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Can / Does CerboGX send SOC from Smartshunt / BMV712 via CANBus?

As above

Does the CerboGX transmit SOC (and Voltage, Current, Temperature) out on CANBUS when it's received from a BMV712 or Smartshunt?

I have other devices that want to know these parameters, and having the come from the Cerbo would be ideal.

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VE.Connect setting

I am curious about a setting I have seen a screenshoot of from a VE.Connect session on a BMV-712.

It is the setting I have highlighted below called "Battery SOC on Reset"


I have only ever see the "battery starts synchronised" setting there with an off/off toggle, as per the screen shot below:


In what version of VE.Connect does the "Battery SOC on Reset" appear? It looks a much more flexible option as it adds a choice of "Keep SOC".



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Pourquoi le BMV indique 85% au lieu de 55%?


J’ai une batterie AGM de 225Ah pleinement rechargée. Après quelques semaines sans utilisation, avec une décharge constante de l’ordre de 0,1A, le BMV712 indique 85% de charge.

Comme il y a eu -95.5Ah de perdu sur les 225Ah total, je ne comprend pas pourquoi le BMV n’indique pas une valeur de charge autour de 55%.

De plus, si on considère le voltage (12,00V) de la batterie, le % de charge devrait être encore plus bas.

Merci de m’éclairer,




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BMV 712 temp sensor freak out !!

Hello guys, My temp sensor on my BMV-712 act strangely in the last two night generate cold temperature alarm with obviously false reading, just wanna know if someone else experimented this in the past & what action may I take to resolve ....(I suspect high humidity level affecting the reading??)


Thanks for any tips on this minor problem, because overall this system it's incredibly a Master piece, still cannot believe the infinity possibilities & data recording for improvement of it !!

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MPPT 100/30, Battery Sense and BMV702

I have two AGM battery banks with existing BMV702 monitors (no temp sense installed). The banks are in the engine room of my boat.

I am installing an MPPT 100/30 on each bank and am a little concerned with voltage and temp compensation. The controllers will not likely be in the engine room, and will be about 10' away from the batteries.
Am I best to install a battery sense on each bank, or am I able to get the bluetooth dongle and temp cable for the BMV702's and use that somehow ?

or, am I overthinking things. The batteries never get over 35 C, that is only 0.12v of compensation needed which should not be a problem if I set the voltage parameters in the middle of the band for my batteries.

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BMV-712 S flashing/scrolling display

Just installed the BMV712S and experience nog a flashing ? / scrolling ? display. Synchronisati stops at 20%. Whatever button I push, Notting charges. Disconnected all…. still te same…

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Can the BMV-712 relay be set to turn off only on battery charge and NOT temperature?

I'm trying to use the relay to turn off an accessory circuit only on battery state of charge, and not temperature. I see the manual notes referencing a CHRG mode for the BMV relay mode in section 7.3.1, which seems to exclude the temperature settings of the BMV-712 Relay Default mode.

However, when I tested the BMV-712 on CHRG mode, the relay still turned off with the temperature settings. I could not tell a difference between CHRG mode and Default mode.

Has anyone else had this issue? Is this a bug, is there another setting I need to change, or do I need to reset/reboot the system for these types of changes?

From the manual:
Charger mode.

The relay will close when the state of charge
falls below setting 16 (discharge floor) or when
the battery voltage falls below setting 18 (low
voltage relay). The relay will be open when the
state of charge is higher than setting 17 (clear
state of charge relay) and the battery voltage is
higher than setting 19 (clear low voltage relay).
An application example is to start and stop
control of a generator, together with settings
14 and 15."

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does interfere with

I keep getting problems "seeing" all the components in my system via Victron Connect.

I have a CerboGX with cables to a BMV-712, a ve.bus connection to a MultiPlus Compact, and with a connection to four Smart Solar MPPTs (using adapters from each MPPT to a powered USB hub, then a USB cable to the CerboGX).

I like the simplicity of the ve.Smart network for synchronizing the MPPTs and the interface is much faster and intuitive than the clunky setup of using Victron Connect to go the the CerboGX's web-based panel to access the MultiPlus. Of course, then I can't see or control them via the GX.

I've set up DVCC control of the MPPTs via the GX and the hardwired etc network, but frequently encounter problems seeing all the components of Victron Connect. It looks like if I use bluetooth to look at the MPPT operations, the resulting bluetooth connection may be conflicting with the connection, and I then have trouble seeing things like the MultiPlus.

Victron Connect also sometimes shows two CerboGXs, I'm guessing that one that is bluetooth linked and one that is linked.

1) Do I need to NEVER use the bluetooth connection to any of the components to keep the network reliably operational?

2) Is there a simple way to re-establish "control"?

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more consumption when PV working

Good evening! Somebody has an explication why in my system when solar panel are working the consumption is also growing ? it seems a non sense because there is nothing switching on. This is a simple solar system in a sail boat at the moment located in Italy with 2 sun power panels 110w and 2 mppt 75/15 (no cc load connected) , cerbo gx , smart shunt and phoenix 12/1200 (disconnected).

