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Grid feeding Problem

Hi to everybody willing to help me!

I have a Problem:

My setup:
Multiplus II
two Chargecontrollers connectetd VE Direct to a
Cerbo GX
EM24 Meter.

When I switch on the Grid power and the Multiplus starts feeding into the Grid, everything breaks down.
The Energy is flowing in every direction, back and forth from the battery and the MPII is jumping Power up and down. (If I am only drawing power from the grid everything is fine)

Also the LEDs on the chargecontrollers are blinking and it is switchin nonstop between Bulk and float mode.

If I disconnect one chargecontroller from the CerboGx everything is suddenly fine!
(Although the chargecontroller ist still delivering power and it is fed to the grid)

Where should I start looking? Everythink is updated and works great if
A) The grid is connected and the feed grid is disabeld
B) VE Direct cabel is not connected to the larger Chargecontroller.

Thank you!

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Connection BMV 712 avec Cerbox GX sans câble


Je viens d installer le Cerbox GX avec 1x MPPT 100-30 , 1 x MPPT 75-15, 1 x Phoenix 375, ces 3 par câble VE Direct, et un BMV 712 mais trop loin pour câble VE Direct donc seul en bluetooth.

Je n arrive pas avoir toutes les infos du BMV sur VRM.

Y a t il possibilité de corriger ce problème?

Merci de votre aide


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Multiplus 12/3000 + Cerbo + Lynx BMS + Smart Battery DCVV

Hi I am expanding an older system with the following components and ran into behavior by my Multiplus 12/3000 in charging my new Victron Lithium Smart batteries.


  • Cerbo GX
  • Lithium Smart Batteries
  • Lynx Smart BMS
  • Multiplus 12/3000

I see in the Cerbo where the Lynx communicated through DCVV the following values from the battery.

  • CVL - 14.2V
  • CCL - 330A
  • DCL - 600A

However, when I start commissioning the first battery solo the Multiplus is charging at 13.8V and floats at 13.38V

So a few questions:

  1. Does my Multiplus on the latest firmware v494 support DCVV over the VE.Bus?
  2. When I go into the configure the Multiplus it specifically says in the help section that if a Lynx BMS is used the GX will override all settings over CAN-bus
  3. Trying to understand why the Multiplus is charging at below 14.2V even when I configured it to do 14.2V if the DCVV was not working.
  4. My Multiplus dropped into float after 15-20minutes on the single battery and never hit a voltage above 13.8V to trigger the batter to know it's cell status. Not sure how to get the cell status to calculate. Battery Cells are all 3.40V and says Battery Read For Use in Victron Connect App.
  5. For a fully charged 12V Victron Lithium Smart Battery what is the normal cell voltage supposed to be?


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Umbenennen von "Critical loads" und "Ac out" auf display


Wie kann ich die am Display angezeigten Darstellungen umbennen?
Ich will dass stat AC out z.b. Pool steht oder statt kritische lasten haus.

Danke und lg

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Can I use HDMI splitters, extension cables, joiners, converters or extenders with the Cerbo GX?

Hello Community,

A very common question, perhaps the first question I hear,

Is it possible to extend, split, convert, double, use multiple GX Touch 50's or do anything fancy with the HDMI output of the Cerbo GX?

Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) asked
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Cerbo DC Power

Hi everybody,

I have a Cerbo GX, together with a Quattro Multiplus 12V/5000, a BMV712 and a MPPT Solar from Victron.

I have been wondering about the power consumption of the Cerbo, which you can see on the picture is in the range of 70w to 130w. It is quite far away form the 20w mentioned in the forum and I wondering what is going on. Cerbo is the only 12v device connected to the battery,

I also noticed that the Ah deducted by the BMV 712 is higher that the real Ah consumed. for example, overnight the % of the batterie decrease from 100 to 90% and the following day, the battery charge to 95% reaching floating. The BMV noticed that the battery are full and reajust the SOC to 100%.

The problem is if I am not reaching the required voltage corresponding to 100%, the SOC reduce too much from about 5% everyday. for example 1 week ago, my battery voltage was 12,8V under 250w consumption but the SOC was 60%. This can not be right.

Can somebody help me? I hope it is quite understandable.

Thank you.




