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VRM mppt state graph incorrect
Today I have discovered an interesting problem with VRM. I have achieved float on both SmartSolar chargers and VRM reports this. When I look at the advanced graphs, I am getting different outputs for the MPPT state graph depending on whether I display the last 24 hours or today.
The 24 hour display displays correctly where the today display says one of my chargers is off and the other one has never left bulk.
I have no idea how to report this anomaly to Victron as it is obviously a change that has happened in the VRM webpage.


Today display


Last 24 hours

As you can see, the last 24 hours shows charge yesterday and today and reaching float on both days. The Today shows on charger not charging today and the other not getting past bulk.

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Error Message: 'No VE.Bus product was found' Error: mk2vsc-33 and then Error: 1391

having major issues trying to update my multiplus 122/3000/120.

im getting an error No VE.Bus product was found' Error: mk2vsc-33 and then i get error 1391.

I have a

Product Cerbo GX

Firmware version v2.73

and ALSO

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16

Firmware version 430

Last connection 2022-01-22 20:41:52

Product id 2609

VE.Bus connection VE.Bus

Hardware configuration Single unit

VRM instance 276


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VRM Login errors on android device

I'm using an old tablet with android 4.4.2 to run the vrm app which displays my system in my control room. A couple of days ago the tablet stopped showing any details on the vrm app. Tried to log out / in but am getting an error: unknown error, please try again in a few minutes. This error shows at the app login and at the login to the vrm portal through a browser.

I have also created a new admin account and tried to log in, this also did not solve the issue, same error message.

Tried on a different system and works perfectly there, so the problem only persists on the android tablet on both the vrm app and through the vrm portal browser login.

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VRM re-register device, do not receive email to confirm new installation

Trying to register device after I reinstalled Cerbo-gx, but do not receive email to confirm new installation. Trying to "forget password" does not solve this problem. Receives email when resetting password, but not to register new device. Uses g-mail and I have checked the spam filter.

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VRM : Bug in Advanced

Hi, there is a bug in the Advanced options and MPPT State. It remains displaying all the charging data as "BULK", even when Absorption or Float states are reached. Checked on Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome. On the Android App, through the Devices connection it is correctly displayed in history. Thanks, Michel


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Vrm reports useless if grid billing is balanced

Hi there,

if I want to generate an economic report (which is a nice feature) in vrm, it shows a consumption which is way too high and therefore the report is useless. It seems vrm doesn't support phase balanced consupmtion, which lead to high numbers for grid exporting and importing (at least as far as billing is concerned)

I also noticed, that no pv inverter is shown on the dashboard if not at least one is installed on L1.

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VRM access error message R204



I get this message every time I try to get connected to VRM from my Samsung phone

I dont get this errror from my laptop

Also when I get to work out of the country in EU for example my phone cannot connect to VRM at all

Only my laptop

What is the problem with the phone app?

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VRM data down load random "a165" problem only when GX device has activated Digital inputs

I have now two GX devices, Venus GX and Cerbo GX and they both give this random line of data containing "a165". -The device digital inputs need to be active with a pulse counter for the problem to occur.

-The optical fibre internet is wired directly to both GX devices for connection to the VRM server.

In the VRM downloaded data (both csv and .xls) give (extra to the normal set 15 minute data) a time stamp in columnA, Gatway value columnB, all others blank until the "Pulse product ID" has "a165" for each of the activated "pulse product ID" columns.

This fault has plagued my Venus GX (5 digital pulse counters activated) for years, I recently purchased a Cerbo GX and bench-tested, the data had no problems unit I activated the 4 pulse digital inputs and get the same random blank lines with 4*"a165" for each of the Pulse product ID column and out of the set data sampling period.

I can only conclude a programming problem with the pulse counter code which randomly generates an event that triggers a program interrupt or register overload or similar problem initiating an extra data line to be logged to the VRM file. It adds about 8 extra lines per day and is quite random as far as I can tell, the gateway counts are about the same for all the days varying between 0-3.

Could someone please look at this problem and hopefully fix it as it makes the task of data processes considerably more time-consuming than it needs to be.


