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Please make MPPT relays controllable in Node-RED

In Node-RED, there is a Relay node, that seems it can control MPPT relays. But it's not the case, this feature has not been fully implemented in VictronConnect.

Currently it is not possible to control the relay in a MPPT Solar Charger, even though there is a Victron
node offering such functionality. The reason it doesn't work, is that VictronConnect does not have the
required “Manual control” option in the list of selectable Relay modes for the MPPTs. This will be fixed
at some point.


So, in reality, it's not possible to control the relay now.

Please, could you guys in Victron implement that for us? I see a lot of people around me, who would love this feature.

The relays on Cerbo work great in Node-RED, I love that possibility.

Thank you very much, Vojtech

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Missing: Days until next automatic equalization info

As I explained elsewhere, I am very much missing the ability to see how many days are left to the next scheduled automatic equalization (SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 VE.Can).

This is critical info when you are running on lead acid batteries (as you need to check the electrolyte level).

It seems to me that this information - which was shown in my previous Solar Charger - ought to be part of VictronConnect.

Also, while dwealing on CCGX-Modbus-TCP-register-list-2.90.xlsx, I see this variable nowhere. Neither is it, apparently, part of Node Red, where one could for instance want to program the issuing of a warning the day prior to equalization.

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