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Full batteries -> Switch to absorption -> Voltage Spike -> DC Ripple shutdown

I'm running a Multiplus-II 2x120, SmartSolar MPPT, Cerbo GX, and a new pair of Ampere Time 200Ah batteries with built-in BMS. I had been running three 100Ah Battle Born batteries before and saw something similar.

Today is the second day with the new batteries, so I specifically set the ESS parameters to fully charge the batteries. Exactly as the batteries reached the default absorption voltage of 14.2, the system "crashed" flashing the Overload and Low Battery LEDs. This happened yesterday morning as well when I was first starting the system after the batteries were fully charged using an external charger. I should add that there has been abundant sunshine and solar power both days and the SmartSolar was delivering significant power.

My theory is the batteries reach the threshold to switch into absorption and the system -- not sure which part -- creates a brief voltage spike (I've seen it over 15 volts using a meter) when switching into absorption. The battery's built-in BMS detects the excess voltage and disconnects resulting in 1) the low voltage warning in the log (resolved in 3 seconds) followed by 2) the DC ripple shutdown.

My question, assuming the system voltage spike is indeed the primary cause of and can't be eliminated, is how best to prevent this in the future. I'm running an ESS Mode 2 program, so I can program the system to not fully charge the batteries, but it just seems like there should be a better solution.




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Cerbo GX shows wrong Quattro input for Input Current Limit

We have installed two independant Quattros connected to a CerboGX. One through VE Bus and the other through MK3 to USB adapter.

Both Quattro units have Shore power on AC Input 2. One has a generator connected to AC input 1. AC input 1 (generator) is set to 40 amps and "Controlled by remote" is disabled. AC input 2 (Shore power) is set to 32 amps and "Controlled by Remote" is enabled.

On VRM on remote console I can see "Input Current Limit" is 40 Amp. It cannot be adjustable. I cannot see the 32 amp input current parameter.

On the Garmin MFD I can see Input Current Limit is 32 amps. Not yet sure if it can be adjusted but will know tomorrow afternoon. I hope so.

It appears the CerboGX is displaying the wrong input. It appears to be displaying the input disabled from adjustment rather than the input which is enabled for adjutment.

Has anyone else seen this? Cerbo Firmware V2.75. Is this a software anomoly or have I somehow misunderstood how this works.



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Cerbo GX - Does not Boot (x2)


I'm setting up a solar array with several Victron products including Cerbo GX and GX Touch. I've installed a Lynx Distributor, MPPT 150/45 solar controller, Phoenix Inverter, and 2x 12V 100-AH LiFePO4 Batteries (in parallel), and a SmartShunt 500. As-installed, everything seems to work correctly & I can connect to the shunt and MPPT via bluetooth.

When I went to add the Cerbo GX with the supplied cable wired to the battery leads (bypassing all other components) the Cerbo GX simply does not boot.

When I probe the power cable where it connects to the Cerbo GX, it measures +13.13V (within the 8 : 70V DC spec).

The Cerbo GX does not boot, no lights flash, and no other ports measure any voltages (always 0V).

I thought maybe I had a bad unit, so I purchased a new one and returned the old. New one came... same thing!

The only thing remaining I can think of is to swap out the power cable (maybe the pins are too recessed?), which I'm going to try now.

What are the chances of two bad units?

Has anyone else experienced this?

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VRM - Remote Console can't see SOc Pylontech Force L1

Hello everyone,

I connected a Pylontech Force L1 tot a Victron Cerbo GX.

As soon as the cables are plugged into "BMS Can" I see in the Remote Control Device list a Pylontech battery but the SOC, voltage and Amps are all 0 .

Any ideas why the Cerbo can't display the values?

Thanks in advance.



davidvm asked

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Cerbo GX off grid usage

I have a 50 amp RV that I put a Victron Multiplus II 2x120, MPPT 150/100 with 1200 watts of panels in series, and a Cerbo GX with DVCC setup. Now because I have the Cerbo installed, my bluetooth view of the Multiplus is devoid of any useful information. This is fine while it is sitting in my garage attached to my home wifi and I can use the VRM to view what is going on. My issue is when i am not at home, driving down the road or in an off grid situation (which is a lot of the time). Is there no way to use Bluetooth to get a system view of what is going on in that circumstance? When I bluetooth to the Multiplus it shows me nothing because it is hooked up to the Cerbo GX, when I bluetooth to the Cerbo GX I get a very unsatisfying view of nothing except wifi settings that do me no good at that moment. Why doesn't the cerbo gx bluetooth expose a way to view the remote console? Or does it and I somehow have it misconfigured?