GX set to One minute data samples for testing.


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VRM app historical data

The VRM app on my iPad frequently won’t update the historical data even though the system status is current. The only way I can change this is by deleting the app (and all it’s stored data) and reloading the app from the App Store. Logging out and back in doesn’t work.

In contrast, this problem doesn’t occur on my iPhone.

Is there a way to refresh the data on my iPad without deleting the app ?

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VRM software ververst niet "16 hours ago" or more


I have been using the Monitor VRM software for about a year now and I am very satisfied with it. The only problem I experience here is that the automatic updates often don't work properly. See screenshot below. The photo shows the latest update "16 hours ago". If I want to correct this, I remove the power supply from the GX color display and connect it again (reset). Then the vrm monitor works again for some time. This can be a day to a few days and then the automatic update stops again. What could be the cause of this problem? Hopefully you can help me.

Best regards,

Henk van Roon
Ik gebruik nu een ongeveer jaar de software Monitor VRM en ben hier super tevreden mee. Het probleem wat ik hier alleen bij ondervind is dat de automatiche updates vaak niet goed werkt. Zie screenshot hieronder. Op de foto staat laatste update "16 hours ago". Wil ik dit corrigeren dan haal ik de voeding van de GX color display en sluit deze weer aan (reset) Daarna werkt de vrm monitor weer enige tijd. Dat kan een dag tot een paar dagen zijn en dan stopt de automatische update weer. Waar kan dit probleem de oorzaak van zijn? Hopelijk kunt u mij helpen.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Henk van Roon

Outlook voor Android downloaden

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MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100

I'll try to update the MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 remote (over VRM)....and he rejects the update with the error code 1391.....any thought why ?

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VRM Portal update taking a long time after being disconnected for 7 months

I just (finally) ran an ethernet cable to the power shed and connected the CCGX to the internet. I have managed to go into the firmware updates via the web interface and updated to 2.72 which means the CCGX has internet access. I went into the VRM portal settings, changed the update frequency to 5 minutes and have connected it to my VRM Portal account.

Last update is 7 months ago. It's been a few hours now and it's got no idea what's going on.




These two screenshots taken within a few seconds of eachother.

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What happened to this Y-axis?

I just noticed this today, the Y-axis is displayed as "0000001" yet it is actually charting the correct temperature from the smartshunt. The battery summary widget is showing a correct temp value?


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VRM down this weekend?

Just 2 days without updates, checked internet connection and is UP, rebooted router and Cerbo, but it still says time up error. Tunnel ok, don’t know if this helps…

VRM installation: MAN TGE GX

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VRM dashboard missing historical data tabs using Octo GX?

We cannot seem to get the historical data readouts that we are wanting for system overview, solar only, and conusmption. The system is 3x15kva, 5x 250/100 controllers and the GX is the Octo GX running with a GSM dongle as no wifi is present at the site.

I have attached below photos for reference. This first graph is the only readout I seem to be able to get for the last 30 days.


The below 3 main dashboard tabs are missing from the above graph. Also the data is not being uploaded anymore yet the realtime power flow chart below is working live.


Graph below is realtime updated a minute ago.


Any help on how to restore historical data for missing dates would be greatly appreciated.

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GX ERROR #48: DVCC with incompatible firmware

Hi, I had this problem in te Cerbo with firmware 2.61 & 2.63. It happened few times every month, but today I upgraded to 2.66 and it’s happening twice every hour.

I checked and all the firmwares are right, according to the DVCC manual, but just in case I’m missing something, system is:

Cerbo GX

Multiplus 12/1600/70 with latest firmware using MK3 cable and Victron connect

MPPT 100/20 using Victron connect app

BMV712 using app

Orion TR not related

2x battery sense not related

IP67 charger not related

Any ideas?


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GX Fehler #R204

Guten Morgen! Seit gestern bringen alle Endgeräte Smartphone, Tablett, PS, Laptop den Fehler VRM Netzwerkfehler #R204 wenn ich Victron Connect aufrufe. Über das VRM Portal Alles wie gewohnt. Was habe ich da verbogen ? Bitte um Hilfe, danke.

