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Node Red - ESS Max System Grid Feed In - BUG (int)

When trying to set EssSystemSettings.MaximumSystemGridFeedIn with NODE RED to a Value greater than int32 (33400) you get an out of range exc (Number outside Range)


it changes with 32767 (valid) 32768 (invalid)

Bernhard Matschinger asked

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Node-RED victron nodes bug report

The node "VE Bus System", system "multiplus-II" chosen.

The measurement "Battery current" do not show positive charging current, only negative current pulled from batteries. While charging, msg.payload is strictly 0. I don't know if this is intentional, but it is in my view not logical. No big deal, I can calculate what I need from other input and output measurements of the multi, just wanted to report this if it is indeed a bug.

Love your work.

mrhappy asked
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