I explain better: as you can see during night and still early in the morning the diagram shows low consumptions then when at 9 with sun solar panel start to produce the consumption is growing; then in the afternoon after sun set again consumption goes lower. This is a normal trend not due to occasional consumption (like a bilge pump starting...). The 12v system is always on just to give energy to a router, a web cam, and of course to the victron systems; so normally the basic consumption is more or less 13w (or 1,2 Ah) and there is no reason why grew up during the day (9 am-16 pm just at the same time PV is working). Thank you for an explication.

Schermata 2023-01-14 alle 20.53.45.png

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Bmv 712 shunt and redarc bcdc1240


Hi hoping for assistance. I have some removable draws where I have mounted a victron bmv 712 shunt and use a redarc bcdc1240 to charge a main (house) battery. I’ve run a chassis earth and pos+ cable to the grey Anderson plug from the vehicle start battery. The redarc initiates in lifepo mode and commences charging when the veh is started.

The ‘ brown’ redarc output wire connects via a circuit breaker to the blue Anderson plug which is earthed to the shunt ‘load and charger’ side.

The redarc charger is also earthed to the ‘load and charger’ side of the shunt. Only the ‘ house’ battery earth is connected on the shunt ‘battery only’ side.

My question is regardless of the house battery voltage- the bmv712 indicates it is only charging at about 10amp (fluctuating) instead of the possible 40amp- is there something erroneous with the system ‘charger and load’ side earthing.


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Voltage difference MultiPlus-II and BMV-712 causing early low voltage cut off

It seems like the voltage measured by the BMV-712 and Multiplus-II are different:

  • When discharging, the BMV-712 reports a higher voltage than the Multiplus.
  • When charging, the BMV-712 reports a lower voltage than the Multiplus

This also results in the Multiplus-II (VE.Bus System) cutting power too early, as it thinks the SoC is dropping below 50%, while the BMV-712 is reporting a higher voltage and a SoC which seems to map on the Ah consumed vs the capacity of the battery bank.

The battery bank is a Landport AGM (16 x 260 Ah, configured as 4s4p. So +- 1000Ah 48V battery bank).

See screenshot for an example of such voltage discrepancy.


The system is configured to use the BMV-712 as battery monitor (see screenshot below). Which doesn't seem to have any impact on the MultiPlus-II detecting low SoC and cutting power.


Any advice?

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Using Multiplus SOC-low-shutdown with BMV SOC value

Hi all,

If I update my Multi to the newest firmware I could use the new feature "SOC-low-shutdown".
In past I used to take the BMV-relais for that, but now I am wondering if this would also be possible with a software solution.

In VEConfig I have to enable the battery monitor of the multi to use this feature. So the question now is:

Can I use the Multi's SOC-low-shutdown feature by using a venus device which overwrites the VE.Bus SOC with the one from a BMV (or BMS)?

Normally I would just try it, but there is no reason for an update if this won't work :)

Thank you!

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Can I use a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50" instead of "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700"

Hi, I am installing a new system with the core components being a Multiplus 12/3000 inverter/charger, 2 x LiFePO4 Smart Batteries (12V/200Ah) & a VE.Bus BMS. I have been recommended to include a "Digital Multi Control 200 + BMV-700", but I'm wondering if it would be better to replace those 2 items with a "Cerbo GX + GX Touch 50". I would like the ability to monitor/control things remotely, and I have read (in other posts here) that you cannot change any settings remotely (nor via the touch panel), that can be set via the physical switches on the DMC (which takes priority).

So my question is really, can you do everything via the Cerbo GX & Touch 50, thus doing away with the need for the DMC & BMV altogether?

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Battery monitor shunt installation on E.V aux battery


Hi guys

Wondering if someone out there can answer my question?

I’m planning on installing a Victron battery monitor to the 12v aux battery on my electric camper (I recently upsized the battery so it can be used as a leisure battery). I want to be able to monitor the battery SOC to avoid running it too low and being unable to power and energise the EV system.

I also have an inverter installed, ground is taken to a good chassis point close to inverter location as well as 12v camper circuit with a pos bus bar cable to battery poss terminal and neg bus bar cable sharing battery neg chassis point.

Question is, will I get accurate readings if I connect the original aux battery chassis neg cable to the battery side of the shunt and to then add another equally rated short ground cable to the existing chassis connection point, using the vehicle body earth return.

See attached (very rough!) schematic sketch to explain what I have described.

Thanks in advance!

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Is it possible to send data via RS 485 from a GX-device?

We would like to power a PCU ( from a battery pack that is monitored by a BMV712 and a Venus GX. The PCU needs information about state of charge off the battery and voltage. This can only be send to the PCU via RS 485. Is there a possibility to send information via RS485 from a Venus GX to the PCU? Or can we better change to a raspberry Pi with Venus OS installed?

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