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Multiplus-II with BlueNova BN52V-100-5.2k BP - What CAN Cable?


I am looking to install a Multiplus-II / Venux GX with a BlueNova BN52V-100-5.2k BP but am unsure what the the correct CAN cable/wiring/ is as the available Victron documentation is not conclusive for me and does not exactly match the BlueNova specification:

Can anyone provide a reference to the correct Victron CAN cable type to use or confirm if the BlueNova spec is correct?

In my testing I have been using the BlueNova recommended pin-out and I am seeing the battery appear as a connected device,


but the Details Page do not appear complete.


Can anyone confirm the correct CAN cable specification for this combination and any other relevant related configuration information?

The system has been set-up following this configuration as a Backup System.

Thanks in advance,


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ESS #1 throttles PV production


Running AC coupled system:

Victron Quattro 10kVA firmware ver: 2653 474

Fronius Primo 4.6kWp firmware ver: 3.13.3-2

BlueNova RacPower 5.2kWh x 2 ver: 1.8

CCGX v.2.57

1. Exporting of Fronius to grid still happening even with zero feed-in etc activated. Happens when the battery is full and the load reduces quickly. This then trips the Conlog meter at the municipality end. This creates a lot of switching between grid and invert. Can this be solved?

2. Running ESS, as soon as the system reaches its 'Minimum SOC (unless grid fails)' and ESS #1 activates it reduces the production of the Fronius and does not charge the battery even when battery is only at 40% and loads of PV available. Is it possible to disable #1 completely? The battery monitor is set to BlueNova.



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Multiplus II with Blue Nova Batteries going into Passthru mode every 10 days

Good Morning,

We have installed 2 x Multiplus II inverter in parallel with 3 charge controllers (150/35) and 12 kWh of Blue Nova Batteries working on a ESS system. 2 charge controllers are connected via VE_Direct cable and the last one uses USB connection.

Every +- 10 days the system goes into Passthru mode during the evening and wont come out of that mode unless the whole system has been rebooted. As soon as this happens the Charge controller connected via USB and the Grid meter show that it does not have connection with the color control (as shown in the picture below).

Device List:


VE BUS State:


AC Input Frequency:


What can be the cause of this, and how can one start to fix the problem?

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Installation Design - 3 x 48/15000 quattro + 7 Smart 150/100 mppt + 2 x 65kw bluenova battery - how best balance the battery voltages to all?

Am looking for some advice so my layout of the components will offer the best DC voltage balance and optimal charging to the batteries.

was thinking of laying them in one line nest to each other as have the space - 2 x mppt - 1 x quattro - 2 x mppt - 1 x quattro - 2 x mppt - 1 x quattro - 1 x mppt

equal cable lengths from mppt to bus-bar and same for the quattro to bus-bar

having a solid copper 1000amp rated bus-bar 1 mtr long for both +ve and for the -VE

fuse breaks from the individual mppt and quattro onto the +ve bus-bar

each bluenova battery has 3 connection points each for +ve and -ve, again equal cable lengths battery to bus-bar - and space them in line with the quattro connections to the bus-bar

any advice would be great


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2x blue nova batteries in parallel

I currently have one Blue Nova battery setup and showing in the color control.


Am thinking about getting another identical unit as above and wiring it in parallel to this and then putting the input from the inverter onto one battery and output on the other. Am wondering though how this would show in the color control? Do i run another RJ45 cable to the color control and would 2 show up in the display? Currently the control is showing the charge % and temperature for the above battery but not sure if it could display those details for both batteries? Anyone have any feedback on this? Am sure i wouldnt be the first to do this.

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