZS-30A 30 Amp Digital PWM Solar Charge Controller. This trailer is new to me and have tried to do alot of research on solar/ chargers. I was looking at the victron 100/50. I am not sure if this is the correct choice, I am currently seeing 30 amps of charge rate but will not keep that up until the lifepo4 battery is charged, it will kick into float very early in my opinion. I also plan on adding (2) panels but not for a awhile. also what wiring changes will i have to do to the solar panels to use the victron charge controller? thanks for nay help

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