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BMV-712 Smart reading approx 50% actual charge current

Hi, I'm having an issue with the BMV-712 Smart reading approx. 50% charge current, when compared to a (known good) clamp meter reading.

See my (very rough - sorry) schematic. The BMV is reading around 4 amps when the mains charger is on and the aux batts being charged via the Orion 12/12-30, but if I put my clamp meter on the +ve output cable between the Orion and the Aux +ve bus bar, I get around 8 amps.

I know there are couple of "unconventional" methods of connection, but, in theory, these shouldn't make a difference to the way the BMV shunt reads the -ve loads. Unless I've missed something, all -ve connections, in around about way, pass through the shunt, with one exception: my winch -ve connection is excluded from the shunt, this is done deliberately to avoid high winch currents passing through the shunt and possibly overloading it.

What am I missing? What have I done wrong. Many thanks in advance for any help.


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BMV 700 on 24 V System

I am running two 12V, 100 amp hour Lithium Phosphate batteries on a 24V trolling motor will a BMV700 monitor stay of charge for this system?

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SmartShunt 500A base very fragile

I have purchase two Victron Products with the 500A shunt which has a black insulating mount, in both cases I've found that the mounting base is very fragile and brittle. The 500A shunt being a two 25mm brass blocks joined has significant mass, my latest unit had the mount cracked on delivery, while my first unit (BMV712) I managed to crack on installation when mounting.

The construction of the black base moulding has significantly hollowed out sections to reduce the amount of material but due to the brittle nature has no flexibility so cracks under any mechanical stress. As any cables or components which will be connected to the 500A shunt are also likely to be sizeable and heavy and the consequences of mechanical failure may be great, improving the mechanical strength and robustness of the base commiserate with the expected forces is highly desirable.

My repair consisted of filling the voids in the mounting with two-pack epoxy. This seems to add the required durability to the black base.

I'm sure I'm not the only customer which has experienced cracking issues with 500A shunt base. Please Victron could look into changing the design of the base to be substantially more robust than the current design and remove a point of failure would improve on an excellent product.

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Buck boost settings wrong?


I have setup the following system:

Victron Buck boost connected to car and lifepo4 Victron smart lithium 100ah.

Smart shunt and bmw712 installed..

Ve.bus BMS installed

Here’s the problem. When I connect via app to the battery, my lithium battery has 13.5 V already.

With ts config I have set a full battery voltage of 13.2V, charging Voltage of 14.2 with 40A. Unfortunately the buck boost switches on and keeps charging. I am afraid I will damage my battery.

The green wire is connected to the vE.Bus BMS at charge disconnect pin.

What did I do wrong?

I have enabled the bms in ts.config. Since then the checkbox for the green wire is greyed out. Should I disable this and check the green wire checkbox instead manually??

Please help

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BMV-712 Smart Bluetooth Missing

My BMV-712 Smart is not showing up in my connection app. Also the Bluetooth setting 71 is missing on the BMV-712 Smart. What’s my next steps?

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BMV Alarm Modes

This has been brought up before, and after being away from the forum and not seeing the feature added in any of the software or firmware updates, I am bringing it up again.

Would be great if Victron could add more capability to the alarm mode setting of the BMV 712, specifically the ability to trigger an alarm when a Max Amperage threshold is reached.


Because most BMS’s have a max continuous current rating, sometimes even a short peak rating, and there are certain situations where auxiliary power such as Solar is able to offset some amperage draw, allowing for extra amperage to be used, but only if the panels can provide it.

If the panels see shading, the total amount of usable amperage is diminished and there is potential to exceed the max Amp draw allowed by a batteries BMS, which results in a disconnect and reset.

There are also situations where users must manage their usage based on a combination of devices, some of which have a high inrush current which can spike a system.

A lot of BMS’s can handle short overloads for a short amount of time, but having the ability to set an alarm that coincides with the specifications of a batteries BMS would be helpful to alert the user in advance, giving them a chance to avoid a battery bank disconnect.

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BMV 712 shows voltage but all other information is at zero (current, power, consumed Ah)

My BMV 712 shows the correct current (both with batteries connected and when connected to shore power), but the Current, power, and consumed Ah are all at zero. It doesn't show power going in or out when I do some experimenting.

I have 2 12v lead batteries in parallel. I am using only the B1 power source for the BMV.

Ideas as to why it is not showing information other than battery voltage?

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Trouble getting 100/20 Charge Controllers to fully Charge batteries, enter float before full charge.

(System details at the bottom of this post)


Both 100/20 MPPT charge controllers (configured identically) enter float before batteries are fully charged (set to 28.4 volts by the BMV-712) and even below the float voltage, which is set to 27.2V (Float is being entered around 26.9V, which is about where the BMV and MPPTs settle with a variation of about 0.04V between them, seen in image below)

I've ensured the charge controllers are reading actual battery voltage at night (via history), not just reading 0V

Charge controllers connected via closed breakers, and the solar system is capable of delivering around 700w when I do something like turn the AC on mid-day. I can watch the power flow via the Cerbo GX console window on my laptop

They also will charge the batteries, just not to full capacity.

