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System Showing Incorrect Charge Info & issue with CCGX Generator SOC Settings


I have just Upgraded my battery bank to Pylontechs (updated Multi Firmware 497) & am seeing Strange Behavior of system components so am trying to find where the issue may be. hoping someone else has seen this & may have an answer/suggestion

Biggest issue in not being able to start a genset & Stop it at a defined SOC below 100

SYSTEM 24 x 270w Panels CCGX Multiplus 5000 2xMPPT 250/100 solar chargers 40KWh Pylontech US5000-B Batteries Backup Generator 12KVA

Issues I am Am seeing with Pylontech Batteries Installed

incorrect charging values on CCGX 98% PV-0 Gen-0 but 2689w @ 0.7Amps & inverting ??screen-shot-2022-06-28-at-90323-pm.pngss06.png

In the CCGX when Gen start/stop conditions are set to SOC start 30% stop 80% or less & with Manual or Auto initiated Charging Batts get Stuck & Gen wont stop charging going to 89% and then does NOT increase beyond (Gen Continues to Run)

If I set this to 100% then charging continues to (98 % only) with recommended settings as below & in Graphs (Gen Continues to Run)

screen-shot-2022-06-25-at-74134-pm.png ss02.png ss03.png ss04.png


Lithium BatteryCCGX Color Controlgen start
ss04.png (117.7 KiB)
ss05.png (112.7 KiB)
ss02.png (103.5 KiB)
ss03.png (106.9 KiB)
ss06.png (218.3 KiB)
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There are some more conditions activated (battery voltage and AC load). You maybe have to disable them.

More than 100% is not possible so you should set that to max 99%.

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Thanks Matthias Will see if it makes a difference & let you know
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Hi Matthias

Disabled the Batt Voltage start condition today & adjusted Start settings Temporarily to test it

All seemed ok till it got to 98% & would Not advance beond that it was in absorb mode Still after 1 1/2 hours

went back to multiplus settings & found absorb & float voltages had returned to previous settings (both the same) prior to version upgrade.

After re-inputting info & restarting multi charger settings were mostly ok but absorb Time was set back to 8 Hrs changed this again, on reboot I got a low battery alarm so turned off the inverter & restarted it (also rebooted the CCGX & Checked settings Again) since then it has been ok although batts still fail to get to 100% got to 99% but this may be due to needing longer absorb time or battery Balancing of the cells in the new pylontechs as per victron Pylontech Documentation

But it Starts & Stops the generator when it should according to settings in Gen start stop Conditions SOC Enable

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