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Dashboard Werte (To Battery -> From Battery) falsch, oder falsch interpretiert?

Liebe Community.

Ich habe seit etwa drei Monaten erfolgreich ein 3-Phasen ESS mit einem Cerbo GX, drei Multiplus-II 3000, einem MPPT RS, einem Fronius Symo und einer DIY LiFePo4 mit REC-BMS am laufen (EM24 als Smartmeter).

Hier ein Screenshot vom System-Setup:


Gestern ist mir bei der Durchsicht der Daten im VRM-Dashboard etwas ungewöhnliches aufgefallen.

Ich habe den Auswertezeitraum vom Vortag 14Uhr bis aktueller Tag 14Uhr eingestellt - also 24h - sodass man die entnommenen kWh und eingespeisten kWh der Batterie schön sehen kann.

Lt. Dashboard wurden in diesem Zeitraum 2,9kWh von der Batterie entnommen und 5,6kWh geladen.




Meinem Verständnis nach, kann ich in eine Batterie nicht mehr Ladung zuführen als ich zuvor entnommen habe - vorausgesetzt natürlich dass der ausgangs-Ladezustand 100% war.

Würde mich freuen wenn hier jemand eine Erklärung hat welche meinem Verständnis weiterhilft, oder auch einen Fehler erkennen kann.



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Invalid Solar Controller State in VRM

The lollypop on the VRM page shows the PV Charger state as "Off". However, the state of the solar charger is "Bulk". See attached photos. These pics were taken at basically the same time (within a few seconds). This behavior is easily reproduced on my system. IMHO, the VRM page is in error. An interesting side note that may help to track this down is that when I also energize the second solar controller, the VRM state changes to "Bulk".

@mvader do you guys have any insight on this behavior?



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VRM etc via 4G (KPN) LTE Teltonika router new trouble in the Netherlands

Who is using the KPN 4G network in the Netherlands?
Since last weekend VRM and other IoT devices does not work propely anymore!

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Issue with VRM access via Victron Connect

I have connected to the VRM portal with My Multiplus GX before seting up all settings (3 phase set up, connecting grid, updating firmware, etc. ).

After finishing the 3phase setup, I'm not able to access VRM any more. Only the local panel is accessible from Victron Connect.

It seems that the one phase connection to VRM was saved and it not accepts the new set up. I can even see on my device list in Victron Conect that it finds two Mutliplus. One in section "Own device" and one in "Other device section". Error on VRM is that the ID can not be found.

Is there a way to clear the innitial connection and set up the VRM portal from the scratch based on new setup?

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How to Delete VRM data

Hello ,

I have just installed a CCGX but it seems that it does not display the real information in the VRM. On the CCGX screen real information appears but in the VRM they are identical and do not update
I attach 2 screenshots

The information marked in red is incorrect
and those marked in blue are correct

Offgrid instalation

Color Control GX Firmware v2.18

multiPlus 48/5000/70-100 Firmware 473

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/100 rev2 Firmware v1.59



Image Caption


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MPPT details lost on VRM




I know someone here will know that ... We lost on one system the details of the 2 Charge controllers on the VRM page . See pictures . We see them both well on the remote console . We could see both on VRM before . Not anymore . Showing another picture where 2 appear (194 w) . Any idea what can cause to loose the details of the controllers on VRM ? Thanks in advance ...

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Smart MPPT 150/85 VECan controller Bluetooth issues



Hi all a puzzling situation that I would appreciate your input on. During a recent upgrade to incorporate a Lynx Smart BMS into our system I lost Bluetooth connectivity to one of my VE.Can connected Smart MPPT VE.Can rev2 solar controllers (firmware v3.10) when it was restarted (I have two). I am as positive as I can be that I did not disable Bluetooth myself.

When I connect to the two devices (VictronConnect (v5.72 & 5.73b1) over VRM (VE.Can/Cerbo (VensOS v2.90~14)/VRM) to re-enable Bluetooth I get two different product info pages - one with the Bluetooth option and on the other there is no Bluetooth option (see screenshots). Both units are the same age and have the same config - apart from this issue they are continuing to operate normally. I have also tried using VE.Direct/Cerbo/VRM and get the same product info pages. Resetting the device to default settings did not have an impact.

So my first question - is it normal for the Bluetooth option to completely disappear like this?

Moving on - so my thinking suggests this is either a bug that was triggered when I hooked up my Smart BMS to Ve.Can, operator error, or hardware fault with super impeccable timing. So, from a trouble shooting perspective I am going to assume that the Bluetooth has somehow become disabled.

Hence my second question - the manual suggests I should be able to re-enable the bluetooth via VRM, is this correct? Or is my overriding problem the missing bluetooth option mentioned above.