The batteries will charge to full capacity on shore power (or generator, same thing.)

Additional Information:

I've given the following threads a read, and tried my best to follow along and check off things where I could understand:

I've also consulted the online Victron and Battleborn documentation for ideas. Here is the documentation for my batteries (I have 2 in parallel for a 24V 100Ah system)

Some screenshots:


OK, so only one screenshot, the forum isn't allowing me to upload anything else, just throwing errors. So I'll just dictate.

Second Screenshot was settings from the BMV-712










Third Screenshot was settings from one of the 100/20 charge controllers (Both identical)


Charger Enabled (on)

User Defined

Expert Mode (off)




Equalization - Disabled

Full system Outline:

4x Rich Solar 200w panels, each divided into two strings for each charge controller.

2x MPPT 100/20 Smart Solar charge controllers

Smart BMV-712 w/Smart Shunt

Cerbo GX (connected via hard line VE bus links to BMV-712 and both charge controllers.

2x Battleborn 24V 50Ah batteries in parallel

MultiPlus 24/3000/70

Orion 24 - 12v converter (for RV 12v system)

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BMV-702: How do I connect 2 parallel AGM batteries?

Hello everyone!

I need some help installing a BMV-702 on my sailboat. I am sailing solo and it's important for me to know about the capacities of the batteries while I'm on the ocean.

My question: Can I connect both negative cables coming from the batteries to the battery side of the shunt and connect the loads side of the shunt to the bus bar?

Here are some more details about my setup:

Battery Setup

I have two 12v 100Ah AGM batteries installed.

The previous owner had built a box where the two batteries can be connected or disconnected to the system individually or both at the same time (see pictures below).

I would always use battery 1+2 together and frankly I don't understand why there is the option to pick between the batteries individually. From what I understood it's unhealthy for the batteries if they're used in parallel mode and don't have the same voltage.

Solar Setup

I'm using two solar panels and a MPPT 100 | 20 solar charger.

Wiring (+ Side)

I added two images, one form the outside and one from the inside of the box, where you can see how the positive side coming from the batteries and solar charger are wired up.



The positive cable leaving the battery selection knob, goes directly to a 30A fuse before it is connected to the different consumers.


Wiring (- Side)

The negative cables of the batteries are directly attached to a bus bar, see picture below.


Thank you in advance!!

Best regards,


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Will Globallink 520 read via BT from BMV-700 with dongle?

Will a Globallink 520 read data via Bluetooth from a BMV-700 equipped with a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle?



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BMV 712 Bluetooth connection problem

For month the Victron app worked flawlessly with my BMV.

Now when I click on the BMV in the device list it doesn't connect and it says “Connection not possible, delete device from connected device list and reconnect (in German)“

So I deleted the BMV from the device list on my phone in the Bluetooth settings.

But nothing changed. In the app I can't do anything sensible, just changing code by typing the PUK.

Then I reinstalled the app from my phone. Nothing changed, the BMV is still in the list but won't connect.

Now I read the manual and searched here for an hour but didn't find a solution.

Please help me.

Thank you

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BMV-712: Relay controllable via APP?

Hi, can the relay of the BMV-712 be controlled by the bluetooth APP in the remote configuration? The manual sais only via the port, but as this is the first BMV with Bluetooth integrated, maybe this has changed and I could control the relay via the APP?

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DVCC compensation du courant des charges CC

bonjour, j'ai une config suivante en site isolé :

MPPT 150/35 pour 1600Wc de PV

Multiplus 1600/48

BMV-712 en contrôleur de batterie

Orion 48/12

des charges en 12v DC et 230v AC

batterie 48v, courant de charge max 19A, donc il peut rester potentiellement 16A a distribuer si la prod solaire le permet.

tout est connecté au Cerbo GX et bien visible

J'ai donc activé le DVCC pour avoir la compensation de la charge AC rapportée par le Multi, mais pour les charges en DC, il faut basculer le BMV-712 en contrôleur de charge CC.

Quid du contrôleur de batterie ? Est ce que j'aurai toujours les infos qui sont rapportée quand il était en contrôleur de batterie ?


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BMV shows half the current that Balmor shunt shows, Balmor one is correct.

For some reason our BMV only shows half the AMPS coming in or going out? Whe we charge with ALT, Genset, OR Solar, it only shows half what is coming in. The overall state appears correct however. Any Ideas?

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BMV-1712 stuck at 100%

My BMV monitor seems stuck on 100%. It was working unitil recently but now doesn't seem to read anything correctly. I've tried zero calibration and playing with the settings but nothing seems to work.

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