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CCGX Generator start/stopp


CCGX is not start/stopping generator after FW upgrade, no changes is made in settings. Someone who has same issue ?

FW is now v2.91 , is it a good idea to downgrade to v2.90?


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Cerbo GX autostart for Northern Lights 6kw M673L3G

Hello -

Working on a new-build project with a Victron Quattro and Cerbo GX, supported by a Northern Lights 240v 6kw generator with NL's "TSC" panel.

The Cerbo is wired to the generator as shown in the schematics, and the Cerbo shows the generator start/stop function, but we have note been able to start the genset via the Cerbo - either in "auto" mode (i.e. when voltage gets low) or just manually. The generator starts fine off the NL TSC panel or the panel at the unit itself.

I haven't been able to find anything from Victron or the support community addressing this, so I'm hoping someone here has some insight.

Much appreciated.

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Trigger Relaise immediately on grid (mains) failure


I have a system - multiplus 24/2000, Cerbo GX. Its a UPS system. Grid is on all the time ( unless it fails .. )

I would like to trigger a relais on the Cerbo immediately when grid power fails, use that as signal for load shedding.
I have been trying to use "generator autostart"

So far, I am getting the "grid lost" alarm

"Auto start functionality" on the Cerbo is on - the conditions are all default.

Am I missing something?

Any hints are highly welcome

Thanks and greetings from cold Colorado


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Quattro inverter overload

hi all.

Our system has three quattro 48/10000/140-2x100. In the Cerbo CX settings is enabled the option to start the generator when there is an overload in the inverter. In the L2 line there are continuous overloads that start the gen every 3 min. The load in the L2 line can be between 3 and 7 kW. The L1 line has a higher load without problems. Most of the times this happens when the gen stops and we have to discharge the batteries. Any clue what the problem could be? How can we proceed?


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System Showing Incorrect Charge Info & issue with CCGX Generator SOC Settings


I have just Upgraded my battery bank to Pylontechs (updated Multi Firmware 497) & am seeing Strange Behavior of system components so am trying to find where the issue may be. hoping someone else has seen this & may have an answer/suggestion

Biggest issue in not being able to start a genset & Stop it at a defined SOC below 100

SYSTEM 24 x 270w Panels CCGX Multiplus 5000 2xMPPT 250/100 solar chargers 40KWh Pylontech US5000-B Batteries Backup Generator 12KVA

Issues I am Am seeing with Pylontech Batteries Installed

incorrect charging values on CCGX 98% PV-0 Gen-0 but 2689w @ 0.7Amps & inverting ??



In the CCGX when Gen start/stop conditions are set to SOC start 30% stop 80% or less & with Manual or Auto initiated Charging Batts get Stuck & Gen wont stop charging going to 89% and then does NOT increase beyond (Gen Continues to Run)

If I set this to 100% then charging continues to (98 % only) with recommended settings as below & in Graphs (Gen Continues to Run)






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HIMOINSA remote start


Does anybody have experience with wiring up Himoinsa generator to GX devices?
We have tried the manual (CEM7) and found that ENT4 is for remote start, but not what kind of input / signal it is expecting.

Best regards,

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Getting Genstart to trigger on excessl load on 3 phase using Genflag

Three phase multiplus system (6 x 3kva multis) Wish to self consume, have the multiplus only charge from grid on battery level or excessive load. There is solar PV on AC out so PV Assistant is also required, and driving need for system to be group switched. Grid AC (3 phase) is avialable to AC IN .

Do not want to use ESS, as I do not want to put in grid code and risk feeding any of my power into the grid.

If I load Genstart and Genflag on phase 1 then that works for low battery and excess load on that phase , only. Excess load on L2 or L3 cause Multis to overload. The Genflag seems to be distributed somewhat to the other phase multis since they dont start charinging, probably via group switch function. I cant get Genstart to trigger for overload on L2 or L3. IF I load the assistant on another phase , nothing happens. If I load the assistant plus another instane of Genflag then I lose function on L1 too.. seems the Genfag on L2 or L3 is Or'd with L!. I can prove if I put both assitants on L2 or L3 then the genflag does control the Ignore AC flag on that multi.(changes from 1 to 0) . but when triggered nothing happens.. presumbably because it is still 1 on L1 and that is charge / phase master.

Any ideas how I can use these assistants and genflag to trigger for overload on L2 & L3?

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Auto start for CUMMINS C22D5

I have a Cerbo GX and looking to auto start a Cummins C22D5. The installer put in a two wire cable from relay 1 to the generator, but it is not working.

I have reviewed all the settings and tried simple SOC conditions as well as the manual start from the Cerbo controller. The relay clicks, so a signal is being sen t, but the generator does not start.

The Gen is in auto mode.

Does anyone know the wiring for the Cummins C22D5 generator?

In other ATS related questions there is mention of additional relays/circuitry required for a Cummins generator, is that the case for the C22D5?

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Generator testrun during Shore power

Hi Techs,
If you program a periodical Generator test run, while the system is connected to the Shorepower, can you switch to use the Generator power?

Shore is on AC1IN
Gen is on AC2IN

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