"5.4 Disabling and enabling bluetooth. Connect with the VictronConnect App to the solar charger. Note that if Bluetooth has been disabled, a connection via its built-in Bluetooth is not possible anymore. In that case use the VE.Direct to USB interface, the VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle or VRM to connect to the solar charger." https://www.victronenergy.com/media/pg/Manual_SmartSolar_MPPT_150-70_up_to_250-100_VE.Can/en/configuration-and-settings.html#UUID-330502da-9b37-93ce-dc17-09c2a4e131ce

Thanks in advance.

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Historical VRM data after MPPT swap

My dealer doesn't know the answer to this question. I'm hoping someone here does. I had to swap a MPPT RS 450/100 with the another. I have about ~3 months worth of data for the original MPPT. The old unit still appears on the device list, but I'd like to remove it. I would like to keep the historical data from the original MPPT, especially the solar production and consumption totals. If I remove the old device, will I lose the historical data in VRM?

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Abweichung Laderegler Leistung und VRM Solar


Ich nutze 3 Victron Laderegler 100/30 die über Usb an eine Rasp. mit Victron Software angeschlossen sind.

Auserdem ist noch ein BMV 700 und Phönix Compact 2000 VA angeschlossen

Nun Zum Problem

Ausgelesene Leitung bei jedem LR

Dach 1 = 1610 Watt

Dach 2 = 1510 Watt

Terrasse = 1230 Watt

Gesamt = 4350 Watt

Vrm Portal zeigt aber an für heute Solar bezug 3080 Watt wo ist der rest ?

Ist mir schon oft aufgefallen das ganze KWs fehlen.

Updates usw alles aktuell

Kann mir das einer erklären ?

Gruss Timo

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VRM Remote Update listing does not use custom names for MPPTs

I have two banks of panels, one on the east of my roof and one on the west. Each bank is on a separate 150/35.

So, there is a East and a West MPPT:


But when I go to Remote Update in VRM, the custom names are not displayed:


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Rename devices in VRM Portal


Is it possible to rename default device names in the VRM portal? For example, I'd like to rename "Solar Charger [277]" to something like "MPPT North Array". Please advise. Thank you in advance.

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VRM wrong "to grid" feed-in values

Hello, I have a Multiplus 3000, Venus GX, Fronius Symo6, Smartsolar 100/50, BMV712 and an external ET340 grid meter running a one phase ESS.

The VRM "to grid" value differs daily up to +1,6kWh compared to the grid meter value from the grid company. Usually the VRM values are too high - but not always.

Extreme example on august 6th (very bad weather):

VRM "to grid" shows 2.88kWh but the grid company meter shows only +1kWh grid feed-in and the grid company portal shows exactly 0.96kWh feed-in.

I also observed on this day that the VRM sum of solar production (VRM shows 8,30kWh) is higher than adding both values from the MPPT dashboard (1,16kWh) and the Fronius solarweb portal (6,42kWh).

So, where does the VRM gets the additional kWh solar production on this day? Is there a different calculation between VRM and grid meter company what "feed-in" is? ESS is set to "Total of all phases". I thought L1+L2+L3 should be very clear to calculate.

Is it possible that a negative grid setpoint leads to some kind of additional miscalculation?

Regards Rainer

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Fronius Inverter does not appear on VRM portal, why ?


The Fronius inverter is shown on the Venus but not on the VRM portal or it does in advanded but now in the overview


Above shows the Fronius and VRM portal below doesnt show it :


but in theVRM portal i see following in Advanced :


and here it's not shown :


What could be the reason ?

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ESS battery level charging and inverter own consumption

Hello I'm quite new and Victron system was started only few days ago. But I'm observing few unexplained situations. Maybe you can help me.

1. Battery ignores minimal SOC (set to 10%) continues discharge until 5%, then starts charging from grid with 4kW until it reaches 10% and then continues with cca 500W to charge until 13% and then starts again discharging.

1.1. I was thinking that when it reaches minimal SOC it will go to idle and stay there until charged by solar panels, what I understand wrong?

1.2. I was thinking that when grid charging is disabled it means battery is not charged from grid, what I understand wrong?

2. If I look at VRM portal I see Grid, AC loads, Battery, PV charger, but when I calculate the sum I miss 100 to 500W, is this own consumption of Victron equipment? (you can calculate from any of the pictures, discharging 'misses' 109W, Charging1 382W, Charging2 188W)

3. UPS functionality does not work, by power outage lights stay, but clock and remote switches got reset, is there a way to fix this?

My system: 16x IBC solar 450 Wp, 3x Victron Multiplus 5000 (three phase setup), 2x Victron MPPT 250/70, 1x BYD LVS 4kWh, 1x Victron color GX

Attached pictures:

Discharging.jpgDischarging: Battery discharging even under 10%
Charging1.jpgCharging2.jpgCharging: How the battery is charged from grid
Expected.jpgExpected: This is what I expect to see when battery is less than 10%, please compare with Discharging picture

Thank you


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