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Cerbo GX - "noble warning: adapter state unauthorized"

After upgrading the firmware on my Cerbo GX to 2.93 I am no longer able to use any Node RED nodes that use bluetooth. It appears that the non-root user does not have the ability to scan (or perform any other action), when it is attempted the following error is shown:

noble warning: adapter state unauthorized, please run as root or with sudo
               or see README for information on running without root/sudo:

When I run the underlying node script as root in the terminal it works as expected, when I run the same script as xuser in the terminal it also presents the above error.

There is plenty of documentation on the subject, but all solutions use setcap which is not available on the Cerbo GX (as far as I can tell).

Is there a solution for making it so the non root user is able to access bluetooth via node?

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