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Can BMV-7xx relay control multiple charge sources

On my boat I have a MultiPlus 120/3000 which I use when connected to shore power, or with a diesel generator. I also have a propulsion engine with a large frame alternator and a Balmar voltage regulator.

I understand that I can wire the relay from the BMV-700 to the Balmar voltage regulator, and using a Victron SolidSwitch 104, I can program the BLM-7xx relay to enable/disable the Balmar based on SOC%.

I also understand that I can wire the relay from the BMV-7xx to the MultiPlus - via the AUX1 or AUX2 inputs - I can similarly get the BMV-700 relay to enable/disable the charger/inverter based on SOC%.

Is there any reason I can't wire the BMV-7xx relay to both? As in wire the BMV-7xx relay to a terminal block and then from there run a wire each to the SolidSwitch104 to control the Balmar, and another wire from the terminal block to the MultiPlus.

As far as I understand how electricity works, this should not be a problem. I was also thinking I could run a 3rd wire to a latching relay connected to the solar panel charge controller (a MPPT 75/15).

Will this work? Thanks!

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My BMV712 Smart are not synchronising, Quattros not charging at full capacity

I have on my boat 2 banks of 900Amp Lifeline AGMs. At present I am using them as one bank of 1800 Amps.

These 2 banks are charged by 2 X Quattro 12/5000/120 from shore power or a 11KVA generator and a little solar power. This is monitored by 3 BMV712 Smart battery monitors and there is a color control in there as well which I use to see SOC etc. This color Control; is also hooked up by wifi to the installers who have been monitoring the situation.

Each battery bank has it's own BMV and then there is a Service Master that monitors both.

I have had a number of issues which have not been resolved by the yard that put them in or the distributor.

Firstly the quattros go straight into Absorption mode rather than bulk, Maybe this is not too important as they are timed to be in this state or 4 hours which is plenty long enough with my charging capacity, BUT what is annoying is that they start charging at 400Amp but quickly drop to 300 then 200 then 100. Result is over an hour they will only actually charge at 220 Amps. Lifeline batteries are designed to take max charge up to end of absorption mode, it's bad for them not to do this.

10 days ago the quattros and I think the BMV's were updated with new firmware. A result of this was that the BMV's are now not synchronised,

the service master is reading 20% less than the other 2. they were the same prior to the update.

However at least the quattros are not charging at Float rates before even when batteries were at 60%. That was a nightmare.

Which % do I base my charging on. How do i get this resolved it has been going on for months.

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Generator charging strange readings

During the day my PV is charging the batteries but in the evening we want to run the generator (for AC and cooking) As soon we start the generator I see the battery voltage going up, which is normal But see the the current going negative first to -80A then to it lower over time to -19A (in about 45 minutes.) My Magnum Rc controller gives me a absorb charge of +50A and the same voltage as the BMV and VRM. I have a BMV 712 with shunt and a Cerbo GX with MPPT 150/100. Also I see that the charge (SOC) is going down from 100% to 94% over a 45 minutes of charging via the generator.

Have the feeling something is wrong or not understanding completely how things should work. The Magnum charger/inverter is connected via the shunt (as all negative wires from the RV) I simply do not understand why during the charging via the generator and magnum I am seeing negative AMPs.

Maybe someone could give me a clue on what might be wrong.

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We are seeking to wire our Victron solar controllers to a bank of 4 Victron AGM batteries - I want to check how we should wire them

We have one challenge in that one of the batteries is on the starboard side of the engine and the other 3 are next to each other on the port. Reading some of the articles it sounds like this could create a problem due to different cable lengths between the bank's batteries. Is this a concern?

Is there a way around this issue or can it only be achieved by placing all the batteries next to each other and connecting them in parallel with the +ve feed at one end and the -ve feed at the other?

I assume the battery monitor should then be wired into the same feeds?

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BMV600S battery monitor amp reading jumps around/incorrect

For years our BMS600s has performed faultlessly. Today we had our 2014 caravan lithium batteries replaced With more lithium’s. After installation the Victron was reading around 19 amps going in. Didn’t matter whether everything was turned off or not it still bounced wildly around 19 amps in. I am sure all of the settings are correct, but don’t believe the settings should alter the voltage or amp reading anyway. The voltage reading is correct.

I reset the amp zero calibration to see what happened and it now bounces wildly around 1 amp in. Something is certainly wrong and upsetting it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I wonder whether the inbuilt BMS on the new batteries could be causing it as the earlier batteries had an external BMS. Maybe this older gauge (purchased in 2005) doesn’t work with the inbuilt BMS.

Thanks. Glenn

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ReWrite BMV 702 history data

I have a BMV 702 battery monitor connected to my Cerbo GX. I reset the BMV history data because my low/high voltages got wonky. Is there anyway to change the charge cycle count and total Ah drawn so I can add the figures for each parameter before I reset? I’d like this in the history so I know the approximate cycles/Ahr drawn on the batteries.


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Charging lifepo batteries

Hi, we have 2x200amp hour Voltax LiFePo batteries wired in parallel for 12 volts to power our 4wd Canter camper truck habitat. We have an Enerdrive DC2DC e Power multi stage, multi source with MPPT charger, and a Victron BMV 712 Smart battery monitor.

The power sources are, the truck 24 volt alternator and 2 x 200 watt roof mounted solar panels.

Most mornings the Victron BMV app will tell me that the SOC is 88-92% I can check it again 10 minutes later and it will be showing 100% charged which i don't believe is possible. Can anyone help solving this issue?

