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Different Power and Number of Multiplus-II in each phase of a three phase configuration?

I currently have an isolated setup consisting of some solar panels, solar chargers and Pylontech 48V batteries, along with three Multiplus-II Inverters (48V, 3kW each) configured in a three-phase operation. All of this is controlled/monitored by a Cerbo GX device. I would like to buy a new Multiplus-II 48V 5kW and update my system to the following:

- Phase 1: 1*3kW Multiplus-II

- Phase 2: 1*5kW Multiplus-II

- Phase 3: 2*3kW Multiplus-II, Total 6kW

I haven't been able to find any resource that can confirm nor deny the possibility of such a setup. Playing around with the VE.Bus System Configurator for Windows in the demo mode, I can see that it is a simple drag and drop operation to assign different inverters, and it doesn't appear to throw up any errors. However, I would like to confirm the possibility of such an unorthodox setup before inverting in any new hardware.

Is this possible? If not, is there any other way of "boosting" the power of one phase without having to buy 3 new inverters?

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Hi @jaime_Vc

The link @duivert posted to the three phase documentation explains.

It's not totally accurate to say that it's not possible for a 3 phase installation, however the power readings, and AC-input controls will not be accurate, both of those features presume the same number of units on all phases.

Perhaps it's clearer to say that it isn't supported, but we don't actively prevent it if willing to accept those limitations.

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jaime-vc avatar image jaime-vc Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ commented ·

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

Does that mean I could have Multiplus with different Power/Wattage on each phase? The link posted by duivert seems to say the three units must be identical (including power rating). If so, your suggestion would certainly be a more than acceptable solution.

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Hi @jaime_Vc,

I just deleted the section of my answer that you were referring to.

Really the only way the that I can confidently endorse for the VE.Bus range is the same number of units of the same power rating on each phase, and then attempting to balance the loads across them as best as you can for efficiency.

Beyond that there are known issues, if it is working at all.

This limitation was removed for the VE.Can implementation in the Inverter RS range, which fully supports different number of units on each phase. But that is well outside of your existing system design.

Sorry for any false hope there.

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