Ing. Stefan Melicha asked

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VRM Consumption Calculation Error on a Split Phase System

There seems to be an error in the consumption calculations and historical data in my VRM portal. An inconsistent amount of power, that based on my best guess, is unaccounted for power that has actually been consumed by the "DC Power" system and the overhead of running the inverters. I am not sure if this is due to an error in the VRM programming or in one of the equipment settings somewhere in my system (which is only a month old). My other concern is that the VRM is not taking into account both inverters in this split phase system.

I have a 24V 400Ah LiPO battery bank, which means I have roughly 9.6kWh of energy storage. I am using that as the basis for comparing what is and isn't being accounted for. I have read the VRM FAQ and understand that the "DC Power" that is reported in the live view is a calculated number based on the difference between what the inverters are using/generating, the MPPT is generating, and the amount of energy flowing across the shunt. There is no additional equipment wired between the battery bank and the shunt and I have confirmed with an ammeter that the live reporting of what is actively being consumed by the "DC Power" system and the inverters is accurate.

Here is an example of a 24 hour period in which the SOC is nearly the same at the beginning and end, but there is over 3kWh of produced power that isn't accounted for:


Here is the time during that same 24 hour period in which the batteries were not being charged by the SmartSolar MPPT, and almost 1kWh of consumption is unaccounted for based on the change in SOC:


Here is the time during the 24 hour period in which the SmartSolar MPPT was charging the batteries, and it seems that 1.8kWh of consumption is unaccounted for:


Here are the battery bank settings I currently have programmed in my Lynx Shunt per Battleborn's instructions:


My system equipment and firmware versions are as follows:

8 x Battleborn 12V LiPO batteries (configured as a 24V 400Ah bank)

2 x Victron Multiplus 24/3000/70 (Firmware: 481, VE.Bus version: 2712481)

1 x Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150/85 (Firmware: v3.04)

1 x Victron Orion 24/12-70

2 x Victron Lynx Distributor (used on both sides of shunt)

1 x Victron Lynx Shunt VE.Can (Firmware: v1.08)

1 x Victron Cerbo GX (Firmware: v2.63)

1 x Victron GX Touch 50

Since "DC Power" is not a measured number does that mean it is not reflected at all in the VRM historical data? Is the consumed power recorded in the VRM only the AC power supplied by the inverters? Is it possible to have the total DC power consumed by the entire system be the number recorded in the VRM portal as "Consumption?"

I would greatly appreciate some input from anyone who might be able to help. I know @Teun Lassche (Victron Energy Staff) has recently been answering questions about the VRM Portal.


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VenusOS v6.22 and VRM connection error #150

My VenusGX was disconnected from the internet for a few days but remained connected to the batteries and continued to log data. When the MultiPlus was switched back on, the VenusGX got reconnected to the internet and auto-updated to v6.22. However, now I am getting VRM communication error #150.

Old records are not getting uploaded to the VRM portal but the VRM portal is showing real time information on the dashboard.

I tried connecting via Broadband, VSAT and VPN, neither of them makes a difference.

Booting into backup firmware 6.20 makes no difference

Disabling HTTPS makes no difference

After several reboots, some records were eventually uploaded to the VRM website. The amount of stored records lowered and the oldest record age also dropped by 3 hours. However, I cannot get it to upload more records with more reboots...

I read in the post that I am referencing below that Matthijs Vader was able to login to a VenusGX and fixed something. Can he do that for me too, pretty please? I can send a private message with VRM Portal ID.


Thanks for all you guys do!


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Error on the VRM (battery / power - DC Power)

Hi everyone !

Could you please confirm you also have wrong numbers between BMV-700 discharging power, and used DC power ?

It is currently the night, so 0W produced, -84W discharging from the battery bank, and DC Power showing 155W used, which is just impossible. Both numbers should be at least equal or the discharging one bigger than the DC power.



