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Integrating Sterling Power DC DC Charger into Cerbo GX (DVCC) Controlled System


Any ideas or assistance will be appreciated.

I'd like to integrate a Sterling Power BB124870 (12 to 48v 70A DC DC / Battery to Battery Charger) into Cerbo GX (DVCC) controlled off-grid system. Currently the system plays together nicely; 52v 100Ah Blue Nova Lithium Battery (built in BMS with CAN comms), 5kVA MultiPlus II, SmartSolar 100|20, Cerbo GX & GX LTE 4G. This is built into the back of a pickup or 'bakkie' as they are affectionately known in South Africa. If Victron had a 12-48v DC DC charger I wouldn't have thought twice and would have gone the Victron route. Sterling Power's product is not ideal but there wasn't really much choice in the matter.

The DC DC charger will be installed as a voltage based element of the system much like an Orion Tr Smart. Naturally parameters will be configured to match battery requirements as far as is possible. The unit is triggered by voltage exceeding a preset on the incoming line or ignition signal just like an Orion Tr Smart. In addition it has two BMS inputs (for a 0V or 2-17V trip signal to trip charging). Ideally one or the other should be used based on nature of signal from BMS.

Considering that the BMS is built into the battery in this case, is it possible to tap that trip signal from the Cerbo or Battery?

If not any creative ideas on controlling this device other than just connecting as a voltage based charger?


- Voltage of Bulk/Absorption/Float can not be matched exactly based on available increments so I intend to configure to charge at closest increment below specified voltages.

- I intend to zero out Conditioning / Absorption / Float stages as far as possible and only use for bulk charging. MultiPlus / SmartSolar can take care of charging to / maintaining 100% SOC. I'm concerned that the unit may trip the battery if its program veers from what the battery is asking for. Resetting the battery is a a bit of an effort access wise.

Thank you!

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I am interested as well, building the same on my camper with Sterling as Victron does not have a 12 to 48V charger.

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