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Is BMV712 gauge water resistant

The BMV712 came with a lithium battery package for a boat. It is connected to a single 24V 75AH lithium battery. I'll be adding another 12V lithium and connecting it to the 712 as well. Question is....Is the gauge water resistant? I need to mount it in a console that is open to the weather and don't want to find a gauge flooded with water after a good rain. The shunt is hidden away in a dry compartment. Thanks.

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BMV 712 Smart - Battery Settings

Hi all,

Can I start off by saying I am a beginner and any advice is welcome.

I am converting a van and have purchased the following victron products.

Victron BMV 712 Smart - Bluetooth

Multiplus 12/1600/70-16

Victron Energy Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A

I am setting up the BMV first.

I have a query about the settings that I should add in battery section of the app.

Specifically the settings below

Program Settings for AGM Batteries
• Battery Capacity: 220Ah
• Charged Voltage:
• Tail Current:
• Peukert Exponent:
• Charge Efficiency Factor

 I have sourced the batteries data sheet. Here

• Nominal voltage: 12 V
• Rated capacity: 220 Ah (at C100)
• Separator: AGM
• Electrolyte: Sulphuric acid; analytical grade
• Self discharge: < 2.5% per month at 20°C
• Standards: IEC 61056; IEC 61427; IEC 60896
• Venting valve: One way, self resealing
• Degassing system: Central
• Terminal type: Top / Automotive
• Case / lid material: Polypropylene
• Carrying Handles: Available (2)

Constant current charge Current range: 0.1 – 0.2C10 A
Constant voltage charge Voltage range: 14.10 – 15.10 V (Recommended: 14.40 V)
Float voltage 13.62 V (2.27 Vpc) at 20 oC
Temperature correction factor Below 20 oC: + 0.018 V/block/oC; Above 20 oC: - 0.018 V/block/oC
Float application Recommended: max. 0.1C10 A / 13.62 V (2.27 Vpc)
Cycle applications Recommended: max. 0.2C10 A / 14.40 V (2.40 Vpc)
Recharge Ah: at least 105% from previous discharge Ah

Any advice on what settings I should add to the BMV would be very helpful.


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Impossible? How can I achieve my charging goal in a Camper Van?

Good Morning community.

Apparently my requirement is very exotic, at least I can't find a solution for it.

But first my equipment:

  • Campervan with DIY Lithium battery (Winston LiFeYPo4 cells), ECS-BMS, separate charging and discharging branch, each with Victron Battery-Protect for UVP on OVP protection
  • BMV-712 Smart as battery monitor with temperature sensor attached to the Battery
  • SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Charger
  • Cerbo-GX connected to the BMV and MPPT via VE-Direct cable
  • DVCC function is active

So what is my goal? quite simple: charge the battery and then use available solar power for the current power consumption.

Unfortunately I can't get any further here. The charging process goes well with my settings up to about 90% SOC, but then the MPPT goes into the float phase and the battery is discharged again. Due to the property of lithium battery, the rebulk voltage will not be reached...

How can I configure the system so that the MPPT delivers the current power consumption and keeps the battery on the SOC until there is no longer enough solar energy available?
I hope someone can help, thanks in advance.


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BMV-700 Showing zero voltage

We purchased a boat that had a BMV-600S. It is displaying current fine, but voltage displays 0.00 (sometimes 0.01).

How could this be? Seems like if the unit is powering up and displaying current there must be no problem with any of the wiring to the shunt or +.

Could an errant setting cause this?


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BMV 712 DVCC pylontech

bonjour ,

j'ai une installation avec 4 batteries pylontechs ,2 victron 150/70 et 1 smart phoenix 48/5000 ,octo gx

si je rajoute un BMV 712 , est ce qu'en fin de charge je pourrais utiliser toute la puissance des panneaux sans restriction car les pylontechs limite la fin de charge (CCL) ,a 40A

je voudrais pouvoir avoir une charge de 40A sur les batteries plus une utilisation de 60A sur mon 48/5000 soit au total 100A.

actuellement malgré le DVCC activé et calibré a 100A avec une limite de tension a 51,7V avec ou sans l'activation du contrôleur de batterie je suis bloqué a 40A en fin de chargé malgré une puissance utile de 100A .



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BP-100 & BattleBorn BMS conflicting?

Hi All, We've been having some major issues with a system. All Victron components and BattleBorn 300ah bank. We've got a BP-100 installed as well. The system will be reading 100% (BMV-712) and battery voltages reflect this, but getting low voltage alarms from the components (fridge, heater) and basically it acts as if the system is dead.

I'm wondering if we could possibly have a conflict between the BP-100 and internal BMS of the batteries, or if the BP-100 is just faulty? It seems like something is cutting power to the system even when the batteries are at 100%.


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BMV 712 Shows Wrong Voltage

I have two SOK 12 volt 100 Ah batteries wired in Series for 24 volts. My Connect App shows "Starter Battery" under Input: 26 to 27 volts depending on load, charge... this is a correct display. The Output section on my Connect App under "Voltage" shows 13.03 volts at the moment. I am completely confused as to what is causing the approx 12 volt voltage display since my system is a 24 volt system. Can you advise what might be causing this?

Also, I will admit that the term "Starter Battery" means little to me, this is an offgrid system that I have designed and installed to run a home freezer and a few small items like lights. Do you know of any resource that actually defines the term Starter Battery?

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