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Wind Turbines and victron charge controllers

hi, i would like to know if victron mppt charge controllers support wind turbines? if yes could i run 2 controllers in parallel, one with solar and one with a wind turbine?



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Pylontech/Kodak Force-L1 Battery compatibility

Based on the Victron battery compatibility page, the Pylontech Force-L1 battery has been tested and is compatible with the MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50.

I'm from South Africa and here we don't get the Pylontech variant of the Force-L1 but rather a KODAK re-branded Force-L1 battery. They are virtually identical in spec and appearance. The KODAK is just a different color but I'm not sure if the MultiPlus will recognize it as a Pylontech battery or if the KODAK runs a different firmware on the BMS.

Does anyone have experience / knowledge on whether the KODAK branded Force-L1 will be compatible with the MultiPlus?

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Battary level control. (24v two series 12v battarys)

We can controlled 24v two 12v series battary from the bus and we can application from 24.8 to 28.4 V for safely controlled battary. Can we do it with smartshout or can you advice to control of the level battary with your system

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250/85 going to float 150/70 x 2 still in absorb

I just expanded an existing installation by adding a 250/85 to an existing system with 2 x 150/70 charge controllers . All wired up this afternoon, but the new charge controller is just sitting in float rather than charging as well. The old chargers are in absorb and the new addition goes straight to float, meaning the new array is not doing anything . Is there a fix for this ? One thought I had is the the 150/70s are using the adaptive charging ( which I cant change) and the new one I have set to fixed absorb time . The 250/85 didn't even run through its full absorb time before going to float

thanks in advance

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battery is not listed as compatible ?

New here new to solar, extremely qualified electrician, I have 4 Eco-worthy 12v 100ah LiFePO4 battery's, Victron MultiPlus II 12/3000/120-50 2x120V inverter this battery is not listed as compatible ? is why and can or how do i set inverter to accept them.

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Maximum input Amps each solar channel of the MPPT RS 450/100 can handle

I have a question re the MPPT RS 450/100 charge controller. What is the Maximum input Amps each array of solar panels can pass into each channel on the charge controller? The documentation is not clear. From a data sheet I found it looks like the max amps should be 18A, but that is not clear if that is the total for both channels or for each channel, or some other number.

I am trying to confirm that each channel on the MPPT charge controller can accept 10 solar panels that are 540Watts with a max output of 41.64V at 12.97A each. My math looks like this, 10 panels in series should equate to 41.64V x 10 = 416.40V at 12.97A, which means I should be able to have 2 arrays of 10 panels, one into each side of the MPPT RS 450/100?

Thanks Duncan

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mppt 150/85 tr ve can bulk but not charging

hi everyone

i have a problem with a NEW mmpt 150/85 tr ve can mc4 that does nt want to charge goes into bulk but no charge ,in the same configuration i ve put another that instant goes in bulk and charge

any ideas?de7e2257-6ba9-40e4-a6d7-9fdcd41b7d2c.jpg8f253e20-5eca-47f9-acae-24aadddae08a.jpg7dcb2f9a-5ede-42af-889d-52a8c7e536c9.jpgb083598b-e70c-464c-aeef-9cda211a3430.jpg

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Charge controller

We upgraded our inverter to 24v 3000w inverter with built in charge controller but the model failed. When it was installed 3 x 280w panels were added to the existing 4 x 100w panels. The new panels were connected directly to the inverter and the old panels were connected to a 100/50 Victron charge controller. We have now bought a Victron Multiplus 11 24v 3000 w inverter. Would a 150/ 35 charge controller be suitable to take the 3 x 280w panels?

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How an inverter works in "External Control" mode?

I'm trying to understand how "External Control" mode works in case we have shore power.

Setup: MultiPlus 48/5000 + Cerbo GX +(over CAN Bus)+ LFP battery (similar to this one).

I'm struggling with OverVoltage and DisbalanceVoltage errors on the battery.

And I have some doubts regarding (VEConfig 3) settings changes which I'm trying to play with.
For instance, I noticed limitation: the battery does not allow me to use Charge Current more than 30A.

I'm playing with different settings, e.g. Absorption/Float Voltage.


(DVCC➡Maximum Charge Voltage: 55.3)

In my understanding, the inverter shall go to Float after full charge battery. But it does not (I mean, the light "Float" does not light up).