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Lorawan Portal ID error


the LED of the LoRaWAN module is flashing green, yet I can't add the module in VRM Portal, I always get the error message "The page with the specified VRM Portal ID or IMEI could not be found." I have entered the portal ID correctly. I saw a post here in the forum that the ID that is on the sticker could be wrong, could that be the problem ? If so do I have to send the module back?

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Unable to get updated data on VRM Portal after Cerbo GX firmware auto upgrade from v2.51 to v2.60


I have the Cerbo GX wired directly to the network. Initially, we were able to add the installation on the VRM portal using the VRM ID from the label of the Cerbo GX (same as ETH MAC).

We saw data coming for few minutes only, then it stopped.

On the Cerbo GX all looks good, logging enabled, no connection error.

We noticed the firmware version changed from v2.51 to v.60. Also, the VRM Portal ID changed (and now it match the WiFi MAC). But if I try to add the new VRM ID on the portal is says: "The installation with the specified VRM Portal ID or IMEI could not be found."

So, the old VRM ID is not getting updated data on the Portal, and the new one can not be added as a new installation. I see I'm stuck. please help!

Thank you,





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Is there a minor VRM bug, gaps in weekly advanced graphs

I think I spotted a minor bug in VRM, not crucial but something for the VRM elves to take a look at when they next touch the VRM code.

Look at the difference between the graphs for "this week" and last two days below.

The "this week" plot has gaps in the data plotted, whereas the last two days (and most other graphs) show continuous data.

This is the same on MACBook Chrome and Safari so apparently not a browser artefact.

Regards Laurence



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How to remove Tanks from advanced tab

On my VRM advanced tab there are tanks showing but i have all tanks disabled in my Cerbo GX. How could i remove them?

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VRM dashboard "last 2 days" now different/broken

VRM dashboard now seems to interpret "last 2 days" as really the past 2 days not as the last 48 hours.

As it did before.

As is done in advanced view.

Which makes the view somewhat pointless:


As it did work yesterday correctly, the change must have happened in the last 24 hours. Not sure if it's intentional or caused by some summer-winter time change. a.k.a. bug?

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VRM : demande d'information

Bonjour, Voir Image en PJ. il y a 3 jours, j'ai déclaré une installation complètement autonome, Le premier jour, la consommation était bien visible (en forme de bâtons rose). Mais les deux jours suivants, plus rien !! Comment retrouver à nouveau cette information graphique concernant la consommation ? Merci pour vos réponses. Olivier


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Die Temperatur wird in VRM nicht angezeigt --- was mache ich falsch?


in meinem Reisemobil wird die Batterietemperatur vom BatterySense-Modul mit VE.smart Networking an

- ein BMV-712

- zwei MPPT100/20

übertragen. Der BMV-712 und die MPPT's sind mit VE.DirectToUSB-Kabel an einem Raspi (VenusOS) angeschlossen.

Die Kommunikation mit VRM funktioniert prima. Daten werden übertragen und in VRM angezeigt.

Leider erhält VRM keine Temperaturdaten. Siehe nachstehenden ScreenShot:


Warum ist das so? Was mache ich falsch?

Ich hoff, dass Sie mir helfen können.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Nachstehend noch einige ScreenShots zu der Temperatur und der lokalen Geräte-Kommunikation:







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New VRM bug - solar value stuck when there is no sun ?

Hi everybody ! Thanks ro the developpers for the new VRM presentation, it is very interesting. I may have found some bugs related to the power. At around 06h00 there is NO SUN, so no solar power available. Here we can see that the Total Solar and PV Inverter (ET112) have the same values.



And the OFF status of the MPPT & Power produced :


Thanks, Michel

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How can I get skylla charger AC input data in GX screen?

I have two Phoenix Inverter Compacts 24/2000 in parallel and a separate Skylla-i charger. My remote console display from Venus GX shows outputs from these properly, but does not show the AC input to the Skylla-i. My actual shorepower connection feeds only the charger, so the current feeding it is what I seek to show. It just shows " - -". The Skylla-i has a feature to limit the AC input current so this suggests the current data must be available.

Is there a configuration error on my part? Is it a bug that it is missing? If all is well but it is missing, I would request that this feature be added.

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