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Orion Smart Tr DC DC charger and blue smart charger in parallel?


I have 2 ways to charge my leisure battery, one via shore power and one via the car batt.

Can i connect both chargers in parallel to the leisure battery? Should i install a relay to make sure the not-operating charger is isolated from the circuit?

Can i consider the orion smart dc dc charger as an isolator between the car and leisure battery? Or should i put a physical relay/isolator as well?

If i use the ’engine running detection’ can i consider the car battery isolated from the leisure battery when the engine is off? Or is this too much trust in the system?

Orion Smart-TR 24/12 30 DC-DC charger (non isolated)

Blue Smart IP67

Thanks for the help

chargerorion-tr smartOrion DC-DC Converters not smartdc isolators in parralell system
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