Before I connected CAN bus to the battery – "Float" was working.


  1. How to figure out which settings are applicable in "External Control" mode?
    1. Does an inverter has some influence or BMS controls most of things?
  2. If there are limits, how to deal with OverVoltage and DisbalanceVoltage errors on the battery?

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Multi RS Solar - control from extern


I hava a Multi RS Solar, with a BIY 48V Batterie (20kWh).

I want to use the "Multi RS Solar" only a as charger/discharger for the battery. Goal: Zero feed to Grid and later combined w/ stock market prize (to feed it at high rates).

So far I'm struggling on how to control the device. I set up VenusOS on a RPi (w/ CAN Hat), running fine so far, Multi RS is detected. But it seems linke ESS is not implemented for the Multi RS Solar.

Has anyone an Idea how to tell the setup to charge and set limit power/current?

Is there an way via Modbus or BMS CAN interface?

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Mismatched Solar Panels - Can this setup be salvaged

Wanted to try to fit solar panels around my Maxxair fan so opted to go with mismatched Solar panels. Did a good amount of research and thought i had concluded on a good plan to wire them all in Parallel. The panels are similar in Voltage but not in Amps. However realized i might have a problem when I was watching a video yesterday that stated there is a minimum voltage for MPPT Solar Charge controllers. I dug in a bit and it seems that Victron solar charge controllers need battery voltage (12v) + 5v to start charging. The lowest voltage for my panels is 17.95. However it seems that the panels likely won't reach that voltage until mid morning if at all, leading to a solid amount of effeciency loss

Panel stats

Panel Wattage 175 watt 100 watt 50 watt 50 watt
Optimum Operating Voltage (Vmp) 17.95V 20.3V 18V 18V
Optimum Operating Current (Imp) 9.75A 4.93A 3.01A 3.01A

Wired in parellell, 99% effeciency could be achieved. But I don't see any other configuration (series or series parelell) where I could even get about 70% efficiency.

I've purchased a Victron MPPT charge controller. Is there another option that might work or a panel configuration i'm missing

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Solar Charge settings for 14.4V LI-ion Battery

The battery specs I have are: 14.4V, 16500mAh, 237.6Wh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

The 110V charger that came with the battery has a 16.7V, 4.0A 66W output.

Could I charge this battery with a 100/10 charge controller?

Thanks in advance!

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Can a Blue Smart Charger trigger an Orion DC-DC charger to charge a secondary bank?


I'm looking to rewire my charging circuit as a result of a burnt battery caused by a rather mysterious wiring scheme on a boat I recently acquired. Won't go in to details how it was wired, but need help on wiring it properly. I have a Volvo Penta D1-20, with a voltage sensing alternator (sensing in image as a yellow line). I'm wondering if connecting the shore power using a Victron Blue Smart charger and the alternator connected only to the start battery bank and then charging the house battery bank (AGM) via an Orion DC DC 12V charger would also charge the house battery when on shore power only. A.k.a would the smart charging voltages put out by the AC charger confuse the DC-DC charger or could one expect that when the AC charger is connected to shore, it would charge the start battery bank and via the DC-DC charger also the house battery in all normal cases (assuming start battery is not in low charge state). I'm looking to configure the DC-DC charger in a way that it will only charge the house battery when the alternator or shore power is connected, presumably using the engine on detection logic. It would never be used as a battery to battery charger. Basic idea pictured below, not including fuses etc, just a rough sketch. Any other solutions are mostly welcome as well. Thank you in advance!


Best regards,


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Charge Controllers not syncing settings

I just setup a new system and have two different Solar Arrays and controllers connected to one battery system. In my previous setup the two charge-controllers would synchronize settings (absorption, float..etc), but in my new system they are not doing that. If I change the float value on one, it does not update on the other.

I have verified they are both on the same Bluetooth network.

They are running different firmware but they are both up-to-date according to VRM and the app.



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Single 12v Panel capable of Charging 24v battery array MPPT 75


I have had a supplier incorrectly supply solar panels that are 12v and its impossible to return them as we remote.

Specs: 140w

Open circuit: 22.68V

Optimal operation: 18.90v

Short Circuit: 8.00A

Optimal Operation: 7.41A

Will a single panel charge 24v 24ah (2x 12v 24ah "gels" in series)

Using a Victron MPPT 75 | 15 (NO BT)


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