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Blue Smart IP22 Charger and Global Link 520

Will the BlueSmart IP22 charger communicate with GlobalLink 520 over bluetooth?

I don't see it on the lists, but seems odd because it supports Bluetooth Instant the same as the rest.

Pre purchase qualifier in my case.


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EasySolar-II GX 24/3000 with USB BT dongle for Ruuvi and Mopeka sensors


I'm trying to build a solar system around an EasySolar-II GX 24/3000 and I'd like to attach a USB Bluetooth dongle to it, like TP-LINK UB5A, or something similar.

I need this for connecting to Ruuvi temperature sensors and Mopeka tank level sensors and the internal GX module of the EasySolar does not have BT.

The ultimate goal ofcourse is to have all the information nicely available in VRM.

Anyone tried or knows if this can be done?

Thank you,


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Bluetooth connection on Global Link 520

Hi there,

I added a Global Link 520 gateway to my configuration. Very simple basic architecture on a sail boat. I've got solar pannels charging batteries with a MPPT 100|50 controler which is running just fine. Also is a Smart battery sense. Both devices MPPT and the battery sense are successfully connected using Bluetooth and the MPPT controler receive infos (Temp and Voltage)

Now is the issue I am facing:

The global Link gateway is up and running with a good connection to LTE-M network. However for some reason which I don't understand the Global Link gateway will only see the smart battery sense using bluetooth. Nothing else. It can"t see the MPPT device. What is more the Global Link is installed 15 cm away from the MPPT !

I tried to power down/up the gateway .....same isse

I tried to remove (in the Global gateway setup) the smart battery sense ...... same pb it still will not see the MPPT controler.

I double checked the firmware version ...I am up to date and running V 2.06

The user guide mention we can have up to 10 Bluetooh device connected with the Gateway ...I won't have 2 ....only 1

Any clue ?


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