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PV Überschuss mit Cerbo GX ansteuern

Servus zusammen,

verbaut ist in einem Wohnmobil ein Solarregler SmartSolar 100/50 und ein cerbo Gx als Gateway sowie der SmartShunt 500A. Der Solarregler hat leider keinen AES Ausgang (PV Überschuss) um bei voller Batterie den Kühnschrank von Gas auf 12V umzuschalten. Wie kann ich über das Cerbo GX eins der eingebauten Relais so ansteueren das z.B. bei SOC unter80% das Realis öffnet und bei SOC über 90% wieder schiesst? Damit kann der Kühschrank bei odentlich Sonne (habe 620W) Gas gespart werden. Besten Dank,

Gruß aus Hessen, Thomas

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Pv-Anlage mit Victron Multiplus und Speicher inkl Überschusseinspeisung


Ich bin gerade bei der Planung einer kleiner PV-Anlage für mein EFH.

Einen Elektriker für den Anschluss und die Anmeldung ist da und die Lust/Zeit/Geld und der Gedanke endlich etwas Energie Sauber zu Produzieren auch :)

Zu meiner Frage:

Ich hatte vor einen Victron MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 mit einer 3,2kwp Anlage zu verbinden. Als MPPT habe ich mir den SmartSolar MPPT 250/70-MC4 ausgesucht passend zum Aufbau.

Als Speicher nutze ich erstmal einen Pylontech Us2000C.

Das ganze läuft dann mit Cerbo GX und kleinem Display im Hausflur.

1. Habe es jetzt so verstanden, dass es möglich ist die 70% Reglung anzuwenden mit Hilfe einer Einstellung?

2. Ich möchte das Vorrangig der Strom der Anlage in den Speicher geht und das wiederum eingespeist wird im Haus wenn Lasten entstehen. Klar ist mir das ich durch den Pylontech limitiert bin was die Entladeleistung geht solange ich nicht mehr davon ins System einbaue. Sollte aber der Speicher voll sein soll der Victron einfach den "Überschuss" ganz normal mit der 70% Reglung einspeisen. Die Vergütung nehme ich gerne mit und der Ökostrom verpufft im nichts.

Stehe ich da vorm Baum oder verstehe ich was falsch?

Der Victron wird wie alle anderen Verbraucher mit dem AC OUT an die Verteilung gehängt. Ist die Einspeisung ins Hausnetz also immer auf 70% gedrosselt oder nur wenn er keine Lasten erkennt? (Lasten sind ja immer da, siehe Kühlschrank etc.)

Ich freue mich schon auf eure Ratschläge. Falls noch was fehlt ergänze ich gerne.

(Warum der Multiplus hier gewählt wird ist einfach das ich die Anlage so gerne testen würde und verstehen möchte, dass ich sie in 2 Jahren auch in meinem Waldhaus (Ohne Netzausbau also reine Insel) montieren kann)

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Chris

chrissonne asked

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GX 50 Touch Screen not responding

I recently bought a GX 50 touch and Cerbo GX.

The GX 50 touch screen won't respond to touch inputs. I can adjust the screen display and settings using the VRM portal and it displays correct data but I'm unable to interface with the GX touch without using another device to access the VRM portal.

Am i missing a setting somewhere to enable the screen?

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Quattro ii 24 5000 generator stuck current limiter issue gx touch
  1. Dear community,

Today i installed a system for a costumer.

Ac input 1 grid 6A

Ac input 2 gen 45A fixed

When the system does start up i see the 6A and i can limit that.

But when the generator runs for a short periode i can see only the 45A that i cannot adjust.

The costumer now cannot adjust the shore power current limiter?

I alreay tried to change ac in 1 and 2.

Is it possible to get the current limiter display fixed on input 1 or 2?
So the costumer can always adjust the shorepower current limiter?

I tried lots of things but could not get it working properly.


With kind regards,

Marc van der Heide

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